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DubRaJah - Short Dub Tapes
submitted DubRaJah - Short Dub Tapes. over 11 years ago
Jeniferever - Choose A Bright Morning
posted a review of Jeniferever - Choose A Bright Morning. over 13 years ago
Despite the orchestration which is frequently masterful, I find this album incredibly cloying. The fake-American accent of the singer and the 'yearning' theme of the lyrics come across as slightly pathetic. I really just want to tell the band to... See full review
Mathew Jonson - Return Of The Zombie Bikers
posted a review of Mathew Jonson - Return Of The Zombie Bikers. over 18 years ago
Powerful delay-soaked electro funk with an Eastern-tinged melody squealing over the top and a massive, sinister bassline. The flip has a tweaky acidic melody that builds into a subtle groove, as well as some interesting vocal morphing towards the end.
Various - Psycho Cell
posted a review of Various - Psycho Cell. over 18 years ago
Dark psytrance compilation.

#1: Azax opens with some oriental samples, giving a mystical feel to the track. Soon a fat, monotonous bassline kicks in. Lots of playing with gaps between measures here. Voices and skinny snarls float around just out... See full review