I currently have about 749 records in my collection for which I couldn't find an exact match on discogs.

I like to collect peculiar items. I collect for my own amusement, and I've come to enjoy researching the items in my collection. I have an eye for value and for the unusual. But I also am looking for music that really rocks. I started on discogs to catalog my collection, and over the last couple years I have tried to acquaint myself with discogs procedure and culture. In real life, I am a fairly unpleasant person, something which I've had to come to accept, so I struggle with social relationships, including social media interactions. If I come across as a douche, bear in mind that I'm trying. It's probably a learning moment for me!
I thought I might try to develop a little pet peeves list. I hope it's constructive. If you've dropped by, acquaint yourself with some common discogs foibles (in no particular order other than how they occur to me)!
1) If you add pictures, it's perfectly fair, and in fact, it's obligated, to disable the ones you're replacing (see RSG §13.1.6). But have a good reason for replacing photos, and above all, compare and make sure the new photos match the old ones, so they're the same release!

2) If you're going to add Matrix numbers, please take a moment to understand WHY you are adding them. Some users interpret these characters to extrapolate facts about the production of the record. If the Matrix data has a typo, or it's from the wrong release, or it's incomplete, or the (often unclear) characters are misinterpreted, the assumptions that will be made about the release will be in error. There is lots of information about the symbols in Matrices. If you haven't given it a glancing look, please don't bother entering your data, and use that time to research instead.
Double-check that it's correct. If you've copy/pasted, TRIPLE-check. Examine previous entries; are yours peculiarly different? If so, you are likely making a mistake. Try to understand what your data MEANS. Generally, I'd say if you enter Matrix data, always make a point of reviewing it later to see if you've created a conflict. Other users feel an obligation to respect your entry, even if it's WRONG.

3) Submission Notes. This is probably my worst pet peeve. Discogs submitters are naturally taciturn, probably almost all male, happy with communicating in grunts. But the Submission Notes can be very useful in the history when a person is trying to find out where a particular change occurred to the release. Normally, when I'm doing some forensic research on when a change was made, I have no choice but to go through the entire history piece by piece. Users are usually too lazy to put into a few words what they have done, and why they have done it.
I also respond to and check changes as they occur so I can catch things quickly when they go wrong. Discogs pushes notifications to me which include ONLY the submission note. Terse, careless notes lead users into checking minor data that doesn't need to be checked.
Also, the change viewer which shows a side-by-side comparison shouldn't be a Where's Waldo puzzle. Some changes are literally invisible, such as ANV changes or some credits changes. Make a quick note to show other users where the new data is found, and also memorialize that change in the history, for future reference. RSG §1.6.1, RSG §1.6.5. Thanks.
I've got my computers (and turntable!) back up and running after a lightning strike at my home last summer. I am currently on "Phase 2," adding photographs to my submissions.
PS: For anyone who cares, I am trying to outline my rating method:

***** Excellent obv / Genre-defining / Among "desert island" choices
**** Good (Better than average)
*** Pretty good
** Ok (Below average)
* Would listen / Have listened to it again to make sure it actually sucks

I sometimes add a star if the item is "culturally iconic" even if I personally don't care for it that much. I sometimes throw on a star or tip it over with 1/2 a star if there is something like nice album art, or the artist is trying to redefine the genre, to really innovate, etc.

Please note, the first letter of each word in the tracklist must be capitalized; see RSG §1.2.1.

Please note, images of physical items must be taken by you (RSG §13.1.4.)

That is not a Submission Note (RSG §1.6.5.)

Release Notes should be in "Normal English" (RSG §11.1.3.)
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