As my username suggests, I have a problem. Yes, I have a peculiar interest in accuracy. What can I say? It's genetic.

I love discographies.

Some of my past credits for anal retentive behavior include the Cabaret Voltaire discography at (to which I no longer appear to be credited, although many of the details were filled in by me), the Legendary Pink Dots Sonography (um, 17 years out of date...), and the Muslimgauze Sonography. I'm also credited as a contributor to the Severed Heads discography. It's a sickness.

I also appear on some releases in the database under gradenko, Armchair Migraine Journey, square_wave, Vinegar (2), The Betmars, and Something She Said.
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It may be interesting to note that if you put the second Return of Black September track (8:16) ahead of the first one (14:52), together they're essentially the track Thugghee (22:59) from that album -- albeit a different mix.
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Beautifully done!
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Besides being mastered at low volume, there's a headache-inducing low frequency hum throughout ~both~ discs, which makes me think this may have been introduced during the mastering process. Or maybe the two shows were recorded on the same equipment (a ... See full review