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posted a comment on DJ Fuze / DJ Stompy Featuring DJ Fuze - Nothing Compares / Together In Harmony. 6 months ago
This well produced but was coming to time when rip offs and cover versions of pop songs were getting bit much and scene was getting bit too flooded . I used just snub this stuff by this point bit. Didn't mind the cheese factor but originality was name ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Stompy, Supreme & UFO - Stay With Me (Remix). 6 months ago
Stay with me is engineered by fade so it has lot his signature sounds and melodic ideas. I like this remix flows loads better then original. Body rock tonight is be avoided, sounds like was written by 5 year old. 3 little words is nice blad Carter ... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Stompy - Thoughts Of You (Remix) / I Believe In The Beat. 6 months ago
Thoughts of you gets more laid back approach here then the original 96 outing but builds nicely into nice piano and strings climax. Believe in beat is weak tune in my opinion.
posted a comment on Bang! - Shooting Star. 6 months ago
This did not come out may 97 . More like December 97
posted a comment on Deejay Kaos* - Eternal Flame. 7 months ago
They were pretty well made but was happy hardcore by numbers . Vibes was big supporter , prob why tunes have strong following. I like them much more now than did then as just take them for what they are.back in day I found them unoriginal fodder.
posted a comment on Force & Styles - Funfair. 7 months ago
I must be on my own but I think this is there weakest work. It's just so cringemaking. Is the vocal mix like a nursey rhyme
posted a comment on Force And Styles* - Simply Electric (Remixes). 7 months ago
Took far too long to come out on vinyl. It sounded very fresh when first dropped. Force and styles were on top there game then
posted a comment on Force & Styles Featuring Junior - Pretty Green Eyes. 7 months ago
I don't remember this coming out in 1996 a tall. Early 1997 I'm sure was .as I thought myself at time it was on dub plate far too long. i might wrong and came out at end 1996
posted a comment on Quest (6) - Reach For Love / Yin Yang. 7 months ago
Reach for love is ok but it's no images of you or spritual dawn.
posted a comment on Euphony - Space Invader. 7 months ago
Scott brown space invader mix is great but the mastering on this 12 inch is bit lack luster.
posted a comment on Unique - Higher Ground / Feelin' Fine (Remix). 7 months ago
Higher ground is kinda magical but also dreadful in hindsight. I liked back in day but it really was step to far. It sounds like Darren styles wants make guitar pop music then happy hardcore. The guitar is really out of place.
posted a comment on Quest (6) - Images Of You / Spiritual Dawn. 7 months ago
This Was a breath of fresh air at time . The scene was stuck in rut a bit and this brought back bit class back to the sound. Apparently quest made house as well and you can tell. rinsed by breeze and vinylgroover.
posted a comment on Unique - Feelin' Fine / Distant Skies. 7 months ago
Iv had two labelled copys both pressed on centre.No problems .
posted a comment on Sub-Ace & Aura - My Dreams / A Guiding Light. 7 months ago
Co produced by force and styles. Very rushy!!. Has that Euro 98 production feel.
posted a comment on Force & Styles - Follow Me. 7 months ago
I think this much better then field of dreams and Pacific sun. Has lovely orchestral string section
posted a comment on Euphony - The Meaning Of Life / Dancing In The Rain. 7 months ago
This is proper eurotastic but it's well done. Dougal championed it. No one else played it.
posted a comment on Force & Styles - Shining Down / Wonderland (Remixes). 7 months ago
Slipmatt remix is better than the original. This dna remix is well produced but it's pure cheddar. The dougal remix was better
posted a comment on Elevate (2) - Lost In Love / The Terminator. 7 months ago
So obvious this tune is based round the joining of the clans braveheart track,but using the terminator theme instead. It's not bad compared some other awful entry's around this time.breakdown goes on bit too long tho.
posted a comment on Vinylgroover - Together Again / Life's Melody. 7 months ago
Alphamagic were doing that behind lot artists back ,pressing white labels and like you say and shipping them over to Japan.
posted a comment on Dougal & Gammer - Rainfall / Dance With Destiny 2003. 7 months ago
Remember hearing rainfall for first time at slammin vinyl essential platinum live pa fireworks spectacular in fast track warehouse 2002. Dougal hadn't released hardly any vocal material for while, when I heard this I new essential platinum was really ... See full review
posted a comment on Interstate (3) - Lost Generation (Remixes). 7 months ago
The Scott brown mix starts with the cut up amen break over the phone type sound.
posted a comment on Brisk & Fade - Radio Rockin / Get Fresh. 8 months ago
Get fresh is great track takes an Dutch influence from 90s but switches it up with modern electronic musicial feel!!. Radio rockin is nice and uplifting!!!
posted a comment on Shortfuse (2) - Hard Harmony / Thrilling Me. 8 months ago
Trixxy solo project . Usual solid production from the master.
posted a comment on Robbie Long & Devastate - Panic Attack / Blatant Statement. 8 months ago
I don't think either these mixes are by Robbie long and devastate. The fluff mix sounds like ham production .
posted a comment on Brisk & Trixxy - Take My Love. 8 months ago
This record is ruined by bad mastering I'm afraid. What a shame.!!!
posted a comment on Brisk / Trixxy* - See The Light / Back To The Top. 8 months ago
Back to the top is masterpiece . Takes the hard trance influance of underground tekno rooms of 90s into solid hardcore template . Didn't get the air time it deserved
posted a comment on Brisk & Trixxy - Rok Da Beat / Everybody Down. 8 months ago
97 was year that happy hardcore lost edge in some ways. Brisk and trixxy never compromised too much . Tunes like Rock the beat and back to the top were fresh and forward looking but made for dancefloor.
posted a comment on DJ Brisk & Trixxy* - Show Me The Way / Together. 8 months ago
Show me the way is top A side but check out together for nice b side . Housey vocals over brisk & trixxy hi octane sound
posted a comment on DJ Dougal, DJ Gamer* & TKM - Get Hype / Hardcore Renegade. 8 months ago
The version on bonkers 9 was superior. Shame this version was pressed and not latter.
posted a comment on The Hot Stepper - Step 1. 8 months ago
Can tell this was done in couple hours as piss take. Not even vibes played this tosh. Even sounds completely rushed. Just cuz a records rare doesn't mean it's allways good.
posted a comment on Scott Brown - Second Wave / Turn Around. 8 months ago
Scott pulls off a 9pm tell I come ATB guitar sound over a driving bounce fest.
posted a comment on Scott Brown - I Don't Need Nobody / Feel The Beat. 8 months ago
This tune brought my attention back to evolution records. The vocals are very well known but what this records illustrates is how good scott brown is at getting fundamentals right. The bass the beats are all solid, something lot hardcore producers by ... See full review
posted a comment on Scott Brown - Super Sharp Beatz / Healing Mind. 8 months ago
In 1999 the effect of club trance was pretty hard to escape,and was huge and a big track was binary finary. 2 big hardcore producers tryed give it the hardcore treatment . Hixxy tryed a more hard trance approach , which was just to close to original ... See full review
posted a comment on Vinylgroover & Edy C* - Bright Eyes / Happy 2 B Hardcore. 8 months ago
This goes beyond cheese its more like a awful musical theatre vibe! On vocals. It wouldent matter how was excuted as was bad idea from outset.
posted a comment on B Trax. 8 months ago
I think was travesty that these tunes were made at slower tempo as hixxy put his heart and soul into them ,if he he had put more of production of the devil child mixes that did on legendary records. I think they got more attention as they were ... See full review
posted a comment on VGT - #3. 8 months ago
This was ok but just wasn't doing anything new at time.
posted a comment on VGT - #2. 8 months ago
This remix was pretty good but was ruined by the new vocals that were used which were not patch on Donna grassie.B side is alright .based and samples a track on homegrown recordings from 93.
posted a comment on V.G.T.* - #1. 8 months ago
A side production is top notch but found this tune regressive. B side is takes amazing underground hard gabba trance record and brings it too the main arena. Didn't get nearly nuff play tho.
posted a comment on Dougal Meets Sketchy (4) And Compulsion (2) / Dougal & TKM - Dance U Got The Chance / Palmstrings. 8 months ago
So obvious that palm strings is trying follow Scott brown elysium vibe. But just doesn't get fundamentals right.
posted a comment on Mr. X (5) - Back In My Life / Chameleon. 8 months ago
Lizard is alright but trouble was that some trance tunes that were ripping off,the originals were better tunes. Hixxy did it on cover up .
posted a comment on Vinylgroover - The Way It Is / Mr. Kirk's Nightmare. 8 months ago
Another unimaginative rip off on a side but a bouncy Hoover stomper on flip. In 1999 vinylgroover was really hit and miss.
posted a comment on Vinylgroover & Trixxy - John Gotti's Revenge / Expansions. 8 months ago
Expansions was good effort at trying to make transition into the euphoric sounds away from stale happy hardcore sound. Played by dougal and slipmatt. Vinygroover should done more this and less rip offs.
posted a comment on Vinylgroover & Trixxy - Need Your Lovin'. 8 months ago
Alpha century is nice take on x files. Need your loving got played quite lot by vibes ,sy and vinlgroover him self but it wasn't anything write home bout.
posted a comment on Sound Assassins, The* - The Power Of Love / Total Eclipse. 8 months ago
Utter rubbish. Made for Japanese market. Vinylgroover was churning out solid hardhouse for year and obviously not intrested in hardcore
posted a comment on Sound Assassins, The* - Hardcore Vibes / Supernova. 8 months ago
Records like this were making the scene a laughing stock. Shameful
posted a comment on Vinylgroover - Take It From The Groove. 8 months ago
The you tube link is not of this remix its 1996 remix . This remix is from 1999.
posted a comment on Vinylgroover - Take It From The Groove. 8 months ago
I'm not saying it's makina . But production values are influenced by makina. The rave theme is a rip off of makina track that vinylgroover and hixxy were playing in 98. So vinylgroover started draw influence from it , in some of his happy hardcore.
posted a comment on Dougal & Innovate - Shelter From A Dream / Invincible. 11 months ago
No Mickey skeedale on this . It was Steve dunkley aka TKM on the production on this.
posted a comment on Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo / Mindtrust - Where Are We ?. 11 months ago
I don't think it's by vinylgroover and trixxy.doesn't sound like the trixxy production sound a tall.
posted a comment on Rave Nation - Going Crazy. about 1 year ago
Putting all poltics aside ,this was great track championed by like of slipmatt,brisk, and vibes . Definitely moved sound on , the six days sample isn't be and and of this tune.