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Banana Krew* - Camberwell EP
posted a review of Banana Krew* - Camberwell EP. over 17 years ago
As far as I know this is one of very few tunes ever to have a breakdown made from the music that plays from an ice-cream van! And Basement Jaxx are one of the few acts who could pull it off with their credibility still intact...
Tone Theory - Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities
posted a review of Tone Theory - Limbo Of Vanished Possibilities. over 17 years ago
Derrick Carter's finest hour in my humble (and very biased!) opinion, and he has unleashed some amazing pieces of music upon us in his time! What makes this track extra-special for me is its emotionally-charged vibe. Carter has, especially of late,... See full review
Mark Grant - Touch Me
posted a review of Mark Grant - Touch Me. over 17 years ago
Whilst the first two tracks have dated somewhat due to run-of-the-mill vocals and ordinary-sounding production, the "Greedy Bass Hit Dub" is arguably the most underrated track ever released on Cajual. Mark Grant is sometimes passed over when the... See full review
Green Velvet - Flash (The Relief Remixes)
posted a review of Green Velvet - Flash (The Relief Remixes). over 18 years ago
For me none of these remixes of "Flash" come even close to the original, but the bonus track, "(You Don't Have To Be) Fake And Phoney)" is worth whatever asking price you have to pay for this doublepack! Insanity is the order of the day on this... See full review
Danny Tenaglia - Global Underground 017: London
posted a review of Danny Tenaglia - Global Underground 017: London. over 18 years ago
I have a very much "split opinion" on this release. The first CD, whilst containing some top-drawer tunes such as "Watch Them Come" and "Touched By God", doesn't really seem to gel like a Tenaglia mix usually does. The "narrative" style he weaves... See full review
Seelenluft - Manila
posted a review of Seelenluft - Manila. over 18 years ago
What a crazy concept for a record... The vocalist is on a plane which is about to crash and decides to get up and start dancing! All the other passengers decide to follow suit, resulting in the highly infectious chorus line "They all started to dance,... See full review
Dee Zee - I Have A Feeling
posted a review of Dee Zee - I Have A Feeling. over 18 years ago
A completely feel-good record. There are lots of spine-tingling piano and synth drops throughout, rather than the usual one or two, creating a distinctive "feeling" for the tune (therefore an appropriate title!) A powerful little female vocal snippet... See full review
Bobby Peru - For My Bleeps / Venom
posted a review of Bobby Peru - For My Bleeps / Venom. over 18 years ago
Bobby Peru AKA Paul Woolford shows his love for the old-school but puts a fresh, 21st century slant on it. "For My Bleeps" adds a hip-hop flavour to the rough-ass electronic distortion. "Venom"s jackin' acid, coupled with breakbeats layered over the... See full review
Derrick Carter - The Many Shades Of Cajual (The Future Sound Of Chicago Volume Two)
posted a review of Derrick Carter - The Many Shades Of Cajual (The Future Sound Of Chicago Volume Two). over 18 years ago
In my opinion quite simply the best house mix ever released commercially, and it is now some 9 years old! Usually when a DJ is asked to mix a compilation of a label's back catalogue or "greatest hits" the result is an album of fillers and dodgy... See full review
Hipp-E & Halo* - Fabric 07
posted a review of Hipp-E & Halo* - Fabric 07. over 19 years ago
One of those CDs I always find myself going back to. It sounds great either when I'm chillin' or getting ready for a night out, and more than a few times it has lifted me from a "down" mood! Halo & Hipp-E show their true understanding of what real... See full review
Katcha - Touched By God
posted a review of Katcha - Touched By God . over 19 years ago
The Peace Division remix is still a definite all-time favourite for me. Trademark tough rhythms and intense percussion drive the track along, with a warped bassline and mangled vocal hook rising to a crescendo. Their best work in my humble opinion,... See full review
Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver - Play The Game (Berlin & Paris Remixes)
posted a review of Kenny Hawkes & Louise Carver - Play The Game (Berlin & Paris Remixes). over 19 years ago
No kidding, this is what true, dirty, sweaty house music is all about! Every aspect of the Phil Weeks mix is perfectly constructed to ROCK dancefloors. It's impossible to get that vocal out of your head! People always SCREAM wherever I play this... See full review
Hot Lizard - The Theme
posted a review of Hot Lizard - The Theme. over 19 years ago
My favourite record ever as of the time of writing, and has been since I heard Mr. Craig play his remix on his Essential Mix Oct. 1995!!! Finally tracked it down in April 2003 for a measly £5! It's the heartbeat rhythm, intensely woven synth patterns... See full review
Tori Amos - Professional Widow
posted a review of Tori Amos - Professional Widow. over 19 years ago
The tune that broke Armand Van Helden on a global scale. Unforgettable bassline and vocal hook. Arguably one of the biggest house records ever... certainly one of the most famous.