I have been collecting and listening to Hardcore / Jungle / Drum & Bass for around 20 years.
I now collect mainly new Drum & Bass but are obviously still on the lookout for those little Hardcore and Jungle gems that pop up from time to time to add to my collection.
I espiecially like looking for those obscure Ragga Jungle tunes that were obviously pressed in small numbers when they were released.
I still have decks and do the odd mix from time to time. If would like a mix CD just let me know.

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posted a review of Tango - The Tango Project. about 1 year ago
Rest in peace DJ Tango. Gone but not forgotten. RIP.
posted a comment on Origin Unknown - Eastern Promise EP. over 2 years ago
Think it was Red One who had the studio at the time so he helped him out. The rest is history as they say.
posted a comment on Jungle Mania. over 9 years ago
Regarding the Jungle Mania records, a couple of years back I won an EBay auction for all of the JM releases from Mark Ryder himself. I spoke to him on the phone and arranged to pick up the records from his then house in Collier Row, Essex. Spent about an ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Vibes. over 10 years ago
What can I say, this guy is a legend. Lots of early memories of listening to his sets on Sweet FM with MRJ, Spangler G and the rest of the Essex crew. Alaways seemes to inject a wicked vibe into the crowd with his mental style of DJ'ing and non stop mash ... See full review
posted a review of Nookie - Return Of Nookie. over 11 years ago
Im sorry but I am going to have to post comment on probably my favorite track of all time. Nookie in my mind is a genius, and the production he was pulling out the bag in the 92-94 erea was probrably he best we have ever had. The main track (although ... See full review
posted a review of Da Maytrix - Let Me Know / Come Een. over 11 years ago
Oh My Gosh!!!! This is defiently one of those tunes that you have heard on nearly every old Jungle tape for 94-95 but you never knew what it was called or what label it was on! It starts with the haunting 'Let me know' lyrics and then kicks with the ... See full review
posted a review of Bass Selective - The Expansions E.P.. over 11 years ago
A true classic, a tune that defines the Slammin Vinyl and World Dance raves in my opinion. You cant help but get goosebumps every time you hear the piano solo at the start and the classic 'You had it oh boy' lyrics. Probably the stongest and most well ... See full review
posted a review of Dead Dred - Dred Bass / Running The Family. over 11 years ago
Obviously 'Dread Bass' is a well know tune but 'Running in the Family' is an abosolute stormer! Not that typical of Moving Shadow releases a the time in the way it uses very ragga vocals that would sound more at home on a label such as Jungle Slam or ... See full review