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posted a review of The Smiths - The World Won't Listen. over 4 years ago
i would like to add 140 copys of this l'p had wrong lables on the other side (strangeways here we come) very rare due to recall from pressing/ anyone wish to see it most welcome. also has been listed with the fan based clubs . listed only copys around
posted a review of You And I (2) - I'm Just A Rover. over 5 years ago
THE NUMBER IS WRONG .SMA.- 2335 . and worth a lot more .
posted a comment on R. Bailey (9) & T. Dome - I've Found. over 5 years ago
i would like to add i have one of this vinyl and on the runout a message . to dad and god . we tried . runout numers 002 . i know it belonged to paul thats also in the runout. in mint con .