I can send you a rip release from my collection in exchange for what interests me.
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posted a comment on Various - Колбасный Boom! 3. 5 months ago
Nice to see my own scans on releases KDK ))
posted a comment on Activ (2) - Doar Cu Tine. 6 months ago
In fact, the disc only two tracks: Doar Cu Tine (Radio Edit) и Doar Cu Tine (Cypro Remix)
posted a comment on Westbam/ML* - No Facebook. about 1 year ago
Stop staying in the past. These are modern trends and new music.
posted a comment on Beauvé - Ganz Entspannt. over 3 years ago
Why blocked for sale? it's really normal release, how? i have this but all right.
posted a comment on Westbam - Götterstrasse. over 3 years ago
and where download this exlusive release outside from germany?) (Losing Control [feat. Ralf Goldkind])
posted a review of Aurosonic - Always Together. over 3 years ago
A beautiful original edition with a terrible sound: a constant rumble (like electrical noise), a very low level of recording. These records are for beauty only. Better listen to the disc. If need digital copy of this - pm me.
posted a comment on DJ Feel Feat. Julia Pago* - Circles On The Water. over 3 years ago
Also avaliable on Radio Record cd with 13 tracks (cat n AR-01285)
posted a comment on Mattafix - Signs Of A Struggle. over 3 years ago
It's really with copy control.
Poligraphy with 12 page booklet, but is bad quality.
posted a comment on Лена Попова* - Прожиточный Минимал. over 3 years ago
But on cd i see diffrent tracklist. What this you printered?
posted a comment on Крис Шаттл* - Гелиос 3. over 5 years ago
himself wrote a review - well done!
posted a comment on Peri Mental - Dancecore United! Vol.1 Activation!. over 5 years ago
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