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posted a comment on John Greaves - Songs. 2 months ago
An absolute masterpiece, the whole album, but "The Song" is the definitive version (by RW !)
posted a comment on Peter Blegvad - The Peter Blegvad Bandbox. 2 months ago
what justifies the two occurences ? not clear to me
posted a comment on The Lodge (2) - Smell Of A Friend. 2 months ago
A strange one - as most of Blegvad's - but this album shows a masterpiece, as least his germ, for the real achievement could be heard in John Greaves's "Songs", as sang by Robert Wyatt : "The Song" is a jewel ! "A recipe, a remedy, a cure"
posted a comment on Rudresh Mahanthappa - Bird Calls. 2 months ago
Who called this one "Free Jazz" ? Prob. more than 75% written ...
posted a comment on Eric Watson - Christof Lauer Quartet - Road Movies. 2 months ago
Could someone (Martin ?) explain to a novice the difference between these two ??
posted a comment on Various - Jim Payne's New York Funk Vol.1. 2 months ago
Still waiting for Vol.2 !! I asked Jim Payne once, at the Knit, and he said : " L'espoir fait vivre."
posted a comment on Gerry Hemingway Quartet - The Whimbler. 2 months ago
A major production by grandiose creative artists !!! Exceptionnal ..
posted a comment on Tim Berne Sextet. 2 months ago
Is the photo .... right ?? Really ? Indeed ?
posted a comment on Ed Schuller - Mu-Point. 2 months ago
Ed Schuller is a master of musicality on the double bass, always strong and ... light. Here is a gem, a beautiful version of Paul Motian's "Folk Song for Rosie" by just Ed and Dewey, enjoy ... or encry, or both !
posted a comment on Marty Cook Group. 2 months ago
Why didn't these albums and band appear under "Marty Cook " ???
posted a comment on Ernst Bier / Mack Goldsbury Quartet - Next Move. 2 months ago
Great album by masters / Modern but accessible, inventive and expressive. The three Americans have all been Tim Berne's partners in the 80s ...
posted a comment on Mike Westbrook - The Westbrook Blake (Bright As Fire). 2 months ago
A true gem, and "Let the Slave" is a masterpiece !!!
posted a comment on Dr. John - A Night In New Orleans. 2 months ago
No dates, no credits, no nothing on that one // Someone here in the know ??? By the way, it's certainly NOT " rock " - except if "rock" means "music"> No, it's nothing more or less than Dr John's gumbo, here more pianistic, less "produced", more jamming, ... See full review
posted a comment on Dr. John And The Lower 911 - Tribal. 3 months ago
This is NOT a digipack, but a cardboard sleeve, no ?
posted a comment on Johnny Adams - Johnny Adams Sings Doc Pomus: The Real Me. 3 months ago
Many gems in that one, a beautiful and inspired album, just a few weeks after Doc Pomus passed away ... ,aybe the best homage to his talent.
posted a comment on Johnny Adams - Walking On A Tightrope (The Songs Of Percy Mayfield). 3 months ago
Great music by the Tan Canary ! One of his best, with "The Real Me" ...
posted a comment on Dr. John And The Lower 911 - Sippiana Hericane. 3 months ago
this is a bit more than the usual EP, no ?? Should be in the album lists, not only for duration reason, but for its reason of being itself !!!!
posted a comment on Dr. John - Anytime, Anyplace. 3 months ago
Like :special" stamps : high value in .... 50 years !
posted a comment on Hank Roberts. 3 months ago
The Miniature #2, from 1991, appears here under the 2003 reedition, and not in his former place ! Bizarre, and false.
posted a comment on Miniature / Baron*, Berne*, Roberts* - I Can't Put My Finger On It. 3 months ago
Why does this one appears under this 2003 reedition in HR discog, and not the first edition of 1991 ?? Why ?
posted a comment on Piers Faccini - My Wilderness. 3 months ago
I agree : a nice, solid album ! One of his most coherent, the best one for me .... he seemed to me a kind of studio wiz (which he is too) so i was very surprised by his talent and energy on stage (plus it was a duet ...)
posted a review of Piers Faccini - Leave No Trace. 3 months ago
The two first tracks made a fan of me ... A Nick Drake who had survived ...
posted a comment on Little Annie - Soul Possession. 3 months ago
Should be registered as a master from 1984, no ?
posted a comment on Brave Old World - Klezmer Music. 3 months ago
Is it really an edition from 1996 ? While the German one, under license, is from 91 ....
posted a comment on Don Pullen - Sacred Common Ground. 3 months ago
His last work ! He died five weeks later. So track 6, with the beautiful sound of Carlos Ward and Don's last piano notes, let us ... sad forever.
posted a comment on Dr. John, The Night Tripper* - Gris-Gris. 3 months ago
My copy of this same edition does have a Mould SID ( IFPI 0544). So ?
posted a comment on Steven Bernstein - We Are M.T.O.. 4 months ago
This album is from "Steven Bernstein's Millenial Territory Orchestra" - as his title insists on - and so should be with the two others , no ?
posted a comment on Slow Poke (2) - Redemption. 4 months ago
Any recording featuring the genius of Dave Tronzo requires attention and very often praises ..
posted a comment on Zita Swoon - Big City. 4 months ago
My copy shows Mould SID code : IFPI AAJ05. Fot what it's worth !
posted a comment on Tim Berne's Bloodcount - Poisoned Minds: The Paris Concert❷. 4 months ago
Add Mould SID code Variant IFPI 01E4, which is on mine.
posted a comment on Tim Berne's Bloodcount - Memory Select: The Paris Concert❸. 4 months ago
Add Mould SID code Variant IFPI 01E9, please, it's on mine .
posted a comment on James Blood Ulmer - No Escape From The Blues: The Electric Lady Sessions. 4 months ago
My copy shows a different Matrix/Runout : 51824AM-01 TMF-9312 033007-19 ! And no IFPI at all ! So ?
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Kat Onoma - Billy The Kid. 4 months ago
One of the greatest French album of the 90s !!!
posted a comment on The Klezmatics - Jews With Horns. 4 months ago
Exactly this and that, but "1995 Green Linnet Records, Inc" on the bac bottom seems to make this date of release (1994).. false. Plus, on my copy, IFPI reads 2F85 , or maybe 2F65 ( but those miniatures could be hard to decipher !)
posted a comment on Leon Gurvitch Project, Frank London - Eldorado. 4 months ago
Free Improvisation ?? Kidding ? And no credits ?? What kind of job is that ?
posted a comment on Fanfare Pourpour & Lars Hollmer - Karusell Musik. 4 months ago
My copy shows IFPI L489 + IFPI 8102 with a matrix runout of 0BGQ8-0067-MFMV16. Is it serious, doctor ?
posted a comment on Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet* - Live In Tokyo. 4 months ago
My copy has IFPI 3004 and "Mastered by KOCH" on the CD ring. And "Made in Austria" clearly on the CD right. Does it make "another" release of it ?
posted a comment on Charles Mingus - Mingus In Europe. 4 months ago
My copy is exactly the same, but with "made by DURECO/WEESP HOLLAND" on the CD. So ....
posted a comment on Charles Mingus - The Great Concert Of Charles Mingus. 4 months ago
Fantastic music !!! But the tracklist above is ... wrong ! Look at one specific edition, for exemple the French 2003 one, for an exact tracklist, which is the original running order - missing in former editions - of the concert held from 00:10 to 2:45 am ... See full review
posted a comment on Joe Gardner. 4 months ago
Is this photo supposed to represent ... Joe Gardner ?? The trumpet player ?? Who played with Mingus, and many others ... ?
posted a comment on Sarah-Jane Morris* - August. 4 months ago
For Ribot's fans, Marc is everywhere here, and great, as usual !! A beautiful work, sober, inspired, by a well-chosen duo .
posted a comment on Gilles Elbaz Accompagné Par Siegfried Kessler - Gilles Elbaz Chante Et Siegfried Kessler L'Accompagne. 4 months ago
A masterpiece ! Terrific, unique, splendid, inégalable ! What else ? I can't understand why this extraordinary production is let out of CD edition as so many shitty works are re- whatever all the time ...
posted a comment on The Soldier String Quartet - Inspect for Damaged Gods. 4 months ago
Very interesting music, as often with Soldier ! Tx to Bloodcount for contribution, and to MartinR for help !
posted a comment on Dave Soldier*, The Kropotkins - The Kropotkins. 4 months ago
Great album ! And the others too ! Try it ...
posted a comment on Champion* / Drake* - Le Chant Des Pierres. 4 months ago
Great music ! And as often, it was better yet ... live !
posted a comment on Kirk Knuffke - Amnesia Brown. 4 months ago
Doug Wieselman is also playing ... guitar ! As often as clarinet - and not simultaneously ... In fact, Knuffke explains it's a double trio ! Great music ..
posted a comment on Jeff "Tain" Watts - Detained At The Blue Note. 4 months ago
On the back, credited on guitar : David Gilmour !! lol
posted a comment on Miroslav Vitous - Infinite Search. 4 months ago
Japanese edition, ok, but clearly made, printed in the EU ! It's written on the CD, on the obi and on the back (which incidentally, doesn't mention the 7th track, the added "Cerecka"). Anyway, it is great music !!
posted a comment on Jamaaladeen Tacuma - Jukebox. 5 months ago
Why not merge this version with the LP master release ?? Just ask MartinR