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posted a comment on Nurse With Wound - Psilotripitaka. over 7 years ago
my copy has 4 square inserts, not 3
posted a review of Lamont* - A Legend In His Own Mind. over 9 years ago
Obscure psychy rock with studio horns and a loungy vibe.
Related to "Alexander's Timeless Bloozband".
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Wall. over 9 years ago
you need a good specialist...:)
posted a comment on Beast (10) - Beast. over 9 years ago
...or you could walk around a round table with the record still in the middle of it...
posted a review of Various - City Soundscapes. over 9 years ago
this could not be considered a 'release', this is not a record: it is only a game or a fake. i don't care if who published this record did it for passion or for business: nobody can decide to publish music that was created and belongs to other people... See full review
posted a comment on Various - City Soundscapes. over 9 years ago
moved to rewievs
posted a review of Aphrodite's Child - 666. over 9 years ago
This is surely one of the most important records of the 70s, and at the same time one of the most underrated records of all times. The reason why at the time very few people really appreciated it is probably due to the fact that Aphrodite's Child was... See full review
posted a comment on Think Dog - Dog Days. over 9 years ago
Brilliant american smooth psych album with influences from british psychedelia and Canterbury's sound.
Originally recorded in 1969, the lp was released in 2007.
posted a comment on The Darkside - All That Noise. over 9 years ago
This is really a wonderful psych album, quiet and hypnotic. The Darkside followed the steps of the '80's great bands of new psichedelia, especially the Rain Parade and the Dream Syndicate. Here you'll find sweet guitar loops, slow pulsating rhythmics... See full review
posted a comment on Locust.* - Truth Is Born Of Arguments. over 10 years ago
great album, intense and obscure, morbid and disturbing
posted a comment on The Raincoats - The Raincoats. over 10 years ago
the perfection is boring. this is art. punk art, naivetè, neo-hippy sound. if picasso was a punk musician, he probably would have played with the raincoats.
posted a comment on Various - City Soundscapes. over 10 years ago
In my opinion this is not a good deal: no rights, no authorization, no copies to the guys that conceived and played the songs... It's easy to make records this way, but it's not correct and respectful. If you only need the music, you can easily... See full review
posted a review of Azita - Life On The Fly. over 11 years ago
This album melts sophisticated jazzy-songwriting (that sometimes could remember the Joni Mitchell's 'Mingus'or 'Don Juan's..." albums) with a post-wave flavour and a bit of Canterbury-style sound. A smooth psychedelic mood surrounds the surprising... See full review
posted a review of The Passage - For All And None. over 11 years ago
This is one of the most underrated albums of the 80s' dark-minimal-wave: the music is intense and obscure, but never boring or flat or repeating. The way The Passage conceived and played their experimental postpunk was really open-minded, closer to... See full review
posted a review of Cows - Cunning Stunts. over 11 years ago
The dentures in the glass on the cover of this record is the perfect logo for this uncompromising, destablishing, desperately funny and really alien music. The Cows play a strong and direct wall of sound, here and everywhere, with a surreal humour and... See full review
posted a review of Gaznevada - Sick Soundtrack. over 11 years ago
One of the most famous and well-produced (due to the work of Oderso, also factotum of another strange italian combo, the 'Confusional Quartet') records of the whole italian-wave bunch, 'Sick Soundtracks' waves from the ultranervous mood of songs like... See full review
posted a review of Swans - The Great Annihilator. over 11 years ago
Starting from their early '80s violent, politically uncorrect (but socially ultracorrect...), aggressive and uncompromised music, the Swans permeated the underground musical scene of the last 3 decades with an obscure and anti-conventional presence.... See full review
posted a comment on Psi Com - Psi Com. over 11 years ago
Original mini album from Perry Farrell's (Jane Addiction's vocalist) first band, released on march, 1985.
posted a comment on I, Brute Force* - Confections Of Love. over 11 years ago
Weird, funny and surprising pop-psych album.
Brute Force (born 1940) is the pseudonym of Stephen Friedland. He wrote and performed with The Tokens in the 1960s and wrote songs for Peggy March, Del Shannon, The Chiffons and The Cyrkle (to name but a... See full review
posted a comment on John Fred & His Playboy Band - Permanently Stated. over 11 years ago
Great caleidoscopic bubblegummy pop-psych album
posted a comment on Brute Force*. over 11 years ago
I, Brute Force
Confections of Love
(Columbia, 1967)
Weird and bizarre blend of absurd lyrics, pop, psychedelia and pure swingin' dadaism: who can imagine to tile a song 'To Sit On A Sandwich'?
Stephen Friedland (Brute Force) is still playing and touring.
posted a comment on Girls Against Boys - Cruise Yourself. over 11 years ago
i've a ltd. edition copy with a s.sided 7" featuring 'Red Bar'
posted a comment on The Lee Harvey Oswald Band - A Taste Of Prison. over 11 years ago
The Lp has a 10" sheet insert with lirycs and band photos