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posted a review of Various - TRM Sessions One. 4 months ago
This compilation is worth it for the ‘then’ disc (disc 2) alone. Chocolate full of Aussie classics, from severed heads classic dead’s eyes open, hifi bugs (melb) prog breaks monster Lydian and the dinosaur, to frontsides dammerung which was featured on ... See full review
posted a comment on GT* - Electrifyin' Mojo. 6 months ago
Picked this up at a 2nd hand store, I was never a big fan of gt back in the day (more associated him from the sunshine song which was blasted all over jjj in the late 90s) but this is a great album! The super talented Andy page has co-written with gt ... See full review
posted a comment on Friendly - Some Kind Of Love Song. 6 months ago
The original is great big beat sample era track (I remember getting a regular play on triple J)
Alien headspace is on the chill vibe
Infusion remix was the surprise package, smooth downtempo track (these guys have talent)
posted a review of Three Wise Monkeys - Work 4 Love. 6 months ago
A1 - Back To The Old Skool Mix- piece of electro breaks madness
A2 - Do It 4 Vice Mix - Has the vibe and energy of the A1, in progressive house format (a bit tribal feel)
AA1 - Void's Main Mix - Another house mix, this time stripped back and deep
AA2 - ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Trance Pacific Express. 11 months ago
Great release with many late 90’s Aussie electronic acts. Many tracks are found only on this cd.
posted a comment on Hybrid - I Choose Noise. 11 months ago
Shame this never had a full vinyl release like the other albums (I know there was eps)
posted a comment on Think Communications. about 1 year ago
Hey Ivod, any chance of an English version of the article?
submitted Paul "Flex" Taylor, Ben Korbel - Sounds on Sunday. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest. over 2 years ago
Looking forward to what boc release in the post-trump world
posted a comment on Various - If It Ain't Broken Don't Fix It Too!. over 2 years ago
Cd2 is a mix of tracks from the 1st release, mixed by competition winner Jeremy judd
posted a review of Lee Coombs - Perfecto Breaks. over 2 years ago
Just rediscovered this mix in my cd collection, I think I am appreciating more now that I did 14 years ago. Although this falls under the 'breaks' title, only about a third of the mix could be what you class as the breaks... the rest is either techno, ... See full review
posted a comment on Lee Coombs - Perfecto Breaks. over 2 years ago
Pretty sure your right, strange it wasn't picked up before
posted a comment on Hyper* - Y3K / Soundtrack To The Future. over 2 years ago
Just rediscovered this mix, surprised how well it has held up over time. Put it down to the quality of tunes on this mix. Definitely my favourite out of the 2 y3k mixes, but that is just personal preference. Progressive breaks at its peak in my opinion.
posted a comment on Sunset Squad - Ton Pei. over 2 years ago
Dan currently has this track available to download from his soundcloud page:
posted a comment on Sasha And John Digweed* - Northern Exposure 2. over 2 years ago
I also purchased a copy off eBay which doesn't have track splits, I am guessing also a bootleg. The packaging and cd looks official, so I am surprised that if they went to the effort with the packaging but not put track splits in. The version I bought ... See full review
posted a comment on Zero V.U. - Feels So Good. over 2 years ago
Mix 3 (b) is the hybrid epic vocal remix
posted a comment on DJ Koze - DJ-Kicks. over 3 years ago
Shows how the mix cd can still be relevant and special in the current day.
submitted Kid Kenobi - Remix Promo - Mixed By Kid Kenobi. over 3 years ago
submitted Sean Quinn - Freshjive DJ Team. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Anthony Pappa, Phil K & Rollin Connection - Darkbeat 10th Anniversary Collection. over 5 years ago
each DJ brings something different here
posted a comment on Jon Paul Davies. over 5 years ago
surprised all these alias's came from the same guy: Deejay Punk-Roc, Ill Disco, LL Cagoul J, Player One, Spork

used to thrash out all these releases back in the day
posted a comment on Deekline* \ Nu Breed* \ Ransom* \ Phil K - Bushpig. over 6 years ago
what a lineup... 3 of australia's (melbournes) biggest breaks names at the time, teamed up with deekline. Good track, but had the potential to be great (maybe too many cooks....)
posted a review of Nick Warren - Balance 018. over 6 years ago
I am surprised with the positive comments for this release.

After Nick's GU Lima release, he proved he still had the knack for slammin prog house mixes afer all these years - so expectations were high when he was announced as the next installment of ... See full review
submitted Phil K - Freshjive - Happy Sausage, Happy Life. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Phil K - DJ World Series: Breaks From Australia. over 6 years ago
for a free mix, this mix is timeless

starting with the sublime Don't Believe Anymore (Ivan & Colin's Café Latte Remix), this mix covers classics such as 'Summer Breeze (NuBreed Remix)'

Phil k has had a hand at 5 of the tracks featured too
posted a comment on James Holden - Balance 005. over 6 years ago
people still talking about this 9 years after it was released - classic mix!
posted a comment on NuBreed - The Original. over 6 years ago
Great album from Nubreed, although they are no longer together, this is a great statement of what their achieved.

Phil K mix was a nice touch too (Free Radicals, The – Summer Breeze (NuBreed Remix)) such a tune!
posted a comment on The Free Radicals - Summer Breeze. over 6 years ago
A defining track in australian dance music production, sounds timelss
Interesting the B1 remix is credited to (Heavens Gate Vs. Tonkman Remix) on the 12", however the CD single credits the same remix to (Ocean Wave Vs. Tonkman Remix)
posted a comment on The Free Radicals - Summer Breeze. over 6 years ago
A defining track in australian dance music production, sounds timelss
Interesting the B1 remix is credited to (Heavens Gate Vs. Tonkman Remix) on the 12", however the CD single credits the same remix to (Ocean Wave Vs. Tonkman Remix)
posted a comment on Various - Gatecrasher: Digital . over 7 years ago
chillout disc has continued to get repeated plays over the years
posted a comment on Phil K - Phil K Presents: Y4K. over 7 years ago
while it took me ages to get into this mix cd, i think phil k's edition has lasted the test of time better than most of the other Y4k mixes.
posted a review of Kid Kenobi - Clubber's Guide To Breaks. over 7 years ago
the cd that got me hooked on breaks after i heard kid kenobu DJ at Utopia in Sydney. Jammed packed full of classics that were being canned at the time all round Sydney on the party dis. The chill mix also still gets many repeat listens.
posted a comment on Head Affect - Afrochrome. over 7 years ago
stomping track that was being canned by anthony pappa at the time (and featured on his Resolution mix cd)
posted a comment on Jamie Stevens - Fate Of The Modern Architect. over 8 years ago
veyr classy ep from jamie steven

highlights his progression as a solo producer

looking forward for more to come
posted a comment on Unknown Artist / Alanis Morissette - Over Powered / So Pure (Hybrid Remix). over 8 years ago
looks like i am wrong based on these comments, but isn't overpowered a remix of sasha - xpander?

its not the hybrid remix but another remix, that breakdown at the end of the track is definitely xpander
posted a comment on Dopamine - Hold You / Zoit. over 8 years ago
the track that launched dopamine
hold you won track of the year at breakspoll

still hear breaks DJ's drop this track to the day and it still sounds fresh
posted a comment on Chris Carter - Panorama / World In Action. over 8 years ago
World in action would be one of my favourite breaks tracks. love its quirkyness, so funky.
i remember hearing BLIM drop this in 06, and ive been hooked since.