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posted a review of John Tchicai / Hartmut Geerken / Famoudou Don Moyé* - West Africa Tour (Sierra Leone, Liberia & Guinea), April 1985. over 8 years ago
This is a wonderful set of music released in a miniscule quantity of 135 hand numbered copies. A couple notes: is this the same music as on this release: ... See full review
posted a comment on High Rise (2) - Live. over 8 years ago
Buy the PSF CD instead. Presumably this was remastered like the other Squealer re-releases. Well unfortunately this seems to have reduced the speaker-shredding aspect of the original to a substantial degree, which is what we all know and love abut High ... See full review
posted a review of Hartmut Geerken / Michael Ranta - The Heliopolar Egg. over 8 years ago
Just a brief comment. This is one of the best releases in the Qbico catlog. But because the musicians involved are not the most well known it doesn't get its fair due. Fans of the "Wired" LP in the Free Improvisation boxset should definitely think ... See full review
posted a review of Michael Ranta - The Great Wall / Chanta Khat. over 8 years ago
A little known gem of electro-acoustic sound manipulation and percussion recorded over the course of two decades. The title track tack 'The Great Wall' was recorded in 1984 and is a slowly building tapestry of percussion and electronics . Understated and ... See full review
posted a comment on High Rise (2) - Durophet. over 8 years ago
The most "in the red" of High Rise's recordings and if you know the band that's saying something. They don't break any new ground here, just rip through their classics in a highly energized performance. Right up there with "Live" in my book. The choice ... See full review
posted a comment on Free Agents - £3.33. over 8 years ago
Brief review: this is a pretty stellar LP. As in the notes this features Barry Adamson, Pete Shelley, Francis Cookson and is a mix of post-punk, straight out noise, electronics, and anything that fit (or didn't). It's been impossibly rare since its issue ... See full review
posted a comment on Gruppo di Improvvisazione Nuova Consonanza - Eroina. over 8 years ago
Brief review: most of songs were apparently intended to mimic the effects of various drugs and if there' s one group (while I doubt whom were heavy drug users) could present aurol impressions of the use of illicit drugs it would be Gruppo di ... See full review
posted a comment on Taj Mahal Travellers* - August 1974. over 8 years ago
Yes, while it's nice to have this more widely available, it's a bootleg of a release that I believe is still available on CD from P-Vine. I've now heard this and comparing it to my CD (perhaps an apples and oranges comparison I admit) the sound is ... See full review
posted a comment on Cecil Taylor Unit* - Akisakila - Cecil Taylor Unit In Japan. over 8 years ago
I'm running short of superlatives for Cecil Taylor. This set, recorded in front of an enthusiastic Japanese audience, is stellar. One, long titanic improvisation spread out over 2 LPS. Everyone is in top form, especially Andrew Cyrille who is the ... See full review
posted a review of Cecil Taylor - Nefertiti, The Beautiful One Has Come. over 8 years ago
With the addition of the bonus tracks this upgraded issue of this seminal Cecil Taylor LP can be fairly judged as definitive. The understated packaging leaves the focus exactly where it should be--on the music. The LPs (on opaque vinyl) themselves sound ... See full review
posted a review of Cecil Taylor & Tony Oxley - Ailanthus / Altissima: Bilateral Dimensions Of 2 Root Songs. over 9 years ago
Re-edited to remove text already in the notes (one of my first submissions on discigs). A brief review instead: this a lovely produced set of two masters of free improvisation. The price is quite dear and for many that means they essentially will never ... See full review