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posted a comment on Jimmy Chamberlin Complex - The Parable. 14 days ago
It’s written on the cover, made 15 copies of this blue test pressing.
posted a review of Carioca (7) & Devas (4) - Mistérios Da Amazônia. 4 months ago
This LP is somenthing from another planet. As you listen to the instruments, a mix of everything, the harmony and distinction btw them is a work of art! What a gem!!!
posted a review of Marisa E Denise Duran - Cancões E Saudade De Delores. 6 months ago
The name is “Dolores” not “Delores” as written on the tile.
posted a comment on Djavan - Fato Consumado. 11 months ago
This Djavan's first recorded vinil. A double compact. A masterpiece and the beginig of a long musical journey.
posted a comment on Elizete Cardoso* - Canção Do Amor Demais. 11 months ago
This is considered the first Bossa Nova LP ever done. Also, the first where Antonio Carlos Jobim and Joao Gilberto are playing together.
posted a comment on Jorge Mello - Integral. 11 months ago
The catalog is BR 26.017 on my copy, on the LP as well as on the back cover, not 26.076. It looks like the above copy has a
unmatched catalog number, 26.017 on the LP and 26.076 on the cover.
posted a comment on Luiz Vieira - Retalhos Do Nordeste. 11 months ago
This is Luiz Vieira debut record. Also, not credited on the Lp is the arrangements by Moacir Santos.
posted a comment on Alaíde Costa* - Jóia Moderna. 11 months ago
This is Baden Powell's first work as arranger. Also, in it, contains "Samba de nos dois" together with Billy Blanco.
posted a comment on Turma Da Gafieira - Samba Em Hi-Fi. 11 months ago
This is the first participation of Baden Powell on a LP as musician. Also met Sivuca on this work and made a duo.