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submitted Virginity (6) - Virginity. 23 days ago
posted a comment on Polygon Window - Surfing On Sine Waves. 28 days ago
what a beautiful sleeve what a beautiful sleeve beautiful sleeve
posted a comment on Beaumont Hannant - Basic Data Manipulation - Tastes And Textures ★ Vol.2. 28 days ago
at the time this came out you could hear beaumont was trying to be different, there was a certain tiredness in the air with how things sounded, there were a couple of tracks i really loved and still love (sym-phon5, t-Gh6493) but even then to my youngish ... See full review
posted a comment on The 7th Plain - Playing With Fools. 28 days ago
what an ugly comment, gloating over exclusivity and their possession, anti-joy
posted a comment on Various - Taking Off (Original Sound Track Album). about 1 month ago
what a great record, mix of demo/lofi recordings, established stars (tina turner), soon to be stars (kathy bates), crude (ode to a screw),crazy (stranger in paradise) ,classical (dvorak, tchaikovsky) and odd presences (incredible string band?!) but must ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on LA Vampires With Maria Minerva - The Integration LP. 2 months ago
not a bad lp by any means, full of tape fuzz and distortion but it does have a beautiful classic in A Lover & A Friend, such yearning.."i lost my best friend..."
posted a comment on Dead Girl's Party - The Things I've Lost. 4 months ago
originally released as a tape on entracte and will admit was happy to have as my own little secret but glad its now on vinyl, a side is good stuff but for me its all about The Things I've Thrown Away a glorious long piece of radio interference, waves, ... See full review
submitted Shawn E Hansen - Radio Badlands. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Lata Ramasar - The Greatest Name That Lives. 4 months ago
is there a way to remove 'chutney' from the list of styles? don't like seeing racism here
posted a comment on Drunk Elk - Drunk Elk. 4 months ago
you know those records where you're not sure if you like but you still put on the deck to give a listen just to make a decision and then put on again and then again well this is one of them, what at first sounds annoying in it's amateurishness reveals an ... See full review
posted a comment on Figurine - Impossible. 5 months ago
secret weapon for the very sad doing very sad mixes, side 2 is where its at, bells and voices and should have said its a beautiful lyric and beautifully sung. And obviously the original knocks everyone out the park
posted a comment on Blue Chemise - Daughters Of Time. 5 months ago
yep some of it is 'beautiful', and the cover image encourages this, but i don't want long 'beautiful ' tracks which comfort, i like that they sound like film cues, like teaser trailers. let stuff be unfinished, let it be unpolished. what is interesting ... See full review
posted a comment on The Spits - 19 Million A.C. EP. 6 months ago
i once came across on youtube an accapella version of shitty world by the band in maybe rehearsal and now can never find it but believe me it was so beautiful
posted a comment on Spider (23) - Spider. 6 months ago
Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown Boozetown
posted a comment on Various - The Wedding LP. 6 months ago
great record, great picture disc from the wonderful 555 records, worth the pitiful small prices on discogs at the moment (0.68pence!!) for kid606's great cover of new orders temptation and the gorgeous treasure the light by cannanes, a indie balearic ... See full review
posted a comment on Plotkin* / Pole (2) - Split #8. 6 months ago
while from one angle a critique of musical trends and blindness at the other end a snide and hurtful 'prank' by james kirby (v/vm/caretaker) especially since he knew the fatcat crowd and how they operated on very small margins. He denied it at the time ... See full review
posted a comment on Plastikman - Sheet One. 6 months ago
as a young man living in glasgow i had this on tape and around midnight i would set out on my cruise around kelvingrove park but would never focus on what was before me until side 4 which is the weakest. listening now what really strikes me is the use of ... See full review
posted a comment on Lightning In A Twilight Hour - Quiet Actions. 7 months ago
beautiful tape, perfect laid back ambient, drum machine and chiming guitar, second track has been my goto when i don't know what i want to lister to, a great little secret
posted a comment on O$VMV$M - O$VMV$M. 7 months ago
played at 33 minus 8 but still not slow enough
posted a comment on Furniture - When The Boom Was On. 7 months ago
we all want 'why are we in love' so someone reissue @heroinface darkentries? or just comp, driving drum
posted a comment on Mitt Land Och Leo* - PHH. 7 months ago
i really want this and i will enter more words
posted a comment on Rapeman - Budd. 8 months ago
no match for 'two nuns' but still some great moves and sounds
posted a comment on Kate Bush - The Dreaming. 8 months ago
the joy, the invention, the tunes, the lyrics, the donkey impersonation
posted a comment on Kate Bush - The Dreaming. 8 months ago
damn right! damn right! damn right! damn right! damn right!
posted a comment on Source - Organized Noise. 8 months ago
it's the best album cover! that hair, the flames, the water, what's not to love?!
posted a comment on The Coombe - The Coombe. 8 months ago
a great ep with much love for praying mantis, would have been nice to hear more from them but sometimes one offs are nice
posted a comment on Beaumont Hannant. 9 months ago
and what did he do next? not meaning musically but always interested in musicians who move on with their lives elsewhere
posted a comment on Luke Slater's 7th Plain* - The 4 Cornered Room. 9 months ago
let us all take time to properly enjoy the cover sleeve
posted a comment on The Black Dog - Temple Of Transparent Balls. 9 months ago
what a great name for a record! and it has 'the crete that crete made' a track that went on every tape comp I made, the sleeve is wonderful as well, sometimes we forget that this time was also about stupid fun
posted a comment on One Dove - Morning Dove White. 9 months ago
this record seems to get better with the years and unlike some from this period doesn't sound dated, think it sold bad and was seen as a disappointment at time so they never did anything else
posted a comment on Snatch (3) - Snatch. 11 months ago
a wonderful record from beginning to end, pity they didn't do anything else
submitted Steph Horak - threehundredandsixtysix . 11 months ago
submitted Sharon Gal - Delicious Fish. 11 months ago
posted a comment on Doves - Jetstream (Remixes). 11 months ago
lindstrom remix wigs out and all the better for it, with some vocals appearing nr 4 minute mark before being wigging out again
posted a comment on Todd Terje - Eurodans. about 1 year ago
after all these years and it still sounds goooood, when the synth lead and bassline pop together was special times on horsemeat disco floor,churly of me to say that terje never really bettered this but............
posted a comment on Visti And Meyland* - Stars. about 1 year ago
what a crazy record, they chuck everything in and it keeps changing, plucked bass, acoustic guitars, gurgling baby and it's kinda mellow and Mediterranean then amateur group singing (yep drunk holiday singing) before suddenly recharging itself into a ... See full review
posted a comment on Mark Dicker - Universal Processes. about 1 year ago
fantastic tape, great sounds and production, moody and funny with enough threat to offer your mum a kiss
posted a comment on PWOG* - Record Of Breaks. about 1 year ago
A Kind Of Prayer is the track here for me, subtle, continuous, slightly shifting, would love to hear played out somewhere
posted a comment on Various - Rock & Roll Vs. Disco. about 1 year ago
anyone know who did this version of cloud nine? love to hear the original cover
posted a comment on This Perfect Day (2) - No Frills, Just Noise. about 1 year ago
Just bought based on this description and have high hopes
posted a comment on Danny Boy And The Serious Party Gods - Castro Boy. about 1 year ago
You can buy this so cheap at the moment and it’s amazingness hasn’t diminished, go on take a hit of poppers
posted a comment on Lolita Sträp - My Dance. about 1 year ago
Love how ‘my dance’ never really takes off, nearly entire delayed release until 3.30 then everything clicks for just 25 secs and back to frustration....bit fast for my tastes now so would slow down

posted a comment on Bangkok Impact - The Floor. about 1 year ago
The floor the track for me, part of that mournful peak hour style that viewlexx did so well at the time
posted a comment on Snake (76) - Pipes Escape Me. about 1 year ago
Wonderful stuff, songs, hum and hiss and then more songs
posted a comment on Sound Voyage - Golden Garuda / Super Molam. about 1 year ago
Sad that I kept in my basket for too long without buying, so yeah repress please
posted a comment on Ground-Zero* - Consume Red. about 1 year ago
What a record!(cd actually), single piercing acoustic horn slowly joined by jet engine noise and eventually drums, whole sound circles for an hour before eventually slipping way. Sound of a monster.
posted a comment on Buju Banton - Deportee. about 1 year ago
it is all about the accapella, stunning lyrics and delivery detailing the precariousness of the undocumented, life as immigrant and then deportee
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Don't DJ - Authentic Exoticism. about 1 year ago
Beautiful record, fave of 2016 and best from dj don't