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posted a comment on The Orb - Little Fluffy Clouds. 9 days ago
am i just imagining it but was there a very long version of this? about 20mins?sure i heard on john peel, something like the 'ultrabrain remix'
posted a comment on Pale Cocoon - 繭. 9 days ago
power dynamics baby power dynamics kiss kiss kiss kiss x
posted a comment on Palmistry - PAGAN. 30 days ago
what a sound! right on your ear, tickles, lickings - a rnb, dancehall, pop minimalism, small palette of sounds pushed and pushed and the vocals at points i just laughed at the sound and then started to sing along (once i worked out the melody, rhythm... See full review
posted a comment on Shizuka (2) - 天界のペルソナ. about 1 month ago
Black Editions are releasing all the PSF releases on vinyl so at some point it will happen
posted a comment on Various - Tokyo Invasion Volume 1: Cosmic Kurushi Monsters. about 1 month ago
For me the gateway into the myriad reflecting japanese psych that suddenly became more available and visible outside of japan, i heard and loved and pursued so many bands and artists from this comp (purchased in rough trade at neals yard down in the... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on David Wojnarowicz - Cross Country. about 1 month ago
this is such an amazing, thoughtful, beautiful, honest set of recordings. David talking his thoughts, observations, memories, hopes, fears, death within a time of AIDS. Never heard recordings where the sounds of the space around, the roads, driving,... See full review
posted a comment on Barry (49) - Barry. about 1 month ago
Supposedly there are 49 Barry's and this is the best and the best lp in 2019, starting from a wry faggy queer stance but actually about just being alive and here in these years with our boredom, flashes of energy, wishes of love, being stupid, oh the... See full review
posted a comment on Fretless AZM - From Marz With Love. about 1 month ago
around the mid 90s 'proper musicians' started to appear within electronic scene, the all night clubbing had brought in a need for something more laid back, a groove still needed but more melodic, complex interactions of instruments both electronic and... See full review
posted a comment on Jocy de Oliveira - A Música Século XX De Jocy. 2 months ago
this record brings me so much pleasure, sadly i don't speak Portuguese so have no idea of what is being sung but the mood and the arrangements combined with i suppose we would now say field recordings moves it to a real sense of intimacy, its fun, it... See full review
posted a comment on Mouthus / Sunroof! / Double Leopards - Crippled Rosebud Binding. 3 months ago
bloody dogs! splayed, watched, drunk in...sunroof's version of cortez bends and bends, mick flower never lets up here, moves and tears those heartbeats to notes, relationship failures all around

rest of it is muh but wuh mick, make me cry again
posted a comment on Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush The Show. 3 months ago
hip hop vinyl from this time was always very quiet and a bit flat but of course the tracks themselves shone
posted a comment on Ray Charles With The Jack Halloran Singers And The Raelets* - Country And Western Meets Rhythm And Blues. 3 months ago
ha! was just looking for this record to say exactly the same, what a mood, dark, lost, yearning, i never tire of it
posted a comment on Miki Curtis - The First Ear. 3 months ago
if anyone wants my copy at reasonable price let me know
posted a comment on Various - Y01. 3 months ago
great and currently super cheap ep, starting out with guitar led urgent cover of Knights of the Jaguar, moving to the disjointed and slightly unhinged funk of 8 Doogymoto, on b side bit of a dud with Platinum Flavour but ends with Dakar & Grinser in... See full review
posted a comment on Creta Kano - Skyway Motel . 3 months ago
pedant (10 years 10 words 10 years 10 words )
posted a comment on Lammas Night Laments. 5 months ago
fantastic series of comps of all flavours of folk, even at the time hard to find in physical form and now even harder, a real good deed to make available as cdr's (maybe the heyday of cdr time) but be great to find digital versions as we will never be... See full review
posted a comment on Blod (6) - Tusen Bitar. 5 months ago
ah a really lovely record by the swedish letch blod, you get what you expect here, hazy childish musical memories on strummed guitars, hushes, various organ sounds and his own bone flute but its tidy, melodies want to be my friend, it is a really... See full review
posted a comment on France (7) - Do Den Haag Church. 6 months ago
WOAH! a monster...big clogs, flies buzzing, snakes snaking...obvious play loud, be drained...reissue sleeve...hmmm
posted a comment on Various - Do You Believe It?: American Soul Music 1960-1972. 7 months ago
can get it at honest jons....though just seen this is blocked on discogs...identified as a boot probably
posted a comment on Reiko Kudo - Fire Inside My Hat. 7 months ago
we all know this has been a year (2020) without pace, without rhythm, just an endless walk and a horizon that keeps receding, im tired, we're all tired, want a bit of space to feel calm and i've found that this cd from 1997 gives me that rhythm, that... See full review
posted a comment on Kreng - Works For Abattoir Fermé 2007 - 2011. 8 months ago
right! i asked for a reissue in 2014 and im at the end of 2020 and at the end of my tether! i've not washed since and its very uncomfortable, luckily due to covid i can now work from home and am lucky to still have a job and my colleagues are spared... See full review
posted a comment on Swell Maps - Let's Build A Car. 8 months ago
the cheapest amps? the cheapest guitars? the most expensive amps? the most expensive guitars? i have no idea but the opening guitar sound is one of the deadliest sounds, almost a sinewave and then the vocals come in changing the pace and we're off... See full review
posted a comment on Claire Rousay - Tuufuhhoowaah / Bday Shots. 8 months ago
my favourite lp cover, from my favourite artist in this unusual year 2020, a time for personal contexts, to describe what is happening. Claire continues her fantastic stretch of releases using field recordings, percussion,voice, phone notes and... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Captured Tracks Mix CD. 8 months ago
anyone know where this version of Jed Dmcochowski's I'm Sad is from? heard the version on his own lp and its different (and quite horrible) but not been able to find out where this version is from
posted a comment on Blod (6) - Ibiza. 8 months ago
satire is used against those with power to try and bring them to account, this is not satire, anyway as i've said i've liked and still like some of blod's music but this is uncomfortable and illustrates to me complacency and its not a very good cd anyway
posted a comment on Blod (6) - Ibiza. 9 months ago
what is he satirising exactly? if anything the humorous sounds reinforce a sense of mockery as does the choice and selection of what he presents of them. i saw blod when i visited oto with my brother a while ago and he did the idiotmusik which i... See full review
posted a comment on Various - The Wire Tapper 6. 9 months ago
years ago when i was new to 'experimental' music i loved the wire tapper cds, each giving me at least 5 new artists to go and pursue, this one i love for the demo version of coil's cold cell and because it was the first version i heard it's my... See full review
posted a comment on Rema-Rema - Wheel In The Roses. 9 months ago
Rema-Rema Rema-Rema Rema-Rema Rema-Rema Rema-Rema...its really just about this and that riff, though fond affections was then covered by this mortal coil, in the late 90s, early 2000s, this ep was in all the 2nd hand shops for £1, bought a few to give... See full review
posted a comment on Blod (6) - Ibiza. 9 months ago
hmmm, ive really liked blod's work though with majority of it not being in english never knew what the spoken word parts were trying to portray, here he uses what sounds like a documentary footage of young working class english people having their... See full review
posted a comment on Mark Gomes - New Sounds of Nature. 9 months ago
bit of a change for regional bears from their usual determined avant garde operations, instead a considered and at time lush set of ambient pieces, moving from being bathed to being scarred, this from mark gomes of various guises but most lauded for... See full review
posted a comment on Cobra Killer - Right Into A Kick For More. 9 months ago
six secs...baby baby baby! killer track from cobra killer, looping funk records and adding in phone dial tones and just talking over it, amazing decisions!
posted a comment on Various - Harder Than The Rest. 9 months ago
a total bomb of a comp! brought much needed dirt and snottiness to music at the time, great many tracks including ec8or We Need A Change!, shizuo Sweat, Alec Empire Suicide but the real shrapnel is Christophe de Babalon's seventh rest - genuinely... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Daniel Johnston - 1990. 9 months ago
haven't listened to this in years although it was a regular play when i was younger with friends and was always an incredibly awkward listen in company, i'd heard after the time his earlier records/tapes and this was the 1st i heard as he released and... See full review
posted a comment on Cindy Lee - Act of Tenderness. 9 months ago
had to listen to 'new romance' after you gave it the wonderful tag of 'strange ass garbage' and i like it, not as good as 'The Last Train's Come And Gone' though
posted a comment on Pale Cocoon - 繭. 9 months ago
a revelation of a record, managing to be both innovative and enjoyable (recent vanity reissues remind you that hard to find don't mean need to listen again) oh and minimal as a tag? this is the most voluptuous of records, when i listen to this i... See full review
posted a comment on Antony And The Johnsons - Antony And The Johnsons. 9 months ago
the beginning! and yes like everyone else wonder why not on vinyl....came across antony supporting current 93 somewhere in central london (yes i was drunk with a friend) and we were in that drunken chatter mode and then antony came on stage, a... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Belges* - Opération Coup De Poing (Special Remix Club). 9 months ago
what a happy happy track! a synth pop track with a reggae(ish) beat, yep know that sounds awful but it has enough heft and punch in its arrangement that suddenly makes it special
posted a comment on Various - Yee-Haw!: The Other Side Of Country. 9 months ago
Don't you just love compilations? well when they are good or at least have 5 tracks that you would never come across and this is one of them, bit of a weird lumping together under an idea of 'country music' but it works.We have the loose Peter... See full review
posted a comment on Saint Jhn - Roses (Imanbek Remix). 9 months ago
wow what a track, basically a sped up hip hop vocal, autotuned until there are just sounds, barely intelligible and a electro bouncing stab but what a hook - total love
posted a comment on SVN (2) - Mechine . 10 months ago
hey hey hey - went with 33 for a while but its 45 that does it for me and yep i likey likey like
posted a comment on Andrew Chalk - East Of The Sun. 10 months ago
amazing lp, the hiss of the sea, the rising drone, the sound of air moving, i put this on again and again to change the atmosphere, to slow my world down, let it never end
posted a comment on Mittland Och Leo - Optimists. 11 months ago
re-listening to after a few years and you know it gets better, the drums are fantastic, they're alive and the synths sing, people, people, people

sad that it seems there is no more
posted a comment on Astrud Gilberto - I Haven't Got Anything Better To Do. 11 months ago
a real joy of a record, Astrud's voice up so close that she is with you in the room, the arrangements of songs that are maybe over familiar bringing new life to them. The switches in tempo, the sense of not being sure how the song will go, what... See full review
posted a comment on SVN (2) - Mechine . 11 months ago
i suppose renaming the track that you have on your computer which is probably named as a basic memory jog is a bit annoying but then these titles are annoying (did aphex/ae start this shit?). so svn im sure you probably read, have a book shelf, watch... See full review
posted a comment on Velly Joonas - Stopp, Seisku Aeg!. 11 months ago
its kinda nice but bit pedestrian, also sung in english where as Velly is not in english which is great and changes the tempo has urgency, no dirt - Velly beats Clannad
posted a comment on Rapeman - Budd. 11 months ago
jesus christ, all i said it wasnt as good as 2 nuns and what is? derd niffer!
posted a comment on Beaumont Hannant - Basic Data Manipulation - Tastes And Textures ★ Vol.2. 11 months ago
nah, it just doesn't quite get there and nuanced is a word for lack of direction but as i say im glad he tried, its still better than the majority of the stuff churned out at that time
posted a comment on Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - Ecstasy 恍惚/エクスタシー. 11 months ago
ah interesting thanks for info - 10 words wodrs wosrd