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posted a comment on Oroskällan - Två - Ett Barn Glömmer Ingenting . 6 days ago
a lonely record, more sparse, keyboards hover or tap out small melodies, percussion rattles and of course all the hiss you could want. sadly pressing is not great so a1 and b1 both contain vinyl 'bubbles' which cause loud clicks
posted a comment on Rufus & Chaka* - Any Love (Full Length Version). about 1 month ago
any love that you feel is real, any time that you use love you lose love
posted a comment on Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses. about 1 month ago
seeing the price i feel bad saying i found it in a charity shop in stoke newington one saturday afternoon for 50p in the early 2000s, had no idea it was this rare
posted a comment on P'o - Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention. about 1 month ago
sadness all around all around sadness all around all around
posted a comment on Masami Kawahara & The Exotic Sounds - Ecstasy 恍惚/エクスタシー. about 1 month ago
ok, thats kinda good as i havent seen it anywhere and would love a copy
posted a comment on Ai Aso - Lavender Edition. about 1 month ago
such a beautiful record, one that ive kept returning to over the last few months, delicate, sparse but rich. fantastic arrangements and melodies, ai aso seems to have gone quiet since the lp on ideologic organ but hope there is more
posted a comment on Kevin Blechdom - The Inside Story. about 1 month ago
Ready4Love is an instant drop into sound, enjoy it twice
posted a comment on Ché-SHIZU - A Journey. about 1 month ago
a slippery record, we got folk, indie rock, improvisation, blues, chanson and at same time none of that and all of it, it really took me a little while to get into because all those 'genres' altogether are usually a good sign to stay clear but one ... See full review
posted a comment on Rev. Buck Naked - Drinkin Bud Watching "Bob". about 1 month ago
work on your car - what a track! so many quotable lines, yep its novelty, yep its tongue in cheek but i will always want to listen to this..
"ill be checking your fluids for the rest of the week" was at one time so hard to find and then the internet ... See full review
posted a comment on Uge (2) - Mad Charles / Mad Charles Love Theme. about 1 month ago
"my name is mad charles i am the worlds first karate robot..." its that kinda record
posted a comment on Rancid Hell Spawn - Festering Pus. about 1 month ago
its these sorts of records that give you life, that remind you that you can do what you want, yep fuzz, yep festering, yep esctatic
posted a comment on Dymaxion - Verfremdungseffekt. about 1 month ago
everyone who hasn't bought this record at this stupid cheap price (£1,50 atm) is a loser, you know you love it cos of its fucking brass neck
posted a comment on Various - Ooh Ooh Ahh - Moments Of Musical Ecstacy - 21 Vintage Sexy Tracks To Get You Off. about 1 month ago
on it now and thank you for 10 more words
posted a comment on Cosmo Vitelli - Delayer. about 1 month ago
i play at 33 and minus 8, its so so good
posted a comment on Various - Miaow! (....Cats What I Call Music). about 1 month ago
ill always have a special affection for this comp, it was super cheap, in fact i think free and introduced me to thomas koner, pauline oliveros, keiji haino (nijiumu) and then choral music such as song for athene - john taverner and the rocket ship ... See full review
posted a comment on Brannten Schnüre - Erinnerungen An Gesichter. 2 months ago
come on low company repressss this this come on low company repressss this this
posted a comment on Brannten Schnüre - Muschelsammlung . 2 months ago
yum yum yum, best one, yum yum yum, best one
posted a comment on The Cannanes With Explosion Robinson & Steward - Felicity. 3 months ago
lovely little ep notable especially for lost in darkness, an indie, almost balearic house track, perfect for those mixtapes you make for others but forget to give
posted a comment on BizarreϟϟMania. 4 months ago
is this band banned from discogs? both their releases blocked from sale, while they do of course indulge in that PE trope of shock, nazi imagery and depravity not sure why they are banned and others are not
posted a comment on P'o - Whilst Climbing Thieves Vie For Attention. 4 months ago
can't believe this hasn't been reissued, surely someone like dark entries would be the people
posted a comment on Psychemagik - Gotta Hold On Me / Wildman. 4 months ago
"It is just so sexy, to see two ladies like this, licking one another!!" jesus christ! is this a joke?

big thumbs down to psychemagik for the cover as well, boring sexists
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Art Science Technology - AST. 5 months ago
while not new beat, i think youre accurate with the indie description, it certainly doesn't stand up well today and is actually quite horrible, never wanna hear again
posted a comment on Tibor Szemző - Tractatus. 5 months ago
only recently came across this and oh its so beautiful, maybe its that off kilter humming, the slow electronics, the plucked bass but its probably all of it altogether that i find so moving
posted a comment on Various - You Gotta Get More Alive - A 555 Recordings Compilation. 5 months ago
an interesting comp from an interesting time when sarah record type indie and glitchy electronics sit alongside each other, maybe the glitch tracks haven't held up well but the indie songs seem stronger than ever, special mentions for empress, kyoko and ... See full review
posted a comment on Sachiko M - Debris. 5 months ago
ah the 3" cd do they still make them? this is a great one, ear piercing bleeps and close to the ear scratching and rustling
posted a comment on Кола Бельды = Kola Beldy* - Белый Остров = White Island. 5 months ago
i really want this, i really want this,i really want this
posted a comment on Legowelt - Pimpshifter. 6 months ago
a gem in the messy blurred brilliant time of (yesOHyes) electroclash! this has held up so well, Sturmvogel encapsulates all the best qualities from that time, sludge dark basslines, propellant drum lines, barely comprehensible vocals with lyrics that are ... See full review
posted a comment on Sons&Daughters* - Silver Spell. 6 months ago
The Silver Spell (Andy Blake Haunted Fairground Remix) is the one for me, basement dank, snips of vocals sighs, drunken rhythm, nice
posted a comment on Two Lone Swordsmen - The Fifth Mission (Return To The Flightpath Estate). 6 months ago
was always a difficult album to love at the time but i stuck with it and many memories of playing Paisley Dark coming down for the wigged out synth. a record of ambition, thats what it should be about and of course RIP Weatherall. x
posted a comment on Cosmo Vitelli - Delayer. 6 months ago
what a joy the quiet village remix is, cos im annoying i play it at minus 8 and i feel hotter than i already am
posted a comment on Areski Belkacem - Brigitte Fontaine* - Vous Et Nous. 6 months ago
everything you want from music and what you don't want
posted a comment on Glass Candy - Yes Music. 7 months ago
has what i personally think the best version of i always say yes, more spaced, more lift and drums by Dusty Sparkles!
posted a comment on Glass Candy - 23.46. 7 months ago
maybe, just maybe my fave of the series of amazing cdr's that glass candy put out in early 00s, constantly reworking tracks, finding new areas to explore, this one is that cusp where they start to move into their more established sound but still not ... See full review
posted a comment on Monopoly Child - Piper Maru. 7 months ago
my cdr has image from the cassette but the cassette has 2 tracks, and an insert from which could be the same as the ... See full review
posted a comment on Sheila Hylton - It's Gonna Take A Lot Of Dub / Falling In Love. 7 months ago
what a joyful record! it's gonna take a lotta love
posted a comment on Various - Sounds Superb Volume 6. 7 months ago
what a an A1! Sana Doris Pseudo Wind nominally an edit of Dame Diana Ross' Upside Down but so much more by seemingly having some bedroom queen singing along and then taken by drum breaks (partially bottomed) totally original take on the edit culture from ... See full review
posted a comment on bpNichol - Motherlove. 8 months ago
why has this not been reissued? admittedly only just heard incest song but wow! this is 68?! i wanna hear the rest
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a comment on Leonard Cohen - Death Of A Ladies' Man. 9 months ago
can't believe i said 'sensitive arrangements', they are blunt, brute, spector don't care he just wants it to hapen
posted a comment on Wooden Shjips - SOL '07. 9 months ago
those horns! those horns! those horns! those horns! those horns! those horns!
posted a comment on Steve Beresford - The Bath Of Surprise. 9 months ago
original copies at honest jons going for very reasonable price
posted a comment on Carla dal Forno - The Garden. 9 months ago
beautiful record, most of the attention (quite rightly) has been towards title track 'the garden' but dont pass up 'clusters' with its stereolab echoes but oh so much lazier
posted a comment on Wipeout - Anthems For The Underachievers. 10 months ago
too polite in my praise for this, it is and always has been about the total psychic breakdown of the european gay male/culture. describes the vanity, the self pity, the drugfuckedness, the appeal of that early 00s world. Didi's vocals are pure ... See full review
posted a comment on Kid Romance - Thriller/Killer. 10 months ago
muffled, distorted, blurred, live at times? (the worst) but what a great tape, fantastic songs, energy, youth and love - classic
posted a comment on Judy Garland - Judy Garland Speaks!. 10 months ago
want! want! wawant! want! want! nt !want! want! want! want!
posted a comment on Various - AuralOffalWaffleTenPintsOfBitterAndABagOfPorkScratchings. 11 months ago
ive said it before and will say it again, burn all your records, tapes, cds, digital - record it, slow it down, speed it up and it won't sound as good as this
posted a comment on Bikini Kill / Huggy Bear (3) - Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah / Our Troubled Youth. 11 months ago
get rid of all your records and buy two copies of this and play together (slightly phaaassssseeeeeeed)
posted a comment on LA Vampires by Octo Octa - Freedom 2K. 11 months ago
only gonna really comment on Freedom 2K so let's start with the annoying, which is mainly in the video - by this time 100% silk and Amanda believed they were bringing something new to a dance scene by reviving 90s tropes, the unmissable presentation of ... See full review
posted a comment on Chuck Person - Chuck Person's Eccojams Vol. 1. 11 months ago
someone spent £429.30 on a cassette that you can download anywhere and put on a cassette of music that is warped other music?!

of course i own the original and am selling at £500