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I am old school industrialist. I am old enough to know the difference between industrial, and the EBM that I cut my teeth on. I spent time in the noise set, and spawned the term "hardcore ambient" in my set. I am keen on the term cyberpunk, as it sums up my take on the whole sonic and aesthetic jumble of the noise I call music.

I was never too industrial to rave, and was in the thick of the mid 90s crossover in full force. I watched drum'n'bass grow up in the Steel City Jungle of Pittsburgh, and witnessed a scene's birth in Boise, Idaho at Bliss.

I sell only original CDs, so please do not ask about buying pirated copies or MP3s/Oggs.

My Wantlist is not a list of items I have to have at all costs. It serves mainly as a reference when I am browsing in a record shop. If you feel that you must tell me about an item on my Wantlist that you are selling, include a link to the item, or your email will probably be deleted unread. Since I had to hide my Wantlist thanks to spamming from sellers, most of the preceding sentences in this paragraph are purely academic at this point. The items I am most interested in on my Wantlist are listed below in no particular order:

à;GRUMH... - The Price Is Light
Pankow - Remember Me / Heads Will Roll
Pankow - Stupidity / Remembermeremix / (Do The) Rotkäppchen
Pankow - Walpurgisnacht
Tack>>Head* - En Concert
Vomito Negro - Save The World

You are welcome to contact me if you have a good price on any of the above releases in decent condition.

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