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posted a comment on Ensemble Economique - Standing Still, Facing Forward. 15 days ago
This release shouldn`t be listed as "non music" and "field recordings" (even if there are some) - it`s experimental/ abstract/ drone etc. - like other releases by E.E.
posted a comment on Eartheater - IRISIRI. 6 months ago
PAN label said today that it will be shipped next week.
posted a comment on Oval - Aero Deko Europa. over 3 years ago
My F&F release contains a white label 7" with similar sound as the 10", but different tracks - does anybody have informations about this 7"?
posted a comment on Expo's Jazz & Joy - Expo's Jazz & Joy. over 5 years ago
Expo`s jazz & joy is the combination of the hip hop crew "Exponential enjoyment" with the (free) jazz bassist Peter Kowald.
posted a comment on Them (3) - The Story Of Them. over 8 years ago
This is not a release of the Anticon Them(selves), it´s related to Van Morrison.