Selling off a lot of the records I've either hoarded or been given over the last 40 years.
I'm always happy to take offers and consider deals if you want a couple or three of them.
I have an extremely high 'buyer rating' requirement, if you've made one mistake a few years ago I'm usually OK to relax this, but repeat non-payers or awkward buyers I won't consider.

Having said that, this new requirement to have Discogs friendly shipping policies pre-entered just looks like too much work for someone who's just selling records so they won't be landfill after I've gone.
I've never had a complaint about my shipping in 8 years here and my terms are quite transparent.
Apparently my items won't be able to be sold after 1st October 2020, so I'll just close up early for Xmas this year and see what happens in January

Keep me sane while trying to deal with the extremely unpleasant users on Discogs. There's disagreeing and there's being insulting

She cried away her life since she fell off the cradle

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Lyntone can be condensed to two comapnies

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Took early retirement in 2011 to a small village in Surrey and spend my days walking with my beautiful dogs in the heathlands, hills and woods of the Surrey Hills.
I find this far more rewarding than dealing with some of the users on here, who lie, troll, argue and cheat, or are generally a boor.

Users like this I use the 'Ignore User' function, which I find works a treat :-)
So, if I'm ignoring you, 'you're on the list', alongside FromLondon, and others

. .s
. . o
. . .r
. . . e
. . . .d

- Congratulations!!

Buddy voters please read this post from nik

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Steve Brown (27)
If there's anything I have which you're after feel free to get in touch or make me an offer. The worst I can do is say no :)
I also use eBay to sell memorabilia, t-shirts, posters, photos, stickers, flyers and more.
My feedback ain't bad there either

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