First record I bought with my own money, in 1962
Mark Wynter - Venus In Blue Jeans

Notifications from forum threads turned off.

Some users will get replies and/or a forum comment from a PM, they know who they are.
Apparently I'm not allowed to list the 'ignored' users here, so if you're ignored, you're blocked :-)

Stopping selling overseas for a while - if there's anything you want and we've traded before a PM may get me to re-enable my overseas shipping - but no promises
This is Discogs - more and more a first degree site of imbecility.

Increasingly intolerant of idiots as the years go by - life's too short

One of the immediate results of this place becoming more and more snowflake friendly is that the database is going to shit.

If you're blocked from contacting me it's because you fall into that category of uninformed Discogs user.
If you "don't understand..." you shouldn't be editing, ask instead.

The forums these days are populated by imbeciles and clowns who don't have a clue what they're talking about.
I miss the days when sensible comments and decisions were made by users who knew what they were doing.

There's still crime in the city,
Said the cop on the beat,
I don't know if I can stop it
I feel like meat on the street
They paint my car like a target
I take my orders from fools
Meanwhile some kid blows my head off
Well, I play by their rules
That's why I'm doin' it my way
I took the law in my hands

I miss these users who helped both me and everyone by their presence here
, Eviltoastman,, Willow.the.Wisp,
, Kaptain_Kopter, Amsreddevil , StaticGuru and others.
You now have users who can't even speak and spell properly giving their uninformed opinion

R.I.P. the accuracy of Discogs

The main focus here these days is on the marketplace instead of the database, and currently, mine is too.
I only have shipping policies for the UK set at present, although I may ship overseas in certain circumstances, so please ask.

I can't really be bothered to make edits to correct things anymore that no one cares about, there's so much incorrect data here it makes no difference, so I'll just look after my label, records I had an involvement with and those I'm selling.

Leave stupid comments on my subs, be insulting in the forums, claim that entering incorrect data isn't incorrect or act generally stupid then I'll use the ignore function.

Still finding after nearly ten years there's 2 faced users hiding just about everywhere here.

An xxxx Production = Record Company credit

It's not an Album/Single/EP if there's no proof

Columbia Stickered CBS -
Obviously not stickered by Columbia as there are more than a few different coloured and/or designs of stickers

Choosing label name
Thousands of users have invested immense amounts of time building and organizing this database and deliberating over and crafting its policies across many, many years now. But you then charge in and decide that you know best, and you're just going to undo the work of others to suit your own preferences. You don't decide to start a community discussion about data categorization, sorting, display, etc., or to ask others here what historical factors have led to things displaying the way they do—you just take it upon yourself to start changing data en masse. [.....] You've essentially walked into a community's museum and started taking paintings down off the walls and putting them in other rooms because you think they look better there, or that all the bluish ones should be together, and everyone else be damned, because you're the only one whose opinion matters

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For anyone interested, this single was recorded in the same one day session at Alaska as Decapitated with Tezz on bass. He left before this was released so Oddy is credited. The artwork was supplied by the band so it was a conscious decision by them.... See full review
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