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posted a comment on CZR - Chicago Southside. 4 months ago
agree there with you. and some more words very cool.
posted a comment on Various - Italo Disco Legacy (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 4 months ago
First of all i want to say i like the record, nice track collection great sounding and a great DVD.
But then comes second, all the entrys say limited. Limited to 100 ? 200 ? 500? 1000 ? you can say limited even if it would be limited to one 10.000 but ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Cody Currie - Alpha Bravo EP. 5 months ago
Good one .Do you maybe mean this one here .
posted a comment on Maya (78) - Lait De Coco. about 1 year ago
hang on to your money there is a repress on 10 inch coming seen it on
posted a comment on Il Bosco - More Hitz From The Manctalo Discotek. about 1 year ago
i have been reading on some pages that the record is limited to 150 copies on other pages they say 250 copies, whatever is true as a big PacMan fan B1 does it for me
posted a comment on Hysteric - Life Is Cheap. about 1 year ago
do you know a date on the release by any chance ?
posted a comment on M & G - When I Let You Down. over 2 years ago
As much as i know there is a repress coming on Dark Entries
posted a comment on Mr. Oizo - The Church. over 2 years ago
i like the fact that it is on two records, shure if you just want to listen to it you have to flip a lot of times but if you want to mix/DJing it its nice that the hole album is not sqeezed on two sides
posted a comment on Plustwo - Mad Radio / New Sensation. over 2 years ago
that would be really awesome, if its true thanks to hysteric
posted a comment on Wax (18) - Wax Dance (Dupe Edit). over 2 years ago
i am not shure but it does not seem to me that they are limited to 200 copies, first most online shops still have them in stock and second i did not read somewhere else about the 200 copies limit
posted a comment on Radio Cosmos. over 2 years ago
Hi if you like this label as i do. There are still some copies on so you dont have to buy here for a ridiculous high price
posted a comment on Various - Hannover EP. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Hysteric - Summer in Cairo EP. over 2 years ago
Yes agree for me hysteric is one of the most interessting artist at the moment as well as his own label mothball records, i am also looking forward for the release of the Pepper DJ Ep on Edits Du Plaisir as well. Only sad thing for me is that most of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Sandy Marton - People From Ibiza. over 2 years ago
the first time i heard the record i was thinking, what a piece of trashy italo crap but after a few time listening to it, it became one of my favorite italo records that always puts a smile on my face, thats how good the record is.
posted a comment on Ural 13 Diktators. over 3 years ago
hello they are one facebook and i think they want to bring out some re-press stuff and i think they are working on a view bootleg remix things best regards