Baboon (3), Members of Kbal Sound System, Artskorps, K.Ni.Bal Record,K.Na.Beast Record, Maro Trumm Records.

I' initially live first a Punk/Hardcore singer life, during years 80/90 in particular within
group StromFront, ultra violence inside (nothing to do with the fucker racist website), initially refractory
with the techno I lived plunged in Free Party and Rave during year 95, my pals having finally convinced
me Krom in particular. Quickly not being able to remain a long time spectator I assembled Sound
System Kbal with old of StromFront (Paulo) and two another friends (Droopy and Hz), we lived all
together what allowed a coherence of System.
During the first years, I initially mixed Drum' N bass and Hardstep then I quickly added Breakcore, Hardcore
and Speedcore in my sets which generally took place in Teknival or 48Hours party. Then with the evolution of
Krew: the creation of Artskorps in 99, makes that I devoted myself then rather to the organization of our
evenings, to the gestion of Knibal rcds et Knabeast rcds and the legal aspect of the Free/rave transition,
mixing only punctually. Since 2006, I am given to mix more seriously and in particular on a going style of
HardBass in Breakcore while passing by HardBreak.
My influences are, in Punk/Hc: Crass, Conflict, Dead Kennedy' S, Misfits, Suicidal Tendencies, Extreme Noise Terror, In Techno HC: Liza eliaz, Drokz, Lord LLoigor, La Peste, in Break/Breakcore: Hekate, Peace Off, Widerstand, Noize Creator.

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Krom (4) - Malicious Tricks EP
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Plinn 1518* - Zomblar
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Hps - Sa-rKo-MancE
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Stereotommy - 104-E-20 Birthday Party
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Helius Zhamiq Vs Dj Chiendelacasse* - Live @ Château Speedcore 2013
submitted Helius Zhamiq Vs Dj Chiendelacasse* - Live @ Château Speedcore 2013. over 3 years ago
Low Entropy - Demo 1/2004
submitted Low Entropy - Demo 1/2004. over 3 years ago
10Jonk-T - Mothers Dance
submitted 10Jonk-T - Mothers Dance. over 6 years ago
DJ Krom* - Heavy Mental
submitted DJ Krom* - Heavy Mental. over 6 years ago
Dirty Vicious Bastards - Urban Chaos
submitted Dirty Vicious Bastards - Urban Chaos. over 6 years ago
Révision 1.1* - Brutal Deluxe Vol.1
submitted Révision 1.1* - Brutal Deluxe Vol.1. over 7 years ago
Doom HK - Diversion
submitted Doom HK - Diversion. over 8 years ago
Revision - After D'After
submitted Revision - After D'After. over 8 years ago
Marteau (2) - La Nuit Des Enfants Rois
submitted Marteau (2) - La Nuit Des Enfants Rois. over 9 years ago
Icoste - Synapse Dislocation
submitted Icoste - Synapse Dislocation. over 9 years ago
Leister - States Of Mindz
submitted Leister - States Of Mindz. over 9 years ago
Teknoaidi - Starseed Integration And Repatriation
submitted Teknoaidi - Starseed Integration And Repatriation. over 9 years ago
Loubitek - Catharsis
submitted Loubitek - Catharsis. over 9 years ago
I.N.D. (4) - Mental Resistance / Neuronal Conspiracy
submitted I.N.D. (4) - Mental Resistance / Neuronal Conspiracy. over 9 years ago
Lawrencium - Face à La Mort
submitted Lawrencium - Face à La Mort. over 9 years ago
10Jonk-T - Supremember Narcotic Tribute Megamix Part 2
submitted 10Jonk-T - Supremember Narcotic Tribute Megamix Part 2. over 9 years ago
Various - The 40th Papy Zhamiq Birthday
submitted Various - The 40th Papy Zhamiq Birthday. over 10 years ago
Audio Fiasco (2)* - Broadcast Yourself
submitted Audio Fiasco (2)* - Broadcast Yourself. over 10 years ago
Molok Filooxera* - Fasciculation Du Kore
submitted Molok Filooxera* - Fasciculation Du Kore. over 10 years ago
Leister - Without Sunday Generation
submitted Leister - Without Sunday Generation. over 10 years ago
Marteau (2) - Pote De Core
submitted Marteau (2) - Pote De Core. over 10 years ago
Icoste - My Heart Hurts
submitted Icoste - My Heart Hurts. over 10 years ago
HFK - Space Time
submitted HFK - Space Time. over 10 years ago
Razor Edge - Stratum
submitted Razor Edge - Stratum. over 11 years ago
L'Oracle - Le Baillon
submitted L'Oracle - Le Baillon. over 11 years ago
Euch'Seb - Territory Expedition
submitted Euch'Seb - Territory Expedition. over 11 years ago
Silence In Hell - Tinnitus Generator
submitted Silence In Hell - Tinnitus Generator. over 11 years ago
Low Entropy - Micro Tracks For Macro People
submitted Low Entropy - Micro Tracks For Macro People. over 11 years ago
Dajhne - Reasoning Pathes
added Dajhne - Reasoning Pathes to their collection. over 12 years ago
Dajhne - Reasoning Pathes
submitted Dajhne - Reasoning Pathes. over 12 years ago
10Jonk-T - Free Hugs
submitted 10Jonk-T - Free Hugs. over 12 years ago
SpeedFolter - I Faced Death
submitted SpeedFolter - I Faced Death. over 12 years ago