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posted a comment on Lorn (2) - Remnant. 7 months ago
me too i have numbering on mine , number 157 / 158
posted a comment on Ocoeur - Reversed. about 1 year ago
I 'm glad you love it wildragon ;)
posted a comment on Glen Porter. about 1 year ago
Hope that they could find Sixo too ! :(
posted a review of Glen Porter. about 1 year ago
Rest in piece Ryan . My condolences to all his loved ones.
posted a review of Eminem - The Eminem Show. about 1 year ago
Worst pressing i've got ! Every tracks are unlistenable . I can throw it to the garbage
posted a review of Sixo. about 1 year ago
RIP Sixo , so fu*°ing young that's very sad . Thanks a lot for your music , god bless you !
posted a review of Alias (3). about 1 year ago
Rest in Peace Alias.Thank you a lot for your music.
submitted Eprom - Drone Warfare . about 1 year ago
submitted Dot (22) - Beast Issues - Blood, Sweat & Tears Edition. about 1 year ago
submitted Dot (22) - Beast Issues. about 1 year ago
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago
posted a review of Morti Viventear - Lovecraftsmanship. over 2 years ago
Get this before it's too late ( Edition of 200) ! Awesome record & awesome musician
posted a comment on Kognitif - Soul Food. over 2 years ago
Je préfère largement le 1 er opus bien plus dark .Mustang Melody est un beau massacre de "Je n'avais qu'un seul mot à lui dire" composé par Ganisbourg
posted a comment on Skinshape - Life & Love. over 2 years ago
True words . Skinshape is a great musicien . I love all this albums !
posted a comment on Tobacco (3) - Ripe & Majestic (Instrumental Rarities & Unreleased Beats). over 2 years ago
A Must have with a lot of dirty stuffs ."Slaughtered by the Amway Guy" & "Prowler Champ" are highlights for me