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Please read below. I'm doing this to avoid more issues after having some recently. If you do not feel comfortable going through the sale after reading this, please contact me. Glad to accept your cancellation if you're not comfortable.

I humbly request that you:

Grade your records under STRONG LIGHT, and ideally play-grade them.
Grade conservatively. It avoids problems.

The Goldmine standards listed here on Discogs are my guide:

I've been at this since I was a teenager in the late 80s/early 90s (or as my son says, "the 1900s"). But, I do recognize we're all human and have different ways to interpret the standards.

Here's exactly how I interpret the standards:

M = hasn't seen the light of day. It is sealed or open but brand new, untouched and unplayed.

NM = basically new but opened or played a few times to tape then shelved. Glossy, clean, lush. The record is still staticky coming out of the inner sleeve. May have only one or two of the tiniest random marks which DNAP at all.

***Mint and Near Mint gradings need to account for pressing defects or surface wear from storage affecting play.***

VG+ = has been played a couple dozen times or so, and is still really glossy/clean from good care. Little or no ground-in dirt or surface wear (maybe a handful of hairlines or scuffs that DNAP, maybe one or two isolated quiet ticks). Looks like a "new" copy at a store that got tested on the turntable by 10 people before it gets marked down.

VG = really used with a lot of surface wear but still sounds decent, some ground-in dirt and fingerprints, the classic "DJ copy" that hasn't been totally trashed, still sounds strong albeit with bit of degraded sound from wear. High-end VG may improve to low VG+ with a good scrub.

G+/G = trashed, not going to be enjoyable to listen on headphones: lots of surface noise and physical marks, clearly degraded sound from wear. Can play out but only if it's a super-special record.

I generally won't buy these, but just in case:

F = not physically broken and maybe playable on your worst stylus, but overwhelming noise, surface wear and some skips.

P = barely worth owning, has to be some holy grail or family heirloom, basically unplayable.
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posted a comment on K. Alexi* - All For Lee Sah. 8 days ago
One of my finest and earliest crate digging gems... beat to absolute shit but staying with me forever.
posted a comment on Ghetto Technics. 8 days ago
Some of the best stuff you ever did, Frankie Bones!
posted a comment on David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - The First Day. 13 days ago
This has been on my wantlist for decades... I've always balked at the price but it just keeps going up!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 15 days ago
posted a comment on Trisomie 21. 2 months ago
What a privilege and pleasure to discover them, really captured my angsty mood at the time, and still do! Original and daring and satisfying still half a lifetime later. They've gotten some appreciation lately through reissues and deservedly so.... See full review
posted a comment on Trisomie 21 - Million Lights - A Collection Of Songs By Trisomie 21. 2 months ago
Cet album! Son génie perdure des annees and des annees.... et il perdurera jusqu'au galaxies ce qu'il inspire....
posted a comment on The Paradox (7) - Counter Active. 3 months ago
Digging this on a breezy 70 degree day, perfect. Still innovating!
posted a comment on Cocteau Twins - Blue Bell Knoll. 3 months ago
Taste is subjective but geez... if you can't rate this yet another masterpiece of the CT arsenal who knows...!
Decades of memories now to this one, sniff.
Just listened to it now for the first time in many years and means just as much if not more... See full review
posted a comment on Nuron / Fugue - Likemind 06. 3 months ago
Got my copy today, yay! Judging from the only original tracks I have on vinyl, C1 and C2 taken from Likemind 04, the repress shines, as htphinney said.
To those bemoaning the repress, the repress gods giveth and they taketh away! The originals will... See full review
posted a comment on Shindig - Timeless EP Part 1. 3 months ago
Fun decent Ibiza "avin it on the beach" chewns from the lads. $50? If that's your thing.... For fans of the proggy sound it's a find.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Untranslatable Concept. 4 months ago
every midwest rave scene kid had one or several or many of these tapes
posted a comment on Nail* - Nub Raid EP. 4 months ago
jakerz, hey, was yours a TP or promo? also there are two promos listed here, which one is yours?
posted a comment on Various - ART 7.1 / B1214.1. 5 months ago
mjb, I have two copies and all of the issues you mention are on both of my copies... so I'm guessing that indeed it's baked in as you say... bugged me for years as well!
posted a comment on Sweet Reinhard - Der Dritte Weg. 5 months ago
Im Mineral nice use of a sample from LTJ Bukem's "Music" from 1993:
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on DJ Terry Mullan* - New School Fusion Vol. 1. 6 months ago
mjb, I agree big time. He had an ability to pull of very high-energy sets. His Equal tape a better example:
posted a comment on Tom Waits - The Early Years, Vol. 2. 6 months ago
Is everyone's 180 gram vinyl? My copy notes that on the shrink, but I wasn't sure.
posted a comment on Various - San Francisco: The Magick Sounds Of The Underground. 7 months ago
The CT guitar riff caught me immediately when I first heard this!
posted a comment on Newworldaquarium - Newworldaquarium. 8 months ago
Electronic music is not for everyone!
five more words words words
posted a comment on Brian Eno - Working Backwards: 1983-1973. 10 months ago
I have the JEM globe stamp variant. It's in the shape of an long oval/capsule rather than a circle. And on some of them the globe is oriented horizontally.
posted a comment on Robert Hood - Minimal Nation. 11 months ago
My scratched up NSC pressing sounds pretty tired, but I'm attached to it. I'm not a specialist in sound engineering, but RM had a special touch, whatever mojo he mustered.
posted a comment on Various - Trance Europe Express. 11 months ago
Hell yes! This PWOG track is really such a beauty.... still holds up over the decades
posted a comment on Stephen Brown - A Function Of Aberration. 11 months ago
Glad to see this long lost treasure from the deep getting some recognition.... inspired me for a long time now, including a mix project I've been "working on" for a few years, lol.... I hope with some renewed interest in my genre of choice, "melodic"... See full review
posted a comment on Amir Alexander - Gutter Flex EP. 11 months ago
repress? there's 17 copies available from $9.99 up... get diggin
posted a comment on X-102 - Rediscovers The Rings Of Saturn. 12 months ago
"release me on vinyl pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaseeeeeeeeee"
pretty please with sugar on top....
posted a comment on Logg - Logg. about 1 year ago
One of the few records I own which has me dancing from beginning to end without a break. By the end I feel completely renewed in my ability to love and live. In my opinion one of the best soul albums ever made. Look at the cast.... Got this for free... See full review
posted a comment on Mozart* / Antony Pay, Michel Piguet, The Academy Of Ancient Music, Christopher Hogwood - Clarinet Concerto / Oboe Concerto. about 1 year ago
In my opinion, the greatest recording of this masterpiece in existence!
posted a comment on Mundo Muzique - Mundo EP. about 1 year ago
A long lost gem from my collection with "Mundo Muzique" written in cursive on the label. No idea where it went, must have traded it back when I got sick of the "rave" sound in the mid-90s.... ugh!
posted a comment on Jeff Mills - Confidentials 1-4. about 1 year ago
As 1969 said, this used to be impossible to find unless you were in the know and as your average punter/crate digger there was no chance for a number of years. When the repress came out it was a huge deal.
As usual, groundbreaking, genre-defining... See full review
posted a comment on DJ Hell* - Three Degrees Kelvin / Like That!. about 1 year ago
Very beginning of the "house mix" is a clean sample, club mix has some too... it's a Chicago classic!
posted a comment on Lazer Worshippers - Lazer Worshippers Theme. about 1 year ago

This is the sound of a better future as imagined back in the days, naive, generous, enlightened, technologic and confident.

Great quote, sums it up for a lot of us!
posted a comment on Model 500 - Sonic Sunset. about 1 year ago
Neptune to me is a sacred piece of music.
I told the great man himself... to which he just replied with an amused "Alriiight!" and a shoulder tap.
posted a comment on Model 500 - Sonic Sunset. about 1 year ago
u wot m8

best reply ever

sorry you're missing out, yanmac

posted a comment on Spacetime Continuum - Emit Ecaps. about 1 year ago
Love your review Xoc0L, so well put. It is a multi-sensory experience, it almost has an outdoor feel to it, a sunlit room or a nice sound system outdoors at night are some ideal atmospheres, a combination of precision and fuzziness and spaciness that... See full review
submitted Melvin Meeks - Acid Mode / Peace Of Mind. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Rubsilent - (1712)YELLOW. about 1 year ago
Great mix. A handful of my own favorites here with a lot of good newer music. Well done!
I admit I am biased, but it just goes to show that in my opinion, DJ's who really love the music make it a life-long passion, and the listener is better off for it :)
posted a comment on Polartronics - The Deep. about 1 year ago
Me too!
Couldn't have said it better.
And I think this is one of TP's top releases.
posted a comment on Convextion - Convextion. about 1 year ago
Same! I like noticing that the younger generation feels some of the same things. It really is incredible how timeless this music still feels *twenty-five* yeas later.
posted a comment on The Martian - Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions. about 1 year ago
Pretentious nonsense. Not everyone likes everything. Don't be a twat.
posted a comment on The Martian - Firekeeper / Vortexual Conceptions. about 1 year ago
I've had the record since it came out and have played it a lot. To each their own.
posted a comment on Hiroshi Yoshimura - Green. about 1 year ago
Exactly! Quiet music unless it's intentionally making crackly/static sounds ("dub" genres) is terrible on vinyl. Classical fans prefer their music on CD for the same reason.
posted a comment on Vicious Pink - 8:15 To Nowhere / The Spaceship Is Over There. about 1 year ago
Which I DID, see Techno Life mix link under Lists ---->
posted a comment on 3MB Featuring 'Magic' Juan Atkins* - 3MB Feat. Magic Juan Atkins E.P.. about 1 year ago
-Note on this version-
Three of the tracks are already on the Metroplex pressing: Bassmental, Cosmic Courier (Die Kosmischen Kuriere) and Jazz is the Teacher
4th Quarter (B1) and Jazz is the Teacher remix (A2) are off the Tresor double pack.
posted a comment on Various - Colin Dale's Outer Limits². about 1 year ago
No that isn't the track on here. Different one. If you do some digging through his catalogue you'll find it.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Lifeforms. over 2 years ago
Another sample that comes up quite a lot is from "Memory Gongs", Moon & the Melodies, Harold Budd & Cocteau Twins... Had both records for decades and just put that together, fascinating!
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - ODE. over 2 years ago
100 bucks for well-done but fairly straightforward edits of Justify My Love and Roxy Music .... NOT
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Accelerator. over 2 years ago
Perfectly said.

I offered a comment but every word of this could have saved me the time. Cheers.
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - Accelerator. over 2 years ago
I was just listening to this and I was moved to post a comment. This album to me is easily in my list of top 10 electronic music albums. It's really meant to be listened to as a CD, straight through, as an experience. Foresee myself in my 60-70s if I... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago