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posted a comment on Jack-Tronic. over 7 years ago
Another alias of the hugely talented and influential Russ Gabriel, this is one of his best alongside Future Funk Vol. 1. although a bit simpler and all the better for it.
The pace does date it a bit but drop to -4 and you are back in business. Classic stuff. See full review
posted a comment on Regis - Gymnastics. over 7 years ago
Proper techno. This bloke is an absolute reptile..
posted a comment on UR* - Dark Energy. over 7 years ago
Wicked record but..
My red copy sounds shite, always has. like a bad pressing. judging by youtube I'm not alone. is the repress any better?
posted a comment on Wyndell Long - Chicago MF E.P.. over 7 years ago
This release does not have the mix of MF you probably want with the long drum build up before dropping the distorted kick.
That is The DJ Urban Remix on the JACK! LP
posted a review of Boo Williams - New Breed. over 9 years ago
The fact that was released on d-jax probably tells you something. With his hardest release, Williams delivers some dirty Chicago tekno funk that goes beyond anything he has done before or since. At any volume, Kissen Asses drops like a MF. Highly underrated. See full review
posted a comment on DJ Judge Dred - Ghost Train / Nervous Distortion. over 10 years ago
Ghost Train? COME ON! Heavy Horror House from back in the day.... great ominous intro and it just drops like a TON of bricks.
posted a comment on Humanoid - Stakker Humanoid. over 10 years ago
First acid tune I ever heard. 14 years old. WICKED. Very few (if any) have come even close over the last 20 years. "Right place, right time...."
posted a comment on Ian O'Brien - Intelligent Desert E.P. over 10 years ago
"I was here" is the track on this one....SOLID. A deep, driving organ riff, crisp,swinging percussion, tasteful strings and wicked production. what more do you want???!
posted a comment on Ismistik - Remain. over 10 years ago
you said it boss!
THE most underrated
posted a comment on .xtrak - Relay EP. over 10 years ago
Sines is a true pioneer of minimal techno and Enim is a great example of how it IS done. Sparse, hard and as it should be, JACKING. A lesson to the european minimalists who came around 10 years later and decided that a single off-beat hi-hat is the... See full review
posted a comment on The Vanisher - Temporary EP. over 10 years ago
For those that dont know Elementary by ear, it is just straight up, proper electronic funk. four to the floor, some rhodes-y keys and a 16 bar bassline that is just smoooooove. some tasteful drum programming keeps things moving along nicely.