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posted a comment on Hercules - 7 Ways. 12 days ago
I always assumed it was Marshall Jefferson himself . .
posted a comment on Various - North – The Sound Of The Dance Underground. about 1 month ago
ED209 "Acid To Ecstasy" seems to take snippets (or is heavily influenced by) Ministry "Everyday (Is Halloween)" and Electribe 101 "Talking With Myself".
posted a comment on Nelson "FFWD" Cruz* - My House. 4 months ago
He was the owner of Minimal Records. Maybe the folks at Stealth Records thought that would be a good a selling point for a record.
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posted a comment on Bobby Konders & Massive Sounds - Mack Daddy. 4 months ago
Heads also uses the riff from The Police "Voices Inside My Head".
posted a comment on Yage - Fuzzy Logic E.P.. 5 months ago
The synthesizer strings in Coda Coma seem to be based on those from Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) by Hashim.
posted a comment on Corporation Of One - The Real Life. 5 months ago
Not mentioned in the notes, but there is also a small passage in The Real Life that samples "Key West" by Kasso.
posted a comment on Various - Disco Gold. 6 months ago
Not sure if this is the exact list, but there is a list at
posted a comment on Drum Club - Sound System. 6 months ago
The break on the Underworld mix epitomizes 90s electronic music: 909 kicking, synths stuttering, keys arpeggiating, guitars playing, and vocals blending seamlessly into the sound. Sure it's only a few seconds, but that sort of summarizes that short... See full review
posted a comment on The Shamen - Move Any Mountain (Pro-Gen). 6 months ago
The Prelude to Paradise mix heavily samples Visual's "The Music Got Me" on Prelude Records.
posted a comment on Livin' Large - Dub Strike EP. 6 months ago
B2 seems to sample "Expansions" by Lonnie Liston Smith .
posted a comment on Liz Torres - If U Keep It Up. 6 months ago
Bassline is based on the bassline from Jungle Wonz "The Jungle"
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posted a comment on G--Man* - G--Man. 6 months ago
Why hasn't anyone mentioned B1? That's as groovy a minimal jam as A1.
posted a comment on Shazz - Moonflower. 6 months ago
Try it at 33 RPM and it sounds like an afterhours jam a la Ozo "Anambra"
posted a comment on Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar. 6 months ago
Even though John Robie is credited with the remix on the B side. I believe the B side track is the same as the original from the 2x45 album.
posted a comment on Various - The Men In The Glass Booth (Ground Breaking Re-Edits And Remixes By The Disco Era's Most Influential DJs) (Part One). 6 months ago
The longer version has a very gradual fade at the end where the music plays but at a low volume. The shorter version cuts off those last few seconds.
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posted a comment on Pink Noise - Gimme Some More (Energy). 7 months ago
Most obvious sample to me is the Giorgio Moroder "Chase" beat/bass.
posted a comment on Tony Carraso* - A Collection Of Theoretical Noises EP. 7 months ago
Referring to A1: Gwen Guthrie "Seventh Heaven" and First Choice "Let No Man Put Asunder"
posted a comment on Dinosaur - Kiss Me Again. 7 months ago
Supposedly the impetus for this record was Arthur Russell hearing Nicky Siano spin Vicki Sue Robinson's "Turn the Beat Around" one night. They loved the record and Arthur mentioned they could make a disco track like that. A few grand later this is... See full review
posted a comment on D.J. Matrix* - Feel My Bass. 7 months ago
Yes exactly. Both sides have the instrumental (B Side) runout etching. Very easy to know which version you have if you check the runout groove.
posted a comment on Faze Action - In The Trees. 7 months ago
No idea if it was intentional or not (as I don't think they've ever mentioned it): the bassline is nearly identical to the bassline from "There's Fire Down Below" by Fantastic Four which comes in about halfway into the song.
posted a comment on Deborah Cooper - Your Love Is All I Need. 7 months ago
Mine seems to be the same - B side has vocals.
posted a comment on Funky Four Plus One More* - Rappin And Rocking The House. 7 months ago
The bassline is Cheryl Lynn though the guitar seems to be original (too bad there was no instrumental as that's the best part!).
posted a comment on Common Sense - Voices Inside My Head. 7 months ago
I have the original 12" and the Police track off their LP sounds better in terms of sound quality. The original 12" sound quality very middling to poor.
posted a comment on Tom Moulton - A Tom Moulton Mix. 7 months ago
Are the mixes labeled as unreleased/promo only that different from the mixes that were originally released in the 70s/80s? The track times suggest that they have been previously released.
posted a comment on "D" Train* - Keep On (Dub Mix). 7 months ago
Apparently Francois was just messing around with some extra studio time after making a TV track (a track that didn't have vocals so performers could sing to a backing track for TV). He whipped the Dub mix together when he finished as something extra... See full review
submitted Various - Marvin Is 60. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Dave Koz - Give It Up. 7 months ago
Seems to take a vocal snippet from I-Level's Give Me
submitted Neil "Hawaiin" House* & "Spinnin' Wheel" Bill - Move Yo Butt. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Urban High - Run Away. 7 months ago
Based off Salsoul Orchestra's "Runaway" (sometimes credited to Loleatta Holloway who sang the vocals)
posted a comment on Loftis* Featuring Miss T.* - Break!. 7 months ago
Is B2 accidentally cut to be played at 45 RPM?
posted a comment on The Gap Band - Party Train. 8 months ago
The B side Special Dance Mix has a short 'Choo Choo' chorus in the middle. It also starts with some train effects.
posted a comment on John Davis & The Monster Orchestra - Feel The Love Magic. 8 months ago
Despite not being labeled as such, the "Love Magic 70's Disco Mix" appears to be the original 1979 version.
posted a comment on AVI Records. 8 months ago
I've across dozens of AVI 12" singles over the years. Never seem to have seen a single one where the edges didn't fall apart. Is this just me?
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posted a comment on Man Friday - Love Honey, Love Heartache (25th Anniversary Remix). 8 months ago
Probably referring to when the record store opened and not when the label started.
posted a comment on Gayle Adams - Your Love Is A Life Saver / Stretch In Out. 8 months ago
Near the end of Your Love Is A Life Saver, a portion of the string arrangement that's played seems copied from Rod Stewart's "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy" (which is itself copied from Bobby Womack's "(If You Want My Love) Put Something Down On It").
posted a comment on Ellis "D"* - My Loleatta. 8 months ago
Part of the record is based on Love Sensation, which was written by Dan Hartman.
posted a comment on Voodoo Doll - Women Beat Their Men. 8 months ago
Record also samples Hashim "Primrose Path" and Kraftwerk "Home Computer".
posted a comment on Bassheads - Is There Anybody Out There?. 8 months ago
I can't for the life of me remember where that 'buzz' sounds comes from. Can anyone help?
posted a comment on Baby Ford - Oochy Koochy (F.U. Baby Yeh Yeh). 8 months ago
In case you don't have the original sleeves, the first press has 'P2' in the runout of the A side. The 2nd does not.
posted a comment on Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives. 8 months ago
Surprised no one has mentioned it - the Cut to the Bone mix is an instrumental version with no vocals at all. As there's so many mixes, I figure that might save someone the time of listening to them all.
posted a comment on Blake Baxter - When We Used To Play. 8 months ago
I haven't listened to this release in a while, but is it the same as ? That one also starts with the 909 and based on my memory it's the same as this one.
posted a comment on Taana Gardner - Heartbeat. 8 months ago
The runout has a Trutone note of '4-85'. Possibly means it was around that time.
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posted a comment on The Brat Pack - So Many Ways (Do It Properly Part II). 8 months ago
Track B3 the Percussion Of Death Mix is maybe the only mix that doesn't sound dated (because it doesn't incorporate the Royal House string sample). It's a pure percussion workout that might be described as a late 80's take on mid 90's Jeff Mills.
posted a comment on Speedy J - Rise. 8 months ago
Tresor to me almost sounds like an Detroit techno track with the strings and syncopated percussion. Also, there's a sample of Renegade Soundwave "The Phantom" in there that no one has mentioned.
posted a comment on Thrashing Doves - Je$u$ On The Payroll. 8 months ago
Though uncredited, David Cole of C+C Music Factory fame is on the piano. Apparently he came up with the riff on the Street Groove mix on the spot and in one take.