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posted a comment on Tim Reaper - Pony / Fridge Magnets. 3 months ago
yeah sounds like a concious decision to make it a bit easier on the highs, proper boom bass on a good rig
posted a review of Alpha Omega - Decade 303. 4 months ago
Strangely underrated tune, AO has always made great hybrid tracks that for some reason don't seem to get enough recognition. The original mix combined the ethos and some of the best elements of oldschool rave era trance to dnb and the result is such a ... See full review
posted a comment on Response & Pliskin - Plastic Face / Tangled Web. 6 months ago
The amens on 'Tangled Web' are at the same time incredibly pummeling and almost meditative, the release to lighter beats is such a bliss after getting hit by them for 5 minutes straight.

This sums up 2018 for me, great year and fantastic release!
posted a comment on Fushara - Ascension / Nerve. 10 months ago
The bassline on 'Nerve' is just something you don't talk about without hearing or understanding what it sounds like on a proper rig. Physical music!
posted a comment on Cycle-One* - Divination / Cast Away. about 1 year ago
'Cast Away' is a great ascending melodic amen piece that fits perfectly alongside Sebas and Paradox's Alaska moniker drumwork, for those who want to build a blissfully energetic uplifting set without having to dabble with cheesy liquid rollers with ... See full review
posted a comment on MACプラス* - フローラルの専門店. about 1 year ago
I haven't, not even any notifications that my order is shipped
posted a comment on Rumbleton - Lion Structure EP. about 1 year ago
Wish this would get released on wax, Double O:s remix is total mayhem!
posted a comment on B-Key* - Jah Warrior. about 1 year ago
might be, wrote it down by the ear. any idea where that sample is from?
posted a comment on Djinn (9) - Dark Reference EP. about 1 year ago
The amount of punch, wow! *punches air repeatedely* Take that, air!

Seriously, so much punch. Also, some sinister sound sweeps, serious sub bass rumbling and destructive drum pummeling. Tight grip too, not a single weak spot to be found.
posted a review of B-Key* - Jah Warrior. about 1 year ago
This one, it's definitely a grower. Instead of trying to go harder and bigger than the previous releases, it chose the ways of quality and craftmanship. 'Jah Warrior' might pack the most punch on the release and coin "The Sci Wax track" title but as a ... See full review
posted a comment on Three Disciples - Gwarn (Remix). over 2 years ago
Tek 9 remix has some super dirty amen work on the drops, fresh even in 2017.
posted a comment on Principal - Parental Guidance / Come Down. over 2 years ago
'Come Down' is just plain filthy. Drumwork is honed to make them feel like nailbomb hitting your face and the basslines work you wanting to run against the nails. Gritty, destructive and danceable at the same time.

'Parental Guidance' is also very ... See full review