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posted a review of The Hypnotist - The Hypnotist EP. over 9 years ago
As the reviewer above said the bassline in Rainbows In The Sky is brilliant - truly hypnotic. What I love about the song is how heavy and unrelenting it is at the start which leads to the 'release' of the 'hands in the air' opera stabs and pads in the ... See full review
posted a review of Cubic 22 - Night In Motion. over 10 years ago
This was my first straight electronic piece of vinyl I ever bought. I in fact bought it by accident thinking it was 'CubikOlympic808State'. It did however share something with Cubik which made it 'acceptable' in my mind to 'admit' that I was listening to ... See full review
posted a review of The Hypnotist - The Complete Hypnotist 91-92 "Let Us Pray". over 10 years ago
The death of Caspar Pound is truly a great loss to hard and dark dance music, from bringing in Harthouse 12"'s to making monumental epics like Pioneers Of The Warped Universe, he was truly 'different' to most of the hardcore makers around at the time. ... See full review