Danny Breaks - Droppin' Science Volume 03 beatdispenser

June 24, 2019
Yes it certainly is from Serpico great sample spotting there

Source Direct - A Made Up Sound / The Cult beatdispenser

June 4, 2019
The Cult has a couple of FSOL samples in there I reckon. Both tracks on this 12 are timeless

Brian Bennett - Nature Watch beatdispenser

March 4, 2019
edited 4 months ago
This LP is a real joy to listen to. Classic Brian Bennett. An ambient library classic IMO.

Various - Terrestrial Journey as reviewed by beatdispenser

February 13, 2019
Is it the greatest BRI? Its up there, that's for sure!

Dom* & Rob* & Goldie - Distorted Dreams / The Shadow beatdispenser

November 30, 2018
The Desired State remix of Distorted Dreams is a killer!

DJ Zinc - Present Tense EP beatdispenser

November 28, 2018
I reckon Attitude Sickness is well worth a spin in any DJ's set. Its that mid-set roller everyone needs. Playing all slammers is not the one.

The Cavendish Orchestra - Recorded Music For Film, Radio & Television beatdispenser

June 16, 2018
Steps In The Darkness, sampled by Roots Manuva on Join The Dots!

Ratty + Tango* / Digital - Tales Of The Dark Side (Digital Remix) / G Man beatdispenser

April 12, 2018
edited about 1 year ago
The cut for me from this 12 is the Tango & Ratty remix. Really interesting take on a classic. Not convinced this is Digital's best work when you have Space Funk, Waterhouse Dub, Deadline and more to turn to. But still, I do enjoy coming back to this 12 no doubt.

Ed Rush & Optical - Wormhole Sampler beatdispenser

December 5, 2017
Yup, mine was sold to me separately at a shop I don't remember where. Its the first 12. Just has 'Virtual Beats' written large across the A side. Killer 12 anyways.

Matthew Cang / Eddie Chin - Another Surprise as reviewed by beatdispenser

November 2, 2017
'Making Tracks' is fantastic and worth the entrance price alone.

The Battered Ornaments - Mantle-Piece as reviewed by beatdispenser

August 16, 2017
OK, so IMO this LP tails off a bit but still, its a belter. Very happy to have found an affordable first issue some years ago now. Staggered and Crosswords are my picks!

Various - Gyroscope beatdispenser

May 31, 2017
Killer Bruton! Much more consistent than most libraries and all sorts of lovely stuff in there. One of the best BRIs I've come across.

The Cannonball Adderley Quintet - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy! - Live At "The Club" beatdispenser

February 10, 2017
"Go on Joe, teach em!" One of my favourite LPs. RIP Axe, Zawinul, Cannonball....

Hiroshi Sato Featuring Wendy Matthews - Awakening beatdispenser

December 6, 2016
Sad news of the attack, I hope Christopher recovers swiftly. I don't believe for a second they robbed him for this record. All these people know or want is modern technology they can sell on immediately. That record would have been tossed straight away.

Mark Pritchard - Under The Sun beatdispenser

May 24, 2016
You do get a 180gram 2xLP gatefold vinyl with printed card inners plus a foldout lyric and artwork sheet. Buy through Bleep and you can have the WAVs for free! Doesn't come cheap, but this is worth it IMO. Some of the cheap repro RSD reissues cost more than this! Pritchard's the master, this is essential.