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posted a comment on Prodigy* - The Fat Of The Land. 2 months ago
well said, bb bb bb bb bb bb bblaaah 10words
posted a comment on Shawn Colvin - A Few Small Repairs. about 1 year ago
It`s going to be 1vinyl only !!! the length of the album in mind i fear that the cut will sound like shit, at least damn low volume...let`s wait and listen
posted a comment on Owsley - Owsley. over 2 years ago
This album sounds amazing... done properly, it would make great vinyl release !!! Maybe oneday...
posted a comment on King's X - Dogman. over 2 years ago
This release made my day. Fantastic vinylcut mastering. Get it...!!!
posted a comment on Thirty Seconds To Mars* - A Beautiful Lie. over 2 years ago
What SRCVinyl is doing is complete crap. pure VinylHype surfers.
Since doing lots of vinyl restaurations & transfers to digital & having the luxury of getting the hands on original 1st pressings or pressings from well known highend companies,
all i can ... See full review
posted a comment on Death (2) - Human. over 2 years ago
yea, it`s a shame...
Ok, good for the bass on the CD, i get your point about the fun factor here.
But then transfering from CD or doing a loudness remastering on vinyl is a fucking NO GO .
Relapse is destroying so many albums with their ... See full review
posted a review of Blinker The Star - August Everywhere. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Lenny Kravitz - 5. over 3 years ago
Doublevinyl of this album please... it would be amazing...
posted a comment on Switchfoot - Nothing Is Sound. over 3 years ago
my god, this pressing sucks so much... they used the cd mastering for shure... fuck them at columbia.
Buy the wallflowers "bringing down the horse" pressing that just came out, NOW thats a VinylMastering/Pressing !!!
Full, round, dynamic...amazing.
posted a comment on Thursday - A City By The Light Divided. over 3 years ago
This LP release sounds like crap, HighMid/Treble distortion all over the place, same thing happening with baroness/purple LP...
Two great albums runied by the same producer/mixer...fuck you Mr. Fridmann, fuck you
big time