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posted a comment on Friends Lovers & Family* - Tribute EP. 2 days ago
Kind of a slice of genius here by FLF.not sure why they never did anything even close to this.haunting, beautiful,and utterly original.
posted a comment on The KVB - Always Then. 2 days ago
There is no way, absolutely no way that this was limited to 200 copies.look at the prices earlier pressings have commanded.a deluxe double vinyl repress on coloured vinyl should sell out in hours.three weeks on and it's still in stock.
I know, it's about ... See full review
posted a comment on Julien Baker - Turn Out The Lights. 6 days ago
Can we agree that all the comments here have been about pressing numbers and quality? Fair enough,we are going through a bad time in terms of pressing quality,but it needs to be said this is an outstanding album.i don't usually but this kind of thing but ... See full review
posted a comment on The Caretaker - Take Care, It's A Desert Out There.... about 1 month ago
I have one for sale.i only want what I paid for it (£16.68) plus postage to wherever you are.i usually miss out on James' stuff from boomkat and in my lager-fuelled haste I ordered it without realising it was a cd and not vinyl! Living up to my username. ... See full review
posted a comment on Love 4 Sale - Do You Feel So Right. about 1 month ago
This came out at a time when you could walk into your local record shop and get a stone cold classic every week.even then it was special though.
posted a comment on Digitonal - The Centre Cannot Hold. about 1 month ago
Absolute bargain at these of intricate electronica fill your boots!
posted a comment on Various - SID Chip Sounds: The Music Of The Commodore 64. about 1 month ago
Must make these artists feel good to see the demand for their music on vinyl,the format which was choice at the time but which has fallen in and out of favour so many times seems we are now witnessing an 'out of favour' situation again with so ... See full review
posted a comment on Wanderwelle - Lost In A Sea Of Trees. about 1 month ago
Believe the hype!!! Almost inconceivably good.whats more,this was one of those records I bought on a whim! Can you imagine?!!
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posted a comment on B.L.I.M. - Their Culture / Virtual Prayer. 3 months ago
My goodness! All the comments about 'their culture' are absolutely justified! I took a leap of faith and bought this from a second hand shop,I had no idea the extent to which my faith would be rewarded! I'm not a junglist or a dnb head,in fact I own ... See full review
posted a comment on Jimmy Riley - Everybody Needs Money. 3 months ago
I've just acquired a copy of this and didn't notice the issues you have mentioned on mine.
posted a comment on UNKLE - The Road: Part I. 4 months ago
Thank you very much for your post mate, I was gutted to have missed the coloured vinyl so am really delighted to have been able to order the picture disc-only 7 copies left when I ordered! Thanks again,made my day!! 😀
posted a comment on Bola. 5 months ago
Under-rated,under appreciated,and clearly not understood by many.this guy should be up there with the pioneers.he is one of those rare artists who can immerse you in a world all of his own these times of flipping and over inflated prices the ... See full review
submitted W.I. Connection - Hygiene. 6 months ago
posted a comment on The Ambush - Everlast. 8 months ago
Nobody other than Oliver lieb could have successfully married the disco house sound (which was very popular at the time) with trance.nobody.
posted a comment on The Ambush - The Ambush. 8 months ago
Good on you mate,good to hear someone who was born in the 90's waxing lyrical about this album.i completely agree with your comments!
posted a comment on WestBam - Oldschool, Baby / Family Transmissions. 8 months ago
This and knights of the jaguar reignited my faith in dance music at the time.
posted a comment on Li Kwan - Point Zero / I Need A Man. 8 months ago
Masterpiece.end age 38 (at the time of posting) I can't think of anything else that evokes the same level of emotion as this.
Musically there was alot going in at this time,and trance especially was (in my opinion) at it's peak.for me though,this ... See full review
posted a comment on Q. Lazzarus - Goodbye Horses. 11 months ago
I reckon the inclusion of this track on 'silence of the lambs' was a stroke of genius by whoever it was that made that brings out a darkness that may not have been fully recognised sounds so sinister and twisted in that ... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha And John Digweed* - Northern Exposure. 11 months ago
What a surprise,hard to find screwed you over.absolute dicks,the lot of them,second place only to dance music finder who were the most dishonest,obnoxious and hideous bunch of arseholes I have ever come across in all my record collecting days.
posted a comment on Lucky Monkeys - Bjango. 11 months ago
Way Out West's bjangin dub all day long!!! Still gives me tingles two decades later.
posted a comment on Barbarella - Barbarella (Remix). 11 months ago
Well said by BunnyRabbit.this is something involving mixmaster Morris which has either been totally overlooked or is just plain massively underappreciated.i personally have listened to this a great deal more than his remix of 'autumn leaves'.i think it ... See full review
posted a comment on Enya - Watermark. about 1 year ago
The track 'watermark' is,for me,the single most heart breaking melody of all time.i was in my early teens when I started to listen to Enya,and if I hadn't I'd probably not be listening to the likes of nils frahm et al now,so thankyou Enya for introducing ... See full review
posted a comment on Zenith - Antitesi. about 1 year ago
Massively underrated tune by a massively underrated artist.also check out 'flowers of intelligence'.
posted a comment on Resistance D - Inexhaustibility E.P.. about 1 year ago
I find it incredible that nobody has mentioned 'dark-side'.i first heard it on a jam & spoon mixtape in 95 and couldnt believe my that time I was pretty young (16 maybe) and although i had a paper round I couldn't afford to buy the hard trance ... See full review
posted a comment on Jam & Spoon - Tripomatic Fairytales 2001. about 1 year ago
Would like to meet Stella.not just for 'stella' but also because 'stella's cry' is from the very heavens.anyone who could inspire music like that must be worth meeting!
posted a comment on Various - Digital Alchemy (Concept In Dance). about 1 year ago
An astonishing selection of tracks here.the voodoo people track 'co-incidence' made famous by Paul oakenfold on the goa mix cannot be found anywhere else on vinyl which is a shame.
posted a comment on L.S.G. - Collected Works. about 1 year ago
Casseopaya has to be one of the most underrated of all Oliver's output.
posted a comment on Bat For Lashes - Two Suns. about 1 year ago
How can a record selling for £65 not have any comments??? Worth having just for the extended version of 'daniel'.the track before it 'moon and moon' is also beautiful.
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posted a comment on Prurient - Bermuda Drain. about 1 year ago
Not really my thing but 'palm tree corpse' is a slice of (spoiled plantain green) gold! Raw emotion at it's best!
posted a comment on George Michael. about 1 year ago
Currently listening to 'praying for time'.i must have listened to this song many hundreds of times over the years and it's the one which screams of George's immortality.nobody,and I mean nobody,could have delivered the message of this song better than ... See full review
posted a comment on Gil Scott-Heron. about 1 year ago
I only discovered Gil upon the release of his last album.i was blown away,but more recently I picked up the album 'nothing new' on vinyl which had a DVD called 'who is Gil Scott-Heron?' I must have watched this film 50 times or more,it's so ... See full review
posted a comment on Space (3) - Space. about 1 year ago
Nearly 27 years on this album is still a staggering achievement! Though I must admit that when it was released I was only 11 so it's not like I can do a retrospective review of any kind.i discovered it in the mid 90's and the vinyl copy I had was a ... See full review
posted a comment on Jon Brooks - Shapwick. about 1 year ago
I just did a completed items search on ebay for this and from the look of the photo it was clearly pressed on blue vinyl??! Is this ebay skullduggery?
posted a comment on Snow Patrol - Run (Remixes). about 1 year ago
Astonishingly good remix by jacknife lee here.downtempo,orchestral and very,very emotive.another one of those truly great remixes consigned to obscurity! 😢
posted a comment on Glide (2) - Space Age Freak Out (Live At The Bubblebath Liverpool). about 1 year ago
If there were ever a case for an underappreciated album,this is it! This would be one of those rare cases where I recommend getting the cd so you can get the track 'space van' at the end.just jaw-dropping.also,many thanks to nick warren for putting ... See full review
posted a comment on Tong* / Cox* / Sasha / Oakenfold* - Essential Mix. about 1 year ago
Easy pay cheque for Sasha here I reckon.mind you,if you're given such time restrictions what can you expect.i suspect however that those gravy boat days are a distant and sweet memory,as the mixes are for the listeners.
posted a comment on Grantby - The Beast System. about 1 year ago
This is absolutely a cut above anything else I've heard of it's kind this year.possibly just a cut above anything else period! (as our American cousins might say!) the finesse on display in terms of song writing and melodies,and crucially,production are ... See full review
posted a comment on The Cure - Homesick / A Forest / M. about 1 year ago
If anyone wants to trade this or sell it for a reasonable price please get in touch.
posted a comment on Riz Ortolani - Cannibal Holocaust (Original 1980 Motion Picture Soundtrack). about 1 year ago
I can't think of any other example where the subject matter/artwork is in such conflict with the music.this soundtrack is a delight but the image on the inside of the gatefold makes me feel physically sick and gives me nightmares.
In this instance one ... See full review
posted a comment on Telefon Tel Aviv - Fahrenheit Fair Enough. about 1 year ago
I was really enthralled to have gotten a copy of this sky blue version from bleep,a uk exclusive according to them which I believe as no-one else has's still in stock at the time of posting too! Get in there people!!
posted a comment on Oasis (2) - Morning Glory. about 1 year ago
'Tomorrow never knows what it doesn't know too soon' a truly genius line in this context! Why no vinyl release of this? 😢
posted a comment on London Grammar - If You Wait. about 1 year ago
Tremendous album,tremendous band,but loathed to buy anything on Ministry Of Sound.
posted a comment on Portishead - Dummy. about 1 year ago
'roads' will echo through eternity in the same way that 'unfinished symphony' does,or at least it certainly should.borne of the same era and general 'trip hop' only regret is that I was ever so slightly too young to appreciate it at the ... See full review
posted a comment on Airia* - Beyond. about 1 year ago
'beyond' certainly qualifies as one of those undiscovered gems from that time.shame,or is it? -maybe it's nice to have something that good selling for 50p! Get your fill trance/progressive enthusiasts! 😊
posted a comment on Sasha And John Digweed* - Northern Exposure. about 1 year ago
Credit where it's due,with northern exposure,as with renaissance,Sasha and Digweed captured a set of tracks that represent history itself.
In response to one of the comments below,there was no particular mix designated to either Sasha or Digweed ... See full review
posted a comment on Sasha - Arkham Asylum / Ohmna. about 1 year ago
There seems to be quite alot of fairly personal comments about Sasha on here.don't get me wrong,it's actually quite refreshing to see comments that aren't just blind praise,but I do have to say that 'arkham asylum' is something of a progressive ... See full review
posted a comment on WestBam And Nena* - Oldschool, Baby (Piano Mix). about 1 year ago
Anthem!!! Up there with any of them,pure joy from start to finish!
posted a comment on Porcupine Tree. about 1 year ago
I cannot add anything to what has already been said below other than to say that I am mostly an ambient/electronica/modern classical enthusiast but I simply cannot,and will not,ignore the output of Steven Wilson et al.everything done by PT is ... See full review