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posted a comment on Alphonse - Brainstorming. 3 days ago
Mystical Wisp sounds like "Cybordelics - Adventure Of Dama"
posted a comment on Girada Unlimited - Where's Daff?. 3 months ago
Track A is sampled " Velodrome - Capataz "

posted a comment on Sinner DC - Montage EP. about 1 year ago
great record. all tracks good. no day without you "colored mix" is beautiful.
posted a review of Chris Gray - Intelligent Emotions EP. about 1 year ago
no review about this brllliant ep ? "blueprints for your mind" is a masterpiece.
posted a review of Paul Mac - Seaside Electronics EP. about 1 year ago
very good ep. the good old times. i love it.

posted a comment on LFO - Advance. over 6 years ago
This is an great electronic album. Masterwork.
posted a review of Vakula - Bandura001. over 6 years ago
Track 3 was on Vakula RA Mix 311.