My own collection of music I have started to record in the '70 from top ten radio shows with a portable cassette radio player.
Sometime later, of course, I bought the first vinyls in one of the local department stores. Not having an own suitable turntable I played them on my parents stereo. My father had quite an excellent choice of older ('60) and contemporary records in those days. This made the music style I preferred for the next years, somehow still until today.
Later I bought an own turntable to combine it with some retired stereo equipment from my father.
Cassette (Walkman) and Vinyl it has been for many years until CD’s entered the marked. Soon I stopped recording on tape and preferred to buy CD instead of vinyl; this for many years. Changing stereo components as they broke,
After a pause of nearly 15 years, never being really confident with download music only , I restarted to collect music in 2014. But … this time with focus on vinyl again.

My record rating is based on my personal preferences and it doesn't necessarily reflect the quality of the artist. Also a low rated record has the right to be in my collection. I do not rate bad music.
1 – acceptable (like to listen to this record in the right mood)
2 – good (a nice piece of music)
3 – very good (always a good choice to listen to)
4 – extremely good (well, I just love it)
5 – all-time favourite (has my full attention when it’s played)