Electronic listener since '92 orso. Ambient favoured, but enjoy the full spectrum, from fridge noise to hardcore.
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posted a comment on Bill Laswell - Axiom Ambient - Lost In The Translation. over 3 years ago
Consistently amazing.
added Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest to their collection. over 4 years ago
posted a comment on Woob - Woob 1194. over 7 years ago
to each their own time, domain and plane, there could be worse.
posted a review of Carl Stone - Al-Noor. over 10 years ago
Fine electro variations founded on the acoustic. Excellent craftsmanship. Loops and electronics without loosing the underlying samples. Very good production with much use of stereo. This was a revisit of Carl Stone for me (last heard on em:t) and ... See full review
posted a review of Terre Thaemlitz - Soil. over 11 years ago
Wow. This is one of my favourite ambient CDs ever. Luscious drifting layers of repetition. Very slow, very nice. I've found myself repeatedly coming back to give it a 5. Besides the slow drift, which some find challenging, Yer Ass and Cycles are fine ... See full review
posted a review of Fantastic Plastic Machine - Beautiful.. over 12 years ago
I like it. Production is excellent. So are the vocalists, tho they are perhaps a bit tiring towards the end of the album. FPM is quite different, very clean and very quirky. This release is more cohesive and has some great bits, tho it doesn't quite ... See full review
posted a review of Kate Bush - Aerial. over 12 years ago
Excellent long awaited release. Perhaps a bit repetitive in themes, but very well developed and engineered. Her sense of humor and emotion show through well arranged beats and accompanyment. First disc is groovy and quirky... washing machines, number ... See full review
posted a review of Harold Budd & Hector Zazou - Glyph. over 12 years ago
Beautiful album. Orchestral constructions heavy with experience, in places overlayed with poetry. Dense and varied. The electronic contrasting and harmonizing with the traditional. An excellent listen.

posted a review of The Cure - Seventeen Seconds. over 12 years ago
Excellent. Subdued, pensive, plodding, distinct. Works very well as a whole. Production is very good, with subtleties which set it apart. Best album by The Cure, and that's saying a bit.
posted a review of Fluke - Risotto. over 13 years ago
Infrequency of highs make them sweet when they do occur. Album starts of fragmented, but really smooths out mid to late. Reminds me of some of the more advanced system 7. Perhaps a bit tough to get into but easy to stay there once you are in. Puppy ... See full review
posted a review of The Stereonerds - HD Endless. over 13 years ago
Yeah, this is a great release. There are similarities to Mono(tm), and earlier Atom Heart releases, but it brings a new perspective, also. Like Reagenz or similar, establishing a new vector... admittedly in familliar terrain, but new non-the-less. ... See full review
posted a review of Ishq - Orchid. over 14 years ago
Some of the nicest ambient I've had the pleasure of hearing. eternal drift, angelic extended voice, melodic, soothing, repetitive with tracks long enough to get lost in. Excellent production, seemingly stereo defying at times. Very nice ambient, best ... See full review
posted a review of Spyra - Invisible Fields. over 14 years ago
Brilliantly produced, flowy, progressive and orchestral, save the first track. Reminds me of Possible Gardens (Namlook & Prochir), B-Zet, Cygnus-X. Quite repetive, cyclical, beaty, which makes it stand out from some other FAX releases, but it certainly ... See full review
posted a review of Banco De Gaia - Last Train To Lhasa. over 14 years ago
A required album. Fine, lush ambient with definate electronic roots. Quite easy to loose track of time in. 887 is my favourite of the album... An electronic winding staircase being washed over by drifting samples. Excellent stuff. Reminds me of ... See full review
posted a review of Fonosandwich - Fonosandwich. over 14 years ago
Blippy Atom Heart. Very easy to listen to. Quirky German kinch in places (Real Colour of Vitamin C) and beautifully mellow in others (Tandoori Club). The mellow bits seem to pull from early works (Morphogenetic Fields), while the intricate (yet not ... See full review
posted a review of Richard H Kirk* - The Number Of Magic. over 15 years ago
Great album. Perhaps initially awkward, but, in the right mood, I find myself drawn in and absorbed by the geometrical patterns, fine bass and perfect samples. On more than one occasion, the number of magic. One of my favs.
posted a review of Second Nature (2) - Second Nature. over 15 years ago
I love this album. Slow, winding, thumpy. Perhaps too slow for some, but Fine ambient listening music.
posted a review of Reload - A Collection Of Short Stories. over 15 years ago
One of the best albums in my collection. A real journey. A good buddy and I became quite familiar with this album, sharing it with Lucy on several occasions. We found that if one reads the collection of stories at a moderate pace, they sync with the ... See full review