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posted a comment on Prelude (3) - How Long Is Forever. over 2 years ago
My copy looks like black vinyl, but when held up to a light it is translucent green with red streaks!
posted a comment on Elaine Paige - Stages. over 5 years ago
This version does not have the fan club information on the back cover and the track titles are in much smaller print.
posted a comment on Various - Chart Hits 81 Volume 2. over 6 years ago
The OMD track is a 3.04 edit of the 10" version 'Extended Souvenir' and has the extra verse missing from the 7" version.
posted a comment on Tubeway Army - Tubeway Army. over 6 years ago
My copy of this cassette is similar to the 'red text' one, however the text is in blue. The style of cassette and layout of the text is exactly the same as the red text one.
posted a comment on Various - A Young Person's Guide To Compact. over 7 years ago
There are lots of extra items included within this box set. My copy has a large poster for the 'Baby it's True' single, a small Mari Wilson poster, a pink 'Compact' badge, 2 small 'Compact' cards, a large Virna Lindt postcard, 3 publicity photos (Virna ... See full review