To avoid any problem, pictures of record, cover and package at the post office will be taken from now.

You can ask for pictures if you provide an email address.

If you choose the shipping option without a tracking number, I hereby decline any liability for consequences.

Pour éviter tout problème, des photos des vinyles, des pochettes ainsi que du colis au bureau de poste seront prises.

Vous pouvez recevoir ces photos si vous fournissez une adresse email.

Si vous choisissez une méthode d'envoi sans numéro de suivi, je décline toute responsabilité.
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submitted Blaak Heat Shujaa - Blaak Heat Shujaa. 21 days ago
posted a comment on Grateful Dead* - American Beauty. 3 months ago
Two new versions are coming for the 50th anniversary of the album. One colored limited to 4000 copies (sold out already) and a picture disc of 15 000 copies. Source:
posted a comment on Grateful Dead* - Fillmore West 1969 February 28th. 6 months ago
The sound is just awesome on this one... I hope they will soon release the next day, the 1st of march.
posted a comment on Amon Tobin - Slayer Boot. 11 months ago
Been lucky enough to see him plays this one in a club. Most of the audience just didn't understand. Priceless.
posted a comment on Gomer Pyle - Idiots Savants . 12 months ago
Perfect repress. Sound is awesome. Long overdue for one of the greatest rock albums of the 00s.
posted a comment on Message (3) - From Books And Dreams. about 1 year ago
Kind of weird, I can't find the copy I own. It seems to be this one, everything is checking except mine is a gatefold.
posted a comment on Pussy (4) - Invasion. over 2 years ago
Finally released on vinyl and right now on my turntable. Only one way to describe it, for the music and the vinyl: masterpiece.