Major fan of anything thats real bangin' like hard-trance & hardstyle, and a little hardcore/gabber/techno/house

please dont send email with links to items your selling. they will just get deleted!

I will ONLY buy hardstyle/hard trance from my wantlist, no other styles. so if u want to sell email me the record and condition. NO LINKS!!

5/5 - Fuken Great vinyl. Always being played!
4/5 - Great vinyl, played regularly
3/5 - Good decent vinyl. Played often
2/5 - Pretty crap, very rarely played
1/5 - Shithouse - dont buy
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posted a review of Unknown Artist - Nothing Compares. over 13 years ago
While searching online for records i noticed this white labelled release. intrigued i click on a sample and loved what i heard. it was the first record i played out of the ones i purchased and my god its a bloody ripper!

The album is a hardstyle ... See full review
posted a review of Freakface - Speaker Overdrive. over 14 years ago
Fuck yeah, this record is an unbelievable hardstyle ripper. The Ludvigh Van Borgha remix is a track that i play over and over. Its nice and easy to mix in and out and contains a great little riff and awesome powerful kick that makes u just wanna stomp. ... See full review
posted a review of Geal - Losing My Feelin'. over 14 years ago
Now this song is an absolute ripper. Its hard and its fast, and its sure to make you move. It contains a sample of 'Fargetta - The Music Is Movin' and is mixed in with some serious drum kick that The Beholder is known for. Side A is better than 'Original ... See full review
posted a review of Criminal Burst - Meditation. over 14 years ago
The A-Side on this record is the way most hardstlye fans would like it - hard and fast. The 'gratka mix' is a true hardstlye track with pumpin bass and nice riffs, and is sure to impress the true fans of hardstyle. It is easy enough to mix into a nice ... See full review
posted a review of Southstylers a.k.a. Zany* & Walt - Pwoap ! / E-Town. over 14 years ago
This vinyl is great. The A-side - Pwoap! is probably the best track the Southstylers have made to date. It uses a great effect of wat sounds like an alarm throughout the track which just build up and up and up... until it comes hard inti it with a huge ... See full review
posted a review of D.H.T. - My Dream. over 14 years ago
The only track on this vinyl i think is any good is the 'DJ Malone Hardstyle Mix' on the B Side. This track is probably one of the best, if not the best, true hardstyle tracks of the year. It has a great hard synth riff mixed in with the awesome ... See full review
posted a review of C-90* Feat Red Monkey - Yo! DJ. over 14 years ago
Nice vinyl. Both tracks have a lot of bass, so turn up the volume and listen. A side has a great trance riff in it, mixed along with pounding bass. B Side is my favourite though, has an awesome riff and the vocals fit in superbly with the overall song. ... See full review
posted a review of Crash Bass - Hardshake. over 14 years ago
This vinyl is one of the best Hardstlye records ive heard for a long time. Both sides contain a hard, fast, pounding mix of a Hardstlye remix to 'Kelis - Milkshake'.

Either mix you choose, your guaranteed to feel the bass pounding through the room, ... See full review
posted a review of Mallorca Lee & David Forbes - Internationals. over 14 years ago
This album is mixed by Ex-Public Domain Members Mallorca Lee & David Forbes. A great mixture of hardstyle/trance/hard trance in this album, which really brings out a few talented releases from artists i never knew existed! Disc 1 is my favourite with the ... See full review
posted a review of Planet K - Hard To Find (Part 1). over 14 years ago
Love the first mix on the vinyl "Find It! Mix". Turn up the bass, close ur eyes, and listen as the music takes u away... This mix is the hardstyle that i know and love.

"Planet K vs Gilbert Renior Mix" is also very good, it takes the first and changes ... See full review
posted a review of Cool Grey - Infected. over 14 years ago
Nice Vinyl. Club Mix and Original Mix are very nice, although different. Club Mix is my personal favourite with some nice trance riffs mixed in with some serious hard bass drum. Works in well with a Hardstyle or Hard Trance Set. Original Mix doesnt have ... See full review
posted a review of Santoro & Smith - Come Closer. over 14 years ago
Very nice vinyl this one. Very nice pounding bass along with a nice trance riff. Great vinyl that will satisfy any lover of hardcore/hardstyle/gabber/hard trance. Hardbass Mix is my personal favourite.

The vocals "Come closer, to the speaker..." mix ... See full review