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Collecting records & spinning the black wax since the 80’s, Chris has been part of the music scene in one way or another for a long time. An avid Italo House & Disco fan, with a little bit of Techno thrown in there. A serious vinyl junkie!
Through the 90’s & up until this present day, Biskit was, and still is renowned for his passion for the House sound of Italy & his vast knowledge of the sound. He is the creator of the group – Italo House Aficionados.
Since the 90’s Biskit has been found playing at numerous events & establishments, entertaining people with either the Old School House & Techno sound, or the Funky Disco Beats. At one time in Chris’ life, he presented & played as a weekly FM Radio DJ at 102.8 Chorley FM, presenting several different shows over the years, alongside his partner in crime Monsieur Steve RH.
Still obsessed with music and records, Biskit can either be found deep in a pile of wax, or rotating the black matter on a platter to anybody who still enjoys dancing to proper music!
Check Biskit out on Sure Sounds Radio spinning House and Disco and regularly telling people to “Stay Frosty!”

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posted a comment on Carl "E" Featuring Lifetime - Freedom. over 6 years ago
Nice and essential Deep House from Canada - Head straight for the 'Spiritual Dub' mix of Freedom, as played by Stu Allan and Judge Jules back in 1991. I spent from 1991 searching out this Deep House classic, asking folk who it was to no avail. I... See full review
Antic - The Ultimate
posted a comment on Antic - The Ultimate. over 6 years ago
The female vocal sample - "Ease yourself...subconsciousness" as used in 'The Ultimate' is taken from the 1983 Canadian science fiction horror film - Videodrome.
Techno Project (2) - Distruction
posted a comment on Techno Project (2) - Distruction. over 7 years ago
We must have been listening to the radio at the same time, because I too also only ever heard it on Gary Hickson's Big Beat show on Radio Lancashire from way back then - 1990. I used to record tracks off his show onto cassette. Never heard it in a... See full review
The Mixmaster - Grand Piano
posted a comment on The Mixmaster - Grand Piano. over 7 years ago
Samples used in 'Grand Piano' in order of appearance, or there abouts...

Joe Tex - Be Cool 'Willie Is Dancing With Sissy' (Women's Liberation - Wait A Minute - Hands Up Vocal)
Phortune - String Free (Piano)
Joe Tex - I Gotcha (Gotcha Vocal)
Loleatta... See full review
Lisa B - You And Me
posted a comment on Lisa B - You And Me. over 8 years ago
Nice track. My favourite mix is the 'Lisa B vs. Cleveland City Shining Mix' which only featured on the UK FFRR promo (FXXDJ 226).The track ‘You And Me’ has had several reincarnations, so I’ll try and clear up any confusion. Here goes..
Firstly, the... See full review
Kenny Dixon Jr. - Emotional Content
posted a comment on Kenny Dixon Jr. - Emotional Content. over 9 years ago
Terrence Parkers Emotionally Deep Remix of 'Emotional Content' is one of my favourite Deep House tracks. I first heard this dropped back in 1995 by Norman Jay (need I say more) and wanted the record there and then. It took me a few years to find out... See full review
Karen J. Ann - We All Need Love
posted a comment on Karen J. Ann - We All Need Love. over 10 years ago
1988 Italo Disco cover version of the 1979 Canadian Disco classic by Domenic Troiano "We All Need Love". 'Troiano ‎– We All Need Love' is in my opinion the best of the two, especially with the wicked keyboard playing and the Roy Kenner vocal. This... See full review
Koxo' Band* - Makes You Blind
posted a comment on Koxo' Band* - Makes You Blind. over 10 years ago
Basically, 'Makes You Blind' by the Koxo Club Band is a cut and paste funky Italo house classic that borrows heavily from the 1975 Disco jam 'The Glitter Band - Makes You Blind', laid over a beat with added samples, including Michael Jacksons... See full review
D-Rail - Bring It On Down
posted a comment on D-Rail - Bring It On Down. over 10 years ago
Italo House producers in the early 90s had a real knack for clever combos, and D-Rails "Bring It On Down" is another fine example. In fact if it wasn't for the inclusion of the killer keyboard melody from the 1975 Philly sound instrumental "K-jee" by... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 10 years ago
L.A.N.D.R.O. & Co. - I've Got Your Love
posted a comment on L.A.N.D.R.O. & Co. - I've Got Your Love. over 10 years ago
Topnotch Italo House track from 1990 that was only played by a select few DJs, and was pretty hard to find during the 90s, until the internet popped up. The track itself plods along nicely at a steady tempo, and contains two excellent vocal samples.... See full review
Moodymann - The Day We Lost The Soul
posted a comment on Moodymann - The Day We Lost The Soul. over 11 years ago
Excellent rare piece of wax, and very sought after. Moodymann at his best (in my opinion) with his A-side deep house track 'The Day We Lost The Soul / Tribute' containing some brilliantly constructed Marvin Gaye samples i.e. "Whats Goin On" sampled... See full review
Bushbaby - For Real
posted a comment on Bushbaby - For Real. over 11 years ago
Nice track from 1999. I bought this on its release due to the cheeky sample that rules the track throughout. 'For Real' samples the Italo hit "Take Me To The Top" by Advance from 1982 to good effect.
Emily Heyl - Kiss My Piano
posted a comment on Emily Heyl - Kiss My Piano. over 11 years ago
For the trainspotters: The rap is sampled from the 1990 Italo House track 'Roy The Boy Presents Apachaca – I'm Too Late' on Endless Records, and the female vocal is lifted from the acapella of 'DSK – Kiss Me All Over', also from 1990. All placed... See full review
Lee Marrow - Pain
posted a comment on Lee Marrow - Pain. over 12 years ago
Classic 1989 Italo House track from Lee Marrow featuring plenty of samples - typical of Italo House in the early years. Here's one for the trainspotters, the sample at the start of the track... "Grip My Hips and Move Me, Everybody Get Down On Me!" is... See full review
Kareen Bay - Come To Me
posted a comment on Kareen Bay - Come To Me. over 13 years ago
Novecento is a cover of Kareen Bay. This is a 1993 repress, using the original plates of Kareen Bay - Come To Me (1989 Italy Out Bank Records). Both Novecento & Kareen Bays music are produced by the same people if I remember rightly.
4For Money* - It's A Moment In Time
posted a comment on 4For Money* - It's A Moment In Time. over 14 years ago
Aretha Franklins vocal was famous for appearing in many Italo House tracks between 88 to 1992, but this time, rather than sample Aretha Franklin from her 1987 gospel album 'One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism', 4For Money (Marco Bongiovanni / Easy B of... See full review
JT Company - Don't Deal With Us
posted a comment on JT Company - Don't Deal With Us. over 14 years ago
Another massive Italo House piano tune from 1990. This classic JT release featured in many DJs sets back in the day, & became pretty hard to find at one point. Those who had it and were willing to part with this excellent piece of wax, could command... See full review
Grant Brothers - Trust The Night
posted a comment on Grant Brothers - Trust The Night. over 14 years ago
Of all pianos that have featured in Italo House tracks over the years, this has to be my favourite of all time, an absolutely blissful & distinctive piano melody.
A beautiful piece of Italo House from 1991 that would of been my No.1 Italo House... See full review
Psycho Team - Psycho
posted a comment on Psycho Team - Psycho. over 14 years ago
"Psycho" is by far my favourite production from the Psycho Team, an excellent early proto trance tune from 1989. Dreamy, melodic, spacey sounds, capable of putting you in a hypnotic state.
As soon as you hear it, you'll know the melody, the track... See full review
Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else
posted a comment on Black Box - I Don't Know Anybody Else. over 14 years ago
'In my opinion' - this is without doubt Black Box's finest release between 89 and 1991, the 'Melody Mix (GGM 8909)' and the 'Remix [aka] We Got Salsoul Mix (GGM 9010)' are both joyful catchy italo house tracks using all the elements of a fine Italo... See full review
49ers - Touch Me
posted a comment on 49ers - Touch Me. over 14 years ago
'49ers - Touch Me' another big Italo House track to hit the UK in 1989, reaching No.3 in the UK pop chart in January 1990. Produced by Italys famous Media Team Gianfranco Bortolotti & Pieradis Rossini and featured (uncredited) lead vocalist Alysha... See full review
Starlight - Numero Uno
posted a comment on Starlight - Numero Uno. over 14 years ago
In the summer of 89, Italo House was big! there was several big Italo House tracks in the U.K. charts, and one of them was this biggy.. 'Starlight - Numero Uno' that hit the UK top ten in August 1989 and was produced by Groove Groove... See full review
Black Box - Ride On Time
posted a comment on Black Box - Ride On Time. over 14 years ago
Don't know where I heard this, or, I may have even read it in 'some' dance magazine from the late 80's, It may not even be true, but the story goes something like this..
'Ride On Time' was just a plain piano track with no vocals, and no title yet,... See full review
It (10) - Give It Up
posted a comment on It (10) - Give It Up. over 14 years ago
Catchy 'Black Box - Ride On Time' style Italo house piano track from 1989, typical Italo House bassline, piano over the top, and using two lots of vocal samples 'Jason Load Experience - Mainline', plus vocals probably sampled from some U.S Freestyle /... See full review
Second Chance - Hard Up
posted a review of Second Chance - Hard Up. over 19 years ago
Some Music Man releases have 'Hard Up' labelled up as 'In Paradise and 'In Paradise' labelled up as 'Hard Up' on the record label. The sleeve is labelled up correctly, but for those of you who haven't an original sleeve, 'Hard Up' is the track with... See full review
Second Phase - Mentasm
posted a review of Second Phase - Mentasm. over 21 years ago
Mundo Muzique & Joey Beltram a.k.a Second Phase are the true innovators of the notable 'hoover' sound.