I'm Bisturi.I am a member of the HZD soundsystem(Italy).We organize free partys for about 9 years now.I started mixing about 11 years ago,mostly on underground partys and sometimes in clubs..

You can check out some mixes of mine at:


I'm into a variety of musical styles, but I focus on oldskool UK breakbeats, oldskool techno and hardcore techno.


Isotope,Stormcore,Karnage,Xmf,EAT concrete,Binary bassline,Zodiak Commune...


LISTEN OUR RADIO http://www.freeundergroundtekno.org/

Thanx for your interest..

"When I'm Being Pushed...I push Back!"

*** I'm a collector ***
i'm not interested in vinyls with penmarks,or wasted cover..check it out .. for your feedback ;)
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and i think 15€ it's the real value for this liveset extract record
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Lowest 0,90€ highest 20€ for sale 139€ go work kids!
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Is there a way to listen this record? tnx ;)
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repress please
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lol ^_^

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only 100 copy?.....
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i love the delay/mistake on the loop..
posted a comment on VÚAP - Untitled. over 4 years ago

This is awesome Czech production! Hate to say the author unfortunately not among us anymore. R.I.P. VÚAP