I'm Bisturi.I am a member of the HZD soundsystem(Italy).We organize free partys for about 14 years now.I started mixing about 16 years ago,mostly on underground partys and sometimes in clubs..

You can check out some mixes of mine at:


I'm into a variety of musical styles, but I focus on oldschool hardcore/industrial, oldskool techno and new tekno sound.


Labels & Artists:
Stormcore,Network23,Zmk,Esoteric,AcidPlanet,AA,Liza'n Eliaz,Manu le Malin,Fifth Era,
DropBass,DeadEnd,Epiteth,ForceInc,Rebelscum,Cyclich Backwash,Isotope,Rinse,
Isotope,Karnage,Xmf,EAT concrete,Binary bassline,Zodiak Commune...


LISTEN OUR RADIO http://www.freeundergroundtekno.org/

Thanx for your interest..

"When I'm Being Pushed...I push Back!"

*** I'm a collector ***
i'm not interested in vinyls with penmarks,or wasted cover..check it out .. for your feedback ;)
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I pay this good vinyl (intellectual killer is a bomb of balanced sounds) 10€ 4 year ago..make yourself questions......
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I must add that the quality of this good record,it's so low,the bass completely unexist..the music it's really nice like the other release on this label
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and i think 15€ it's the real value for this liveset extract record
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Is there a way to listen this record? tnx ;)
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repress please
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lol ^_^

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only 100 copy?.....
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i love the delay/mistake on the loop..
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This is awesome Czech production! Hate to say the author unfortunately not among us anymore. R.I.P. VÚAP