I'm now collecting records for more than 45 years. Music is an essential part of life but after rehearing most of the collection I realized that for some records time has come to leave me. My job is now to find a new place for them where they will be appreciate from someone else.
Buying records is always a matter of confidence, you have to trust someone you don't know for his appropriate grading and careful packing. I know that because I'm still collecting. So my first and only aim is to ship my baby's with maximum security and a fair price to you. If you are unhappy with anything you can always tell me the reason for that and we will find a way to solve the problem.
For your information, of every 10€ you pay me I have to give 85 cent to discogs 15 cent to PayPal.
The packing is 45 cent the carton, two plastic sleeves 30 cent and 15 cent the inner sleeve .
So my real profit is 8€.
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posted a comment on Anouar Brahem - Barzakh. 3 months ago
I just bought what I think is the second repress and it is perfect. Flat and solid rich sound. If you want some relaxing music away from the mainstreet try this ... coffee and a shisha 😎
posted a comment on Donald Byrd - Stepping Into Tomorrow. 10 months ago
Never hear this great record so dynamic and clear.I normally prefer the good old black vinyl but this pressing is so dam beautiful fitting the cover, respect VMP.
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Jazz Track. about 1 year ago
Elevator to the Gallows (French: Ascenseur pour l'échafaud; previously known as Frantic in the US), also known as Lift to the Scaffold (UK), is a 1958 French crime film directed by Louis Malle
Probably a little late but hope it helps
posted a comment on Miles Davis & John Coltrane - The Final Tour: Paris, March 21, 1960. about 1 year ago
Congratulations to that pick of VMP.
First time on vinyl in a perfect manner both pressing and cover.
Thanks for that music changing moment when Coltrane opens live a door to a new music world. Better than Dylan going electric. Sorry Bob.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 3 years ago