Private collector and music enthusiast since 1970. Concert highlights:

04.03.1973 - Complete, one-hour Thick As A Brick perfomance. Best Jethro Tull concert out of six or seven.
01.04.1973 - Culpeper's Orchard giving one of their best performances at Egegårdsskolen a sunday evening for a small audience after a school theater show.
01.07.1973 - The Old Man & The Sea was scheduled at 01:30, but programme was running late at the first Roskilde Festivals, thus they were on stage while an orange rising sun scattered a very heavy morning mist through which You couldn't see the stage. Beautiful.
13.11.1977 - Yes at Falkoner Teatret. Light and sound in master class.
13.06.1980 - Pink Floyd performing The Wall at Earls Court. Need I say more?
01.07.1983 - Unknown Gender giving their powerful punk-funk at Roskilde Festival.
06.09.1987 - Eva Dahlgren with family and friends on stage in Jazzhus Montmartre.
03.07.1993 - Miranda Sex Garden at Roskilde Festival.
24.10.1993 - On holiday in Amsterdam I - by pure chance - stumbled over a gig with my favourite Finnish trio on a small stage in an abandoned industrial complex. Out of ten concerts with 22 Pistepirkko this must be the winner.
03.07.1999 - Out of my five live experiences with The Residents this one at Roskilde Festival is the winner. Documented on Wormwood Live Roskilde Festival Denmark 1999-07-03, - nothing compared to being there though.
29.06.2003 - After a disappointing Roskilde Festival with very few highlights, Massive Attack made it worth while early sunday evening.
02.07.2006 - Roger Waters performing The Dark Side of the Moon at Roskilde Festival. Best sound ever on the Canopy.
08.07.2007 - Akron/Family at Roskilde Festival - what started out as an experimental noise gig by three pale guys from New York seemlessly evolved into a gigantic party with african dancers and drummers, - and audience participating on percussion.
22.03.2008 - Another great show with 22 Pistepirkko at Det Bruunske Pakhus in Fredericia.
13.04.2010 - The Fabulous Thunderbirds giving a very tight set in Amager Bio.
02.05.2012 - The most homogeneous out of 4 gigs with Finnish / French duo The Dø was at Beta, - a small venue next to Amager Bio.
15.02.2014 - Connan Mockasin at Bremen, Copenhagen. One of the most intimate and intense concerts I believe I have been to.
02.06.2018 - Young Flowers reunion in a small cinema, Svaneke, Bornholm. Nothing old school about this, as fresh and relevant as in 1968.
04.07.2019 - Robert Plant And The Sensational Space Shifters on Roskilde Festival. wow - just wow.

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