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posted a review of Prince - Originals. about 3 hours ago
This is an essential release. Hopefully it will get to the ears of young heads and they will cultivate an appreciation of Prince.
posted a comment on Dexter Story - Wondem. 2 months ago
Dexter Story has made a record that gets better with time. It’s hypnotic and addictive. A read testimony to art and vision.
posted a comment on Benny Sings - City Pop. 3 months ago
There are significant differences between pop and melody. I think each should be separated.
posted a review of Chaka Khan - Come 2 My House. 9 months ago
Taste is subjective. I actually find many things to admire about this project. While not a commercial success, C2MH contains a number of excellent compositions that are worthy additions to the legacy of both Chaka and Prince’s catalogs. Tracks such as ... See full review
posted a comment on Aretha Franklin - You. 10 months ago
This was part of a series bootlegged replicas cds from Estonia . They were actually nicely put together although sourced from lp copies. They were easier to find three years ago but here is a link to a used copy - ... See full review
posted a review of Emanative - The Light Years Of The Darkness. about 1 year ago
So fucking is the healing force of the world

posted a review of Various - Captain Vinyl Presents Diggin' Disco. about 1 year ago
This is a fire collection of mostly late 70's early 80's club classics. I had almost forgotten how good this music can make you feel. I think the Muro selection has the edge in terms of deep selection and smoothness of the mix but DJ Nori is no slouch ... See full review
posted a comment on Johnny Mathis - I Love My Lady. about 1 year ago
My pressing is fine on both sides. I have not noticed any problem whatsoever.
posted a comment on David Bowie - Black Tie White Noise. about 1 year ago
This is a fair assessment of this work - although I would quibble with you over the merits of the title track. I actually find it meritous and strangely timely in 2018 fractious America. I still love this project and return to this frequently. Thanks.
posted a comment on Johnny Mathis - I Love My Lady. about 1 year ago
The typo has been corrected! Glad I could give you some amusement....

posted a review of Johnny Mathis - I Love My Lady. about 1 year ago
Nice edition of this long sought after release. Lovely production with pure Chic DNA. Vinyl edition warmly remastered but preserving the analog feel. Listening to this now almost 40 yrs since it was vaulted, one can only speculate on what might have ... See full review
posted a comment on Les Go - Dan Gna. about 1 year ago
I love this track. 17 years on, it still packs a punch as a floor filler. Spiritual Life vokal version is the key cut.
posted a comment on Quango - Let Groove Come. about 1 year ago
One of my favorites of the brukbeat era - not the Coop mix but the Soulful mind version is the key..
posted a comment on Afronaught - Transcend Me. about 1 year ago
This track is fire..peak time stormer. keep in the arsenal for progressive/eclectic sets.
posted a comment on Domu - Save It / Some Groove. about 1 year ago
Dope early Brukbeat track from Domu and Dego from 4Hero - needs a revival.

posted a review of Womack & Womack - My Dear (The Letter). about 1 year ago
Very underated cut but a fiyah soul club track nonetheless, especially the mighty, mighty Joe Claussell re-rub. A real timeless peak time classic.
posted a comment on Jordan Rakei - Wallflower. about 1 year ago
This is a great project - kind of reminds me of a more subdued Lewis Taylor and a more coherent Jono McCleery. Mature, self assured and nicely layered work. Very musical and bares many repeated listening.
posted a comment on Peven Everett - Stuck . about 1 year ago
It's not as dynamic as the Soul Heaven pressings. I thought the extended version was's not!

posted a comment on Smokey Robinson - Big Time (Original Music Score From The Motion Picture). about 1 year ago
Big time was Smokey's venture into the world of blaxploitation soundtracks- while the film for this project was nothing memorable- the album has many charms and has some of SR most inspired works. I don't think it should be ignored - enjoyable ... See full review
posted a comment on Alif Tree - Forgotten Places. about 1 year ago
This moodyman remix still has cache ten years on.. love it even more
posted a comment on The Invisible Session - The Invisible Session. about 1 year ago
This is a very under-rated release from Schema. It is worthy of discovery
posted a comment on Joaquin Joe Claussell* - Unofficial Edits, Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes (Promo Sampler Three). about 1 year ago
Thanks for the clarification..I was wondering if it was off a previous release
posted a comment on Joaquin Joe Claussell* - Unofficial Edits, Overdubs & Unreleased Remixes (Promo Sampler Three). over 2 years ago
Great volume of re-dos by Claussell - worth it alone for The House Is Ours - vaulted prince track. Slammin'!
posted a comment on Omar - The Remixes Pt 1. over 2 years ago
Would love this on vinyl...anyone know if it is likely to happen?
submitted Josh Milan - 6.9.69. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on "Little Louie" Vega* Featuring Blaze - Brand New Day. over 2 years ago
Epic and classic - 15 years old and still fresh as anything in the genre
posted a comment on Joni Mitchell - Dog Eat Dog. over 2 years ago
This was the gateway album for me into the world of Joni Mitchell. It is an album I am always rediscovering.
posted a review of Quantic & Nidia Góngora* - Curao. over 2 years ago
Straight up fire - too many bombs for the dance floor. This project will have a very long shelf life (i predict). Very nice recovery from the abysmal Western Transient project.
posted a comment on Osunlade - Dedication EP. over 2 years ago
Very nice e.p. - quality melodies and trance inducing rhythms that can play on and on. A real return to Yoruba soul.
posted a review of Omar - Love In Beats. over 2 years ago
Very funky funky - real good musics. Omar comes correct in '17
posted a review of Us3 - Get Out. over 2 years ago
A rather pedestrian song in its original form, here transformed into a marvelous balls-out stormer in the Afronaught remix. Discerning DJs looking for those hands in the air peak time release cutz will do well to keep this in your arsenal, especially in ... See full review
posted a comment on Mpho Skeef - Comin' For Ya. over 2 years ago
A decade on and this track still bangs. One of the best from the broken era.
posted a comment on The Selecter - Celebrate The Bullet. over 2 years ago
we need a re-issue! An all time favorite of mines. I need a replacement.
posted a comment on Smokey Robinson - Warm Thoughts. over 2 years ago
Very underated Smokey lp - however it is a personal favorite of mine: an album I have loved from my early teenage years. Its a go to record when I want to unwind. Very soulful and mature.

posted a comment on Steve Spacek. over 2 years ago
Steve Spacek is truly a Don of Underground Global Soul - his far ranging career spans two decades and counting. He remains an artist on the frontiers of soul music, encompassing the best of the tradition and always looking forward. He is consistently ... See full review
posted a review of Steve Spacek - Space Shift. over 2 years ago
Classic early 00s - a decade later Space Shift offer many deep cuts that can still rock a hall with selections like Dollar, Reversible Top, Rapid Rate,and 3hrs of Fun. Overall a dope listen straight through and essential to the discerning DJ's arsenal of ... See full review
posted a review of Lynden David Hall. over 2 years ago
Lynden David Hall was/is the real deal. Real soul music grown in the UK but made for the global stage. His life cut too short - he nonetheless left a great legacy in the three albums he recorded. I hope that future generations will appreciate him - for ... See full review
posted a review of Milton Nascimento & Dudu Lima Trio - Tamarear . over 2 years ago
Very nice audio capture of present day Nascimento - the elder statesman pulling from his catalog and collaborating with the wonderful Dudu Lima trio. Top shelf!

posted a comment on Isoul8 Featuring Osunlade, Rasiyah & Just One - Speak Your Word. over 2 years ago
Yo that's what's up - keep the faith cause quality will alway be quality. What else are you playing these days? Let me know if you ever spin in NYC and if I can I'll come and support.
posted a review of Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear. over 2 years ago
No need to add further remarks on the lore of this album; I will just add that nearly 40 years since its release time has vindicated HMD as a singular classic that gets better with each passing year. Musically complex and coherent as well as immaculately ... See full review
posted a review of Prince - Come. over 3 years ago
Come is simply a great abum! 22 years old and still a powerful listen. Diverse, adventureous, experimental and engaging. I don't understand the sub par rating it received here but go have a listen for yourself and decide.
posted a review of Ed Motta - Perpetual Gateways. over 3 years ago
Very coherent, in the pocket english language work from EM. Perhaps his best to date - top shelf production, great writing/ compositions, stellar vocals, and support from key session players like Patrice Rushen, Cecil McBee, Hubert Laws bring real ... See full review
posted a review of The Dells - It's Not Unusual. over 3 years ago
I love the Dells and this lp comes from out the tail end of their early recording period, right before they make the leap to Chess/Cadet records. The song selection is more indicative of their supper club sets from the time and is comprised of ... See full review
submitted Big Maybelle - The Soul Of Big Maybelle. over 4 years ago
posted a review of Eska* - Eska. over 4 years ago
Flawless record. All thriller performances, no excess...great album in the true sense of the word.
posted a review of Georgia Anne Muldrow - A Thoughtiverse Unmarred. over 4 years ago
Speaking from the perspective of Mind, "A Thoughtiverse Unmarred" is critical, crucial consciousness for this moment. A perfect blend of uniqueness, righteousnees, lryrics and beats and how Ms. One can spit! A key to awaken we who are asleep. Play it ... See full review
added Tribo Massáhi* - Estrelando Embaixador to their collection. over 4 years ago
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posted a comment on Peven Everett - We Need House . over 4 years ago
So were you able to check it out? If so what did you think?
posted a review of Aretha Franklin - You. over 4 years ago
Another under rated, underappreciated gem from the late period of Aretha's tenure at Atlantic Records ( her golden age). At this stage of the game, Aretha was singing at the height of her powers and "You" displays Aretha's full vocal control and ability. ... See full review