Record collector since 1984 from my first reaction to electrofunk throwdowns via the Streetsounds Electro comps at £4.99 at Market Street, Manchester's HMV to in later life lazily browsing culture websites and not being the addict I once was.

Worklife versus homelife imbalance means I must now condense my collection to just one expedit plus three towers. This means that plenty of tasty treats on wax and convenient silver 0's and 1's have been and will be available to buy until I am happy with my lot.

Contact me should you have any queries at all on my records that are for sale.

Thanks. BBB
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posted a comment on Money Mark - Push The Button. 2 months ago
Amazing packaging - the same these days would go for £60-£70 new - madness....
posted a comment on cLOUDDEAD - The Peel Session. 3 months ago
Is the intro track exclusive to the promo version or is present on all versions?

By the looks it's on my Mush version - there's clearly four tracks cut on side-a!
posted a comment on Holistic Recordings. 5 months ago
Just sayin’ massively underrated label. Not in fashion but can’t seem to get rid of anything on this label or from the core crew who went on to infect Peacefrog and DC Recordings as well.
posted a comment on Jaap Vink - Jaap Vink. about 1 year ago
There's visible markings (circular) on A1 which causes pops and glitches. Side a/b seems lighter than c/d - it's a D&M cut which is why I'm interested as they usually don't end up with final versions like this.
posted a comment on Jaap Vink - Jaap Vink. about 1 year ago
How's our pressings on this? Noticed it took three test pressings on side A alone.
posted a comment on Odion Iruoje - Down To Earth . over 2 years ago
Mine has a kind of blemish scuff on A-1 looks like glue splatter though it's not. Sounds tinny but might be the original recording. Still disappointed with vinyl costing so much these days that standards arn't top notch too.
submitted Roosevelt Wardell Trio - The Revelation:. over 2 years ago
submitted Stanley Turrentine - Never Let Me Go. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Thundercat - The Beyond / Where The Giants Roam. over 2 years ago
I am on new table with clean cart! Not too serious though!
submitted Domino Park - Danse Macabre. over 2 years ago
submitted Ismael Rivera Y Sus Cachimbos - De Colores. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Marko Fürstenberg - Repentance EP. over 3 years ago
and here - about to run it through after a clean!
posted a review of Jedi Son Of Spock - The Journey / Spitmode. over 7 years ago
Seriously sick and dope 12" from Yesh and Jedi. In ten years time this will be a real 'random' rap 12" and will go for much more loot than the copies are going for on here. Go back and re-listen.
posted a review of Numskullz - Ad Infinitum. over 7 years ago
Rock solid UK hip hop album up there with the very best from Cappo, Roots Manuva and Phi Life Cypher (to name just three). Darkended cinematic hip hop with sharp beats, deep rhymes and ill scratching from DJ Rumage.
posted a review of Kid606 - Down With The Scene. over 7 years ago
Coming back to this after many a year in the wilderness. Shame that most TB6 and Kid606 gear is only worth landfilling but this is a CD to keep. It's a punk ass two fingers up to the IDM scene and is filled with enough sample mayhem to keep you wiggling ... See full review
posted a review of Jim O'Rourke - Insignificance. over 7 years ago
This is one seriously amazing album that fuels classic rock with swoonsome melodies right out of Brain Wilson's book. Along with his Loose Fur mates Glenn Kotche and Jeff Tweedy and more of chicago's finest they have made an album to adore. Oddly the ... See full review
posted a comment on Théodore - A Summer She Has Never Been, A Winter She Fears. over 7 years ago
Theodore's only album from 2004 is a lovely live looped based soundtrack to your most wildly abstract dreamscapes. Would fit on Ghost Box quite easily.
posted a review of Cazal Boys - Snatchin' Cazals. over 8 years ago
This one I lost or stupidily sold off when I hit a run on the dole in my early 20's. Back in the day it came across as one serious def jam - bought originally from the old Spin Inn shop in Manchester (the original narrow store with the hiphop counter ... See full review
posted a review of Information Society - Running. over 15 years ago
Always the instrumental for me because of the scary hi nrg vocals though these have grown on me over the last (near) twenty years. still it's the instrumemtal thats the one for the b-boy breakers with soul and heart. a hidden tommy boy classic.