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Poșta Română: 5 - 20 Business Days
1 to 3 CDs/Cassettes/DVD/Blu-rays: €10.00
4 to 7 CDs/Cassettes/DVD/Blu-rays: €15.00
8 CDs/Cassettes/DVD/Blu-rays and up: €20.00

Poșta Română: 5 - 20 Business Days
1 to 2 items: €15.00
3 to 5 items: €20.00
6 to 10 items: €35.00
11 items and up: €50.00

Free Shipping: Subtotal must be at least €500.00 to apply.

Shipping within 72 hours!


- shipping is done through the Romanian Post;
- 1st you can track the package here:;
- after you read the message "Shipped from Romania - BSI Bucuresti", it means that the package left Romania by plane and in the next few hours (Europe) it will arrive in the destination country;
- then you can track the package on your country's national post website, but some countries work with different couriers as well and of course we do not know which ones as we just got this information from customers over the years;
- the tracking on your country's national post website is not instant, it can take up to 10 working days and the transit differs depending on the country's postal system;
- if you do not receive the package within 20 working days (1 month), please contact us, and we will make a claim here, in Romania;
- in the meantime we cannot intervene anywhere, but only with the complaint after these 20 working days (1 month).

- all vinyls are new, but unsealed to check out the forever problem, the colors;
- all vinyls come with record protective sleeves (0,15 mm);
- if you have questions regarding the vinyls, please do not hesitate and message us.

Thank you!


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