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posted a comment on The Verve - Urban Hymns. about 1 month ago
I bought this green copy on a whim to replace my standard black 2016 copy. I love the color and the sound is very nice. I feel like the green pressing is a tiny bit more full in the low end, but I've changed a couple of things on my system so there may ... See full review
posted a comment on Paleface (2) - Paleface. 4 months ago
Another vote for a vinyl reissue! Take my money please!
posted a comment on Sinéad O'Connor - Universal Mother. 5 months ago
I've recently purchased two "NM" copies of this fantastic album and both are surprisingly noisy. In both instances the vinyl looks great and the music sounds fantastic, just tons of surface noise. It is sorely obvious that this album badly needs an ... See full review
posted a review of Chet Baker - Chet Baker Sings. 5 months ago
I think this pressing sounds fantastic. I'm hoping to pick up another pressing at some point to compare, but I'm happy with this, and the price is definitely right.
posted a review of The Sonics - This Is The Sonics. 9 months ago
Extremely satisfying album and excellent, quiet pressing. Recommended from a Tacoma, WA resident.
posted a comment on Human Highway - Moody Motorcycle. 11 months ago
Mine also appears black but is a beautiful amber swirl when held up to the light.
posted a review of John Coltrane - A Love Supreme. 11 months ago
I was worried that sound quality would be an issue, and honestly only picked this up due to the beautiful smoke vinyl variant. I am happy to report that it sounds VERY nice and I have no regrets. The gatefold jacket outer printing is a little less high ... See full review
posted a review of Buggles* - The Age Of Plastic. about 1 year ago
Crystal clear vinyl. Gorgeous gatefold. Sound is very nice. I don't have an original to compare with, but with this quality I will not be seeking one.
posted a comment on R.E.M. - Document. about 1 year ago
Listening to mine for the first time today. Sounds great, no issues.
posted a comment on Slothrust - Of Course You Do. about 1 year ago
Maybe my favorite record (except Meat Wave) in the last five years.
posted a comment on Possum Dixon - Possum Dixon. about 1 year ago
Someone on Discogs (you know who you are!) was kind enough to pass on their copy to me. Holy crap does this thing sound GOOD. Someone needs to REISSUE THIS RECORD!!!
submitted Blue Collar (6) - Calling In Sick. about 1 year ago
submitted People Under the Sun - Burgundy Mountain Morning Night Train Night. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Possum Dixon - Watch The Girl Destroy Me. about 1 year ago
Garbage pressing. My copy looks flawless, just got a full wash, and sounds godawful on both sides. Someone needs to repress the full PD self-titled on vinyl ASAP.

RETRACTION (2/9/2018): Turns out there was an issue with my stylus and this disc actually ... See full review
posted a review of King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Paper Mâché Dream Balloon. about 1 year ago
Really not a good pressing. The entire B side on my copy is slightly distorted. Definitely the worst-sounding of all my King Gizzard vinyl records.
posted a review of Lady Gaga - The Fame Monster. about 1 year ago
Just received this but in clear, not pink, vinyl. I guess I wasn't expecting much given the price and that it's an obvious bootleg, but it's still an underwhelming listen. Kind of sounds like someone recorded a cassette tape using a microphone held up ... See full review
posted a review of My Bloody Valentine - Loveless. over 2 years ago
Sounds really good. I prefer it to my original '90s CD. Definitely more dynamic and wide than the Plain pressing I had before picking this up. Two very thick, heavy discs with more room for wide grooves compared to the one disc pressings. I'm curious to ... See full review