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Suffocate For Fuck Sake
posted a comment on Suffocate For Fuck Sake. over 7 years ago
It looks like they just have, checkout their Bandcamp. I've only listened to a few bits so far but promises to be every bit as intense!
They Died Too Young - Push Becomes Shove
submitted They Died Too Young - Push Becomes Shove. over 9 years ago
Brigade (2) - Will Be Will Be
submitted Brigade (2) - Will Be Will Be. over 9 years ago
Lonely The Brave - For An Exit Light
submitted Lonely The Brave - For An Exit Light. over 9 years ago
Mathias Grassow - Himalaya (2012 Special Edition)
submitted Mathias Grassow - Himalaya (2012 Special Edition). over 9 years ago
submitted Meek (2) - Glowing Trees. over 10 years ago
Mental Blox - Machine
posted a review of Mental Blox - Machine. over 14 years ago
The only saving grace in this release is the John Tejada remix. Vaguely reminiscent of Aux 88, could fit well with some of the 'Is it Man or Machine' tracks. Stripped down electro track with a bit of lead synth around 3 minute mark. Shame it's the... See full review
Jay Denham - 1964 EP
posted a review of Jay Denham - 1964 EP. over 14 years ago
1964 EP is one of those rare things in techno - all killer, no filler!

'The Myth' has a hypnotic, catchy hook. Reminiscent of a horn sound but much slower. This is picked up, then dropped, then picked up again with driving bass drum sound. It... See full review