Born and raised in Michigan, spent a lot of time in the 90's at Detroit / midwest techno parties and record shopping. I moved to Chicago in the 1997 and (re) fell in love with deep house music and jack trax. DJing as a hobby and collector for over 20 years. I hosted have a Friday night radio mix show called "Sonic Sunset" in Chicago on 89.3fm WNUR on. I love many musical styles but especially deep Detroit house and techno - from minimal to melodic, as long it's underground and has soul. I also collect weird pre-techno electronic funk, italo disco, loft classics, new wave, etc. I also play classic chicago house from the jack trax era to the deep and smooth styles. I have many mixes from my radio show available at -- check it out if you have an open mind :)
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posted a review of John Foxx - Metamatic. over 14 years ago
agreed, this sound launched the careers of untold numbers 'detatched sounding' synthetic moody electro and synthpop artists for the next decades. if you listen to new stuff Adult., Le Car, and stuff on Clone records today, it sounds just like this album ... See full review
posted a review of C2C4 - Specimen 1 & 2. over 14 years ago
As much as i like what Carl tried to do to Once in a Lifetime... the re-edit ultimately fails for working DJs because the record is pathetically out of time.. a nightmare to mix and no care was taken during editing to true it up to a grid or keep it in ... See full review
posted a review of Samson & Delilah - I Can Feel Your Love Slippin Away. over 15 years ago
Wicked boogie cut! Also sampled by Daniel Wang for "Not Feeling It" on his Afroasiantechnubian record on Balihu records.
posted a review of Duplex - EP 5. over 15 years ago
"Motion Blur" may be one of Duplex's finest moments... breathtaking gorgeous melodic electro... they channel the Detroit vibe very strong.
posted a review of Designer Music - Remix Vol. 1. over 16 years ago
"Good Girls" samples the Good Men "Give It Up" (which in turn sampled that famous marching brazillian drum-beat thing)...
posted a review of Designer Music - Problemz / The Truth. over 16 years ago
The "Designer Music" releases on Planet E are remixes or reworks by Carl Craig. That track 'Problemz' is essentially a Carl Craig re-work of the italo disco monster Problems D'Amor by Alexander Robotnick. The original was a monster hit in Detroit in the ... See full review
posted a review of Various - Better By Design. over 16 years ago
This label just keeps getting better and better. Soulful techno and diverse output. Melodies in tact yet still can work on a floor. Detroit techno heads won't be disappointed... looking forward to more like this!
posted a review of The Moderator - Interstate 5. over 16 years ago
Quality deep dutch techno on this ever-quality imprint. The long side is a smouldering monster with killer drum programming.
posted a review of Model 500 - Starlight. over 16 years ago
Some early copies available on white vinyl. The Moritz remix goes even deeper than the original, sounds like it's in a cave... the classic Basic Channel production flourishes. Essential.
posted a review of Heaven & Earth (4) - Space And Time / Prescription Every Night. over 16 years ago
Super deep and dubbed-out house music. Where Basic Channel sound meets deep Chicago. Long, epic tracks that develop and open up over time, gorgeous.
posted a review of Terry Brookes - Breaking Cycles. over 16 years ago
Deep electronics, funky and soulful. But if I recall I think there were more than just 3 tracks on this 12-inch?
posted a review of Black Dog Productions - Bytes. over 16 years ago
Brilliant release, on of the top UK techno albums ever from the "Artificial Intelligence" era of Warp. Deep Detroit-flavored feelings meet clinical quirky UK machine programming. Does anyone how how many of the LTD copper/bronze colored vinyl were ... See full review