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posted a review of Equinox (3) - Stagger / Ital Lion Tuff Head. over 12 years ago
Another strong release by Equinox.....Stagger was written by Equinox time ago and this release was apparently a vip mix only intended for DJ's however, Bailey picked it up for intasound and was released in 2004. Stagger is a bad amen work with mentasms ... See full review
posted a review of Equinox (3) - Turbulence / Coastal Vision. over 12 years ago
A good release by Equinox.......Turbulence uses the Amen break and nice pads and is a good roller.....if u have heard this tune its all bout those little blips & bits. However, costal vision was the tune that i caned when i brought this 12" Absolutely ... See full review
posted a review of Equinox (3). over 16 years ago
Equinox's vision of drum n bass is truly one of a kind. An artist who always ventures beyond the boundaries of beat formation where others would not have the ability to do otherwise -(Execept the likes of Remarc, Bizzy B,Krome & Time etc ) These track ... See full review
posted a review of PHD & MC Conrad* - Reminiscent Rhythms / Presence. over 16 years ago
Let it be said that PHD is one of most talented D'N'B artists of all time. A master of the AMEN, Presence is a classic track that combines a quality AMEN beat formation with a lovely blues bass-lead, courtesy of Chris Campbell.
While, Reminscent Rythms ... See full review