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I have found the Bobs Boots website useful in the past as it had an authorititive description of the parts of a CD package. That website appears to have died so I am reproducing it here as a hopefully useful resource.
The Discogs packaging wiki is here Packaging; Discogs Reference Wiki

Heres thr Bobs Boots which is a useful companion piece; My Thanks to Craig Pinkerton who originally produced this useful information
© 2002 Craig Pinkerton
There are a lot of folks trading boot CD-rs these days, and many are interested in the artwork. There are also many silver disc collectors interested in scanning and supplying artwork. One problem that continually crops up is terminology. Different folks use the same word to refer to various elements of the CD, and some folks just use the wrong terms. This article will help everyone to get on the same page.

Here are the terms as they should (and shouldn't) be used:

Back: We abbreviate this with a small case 'b'. This is the artwork that is visible when the jewel case is viewed from the non-opening side. Although never referred to as such, for clarification purposes it is the outside of the tray liner. It usually states the contents or track listing of the disc. Interchange with Back cover, or (less desirably) 'rear'. Never refer to it as simply cover or outside. If you use the less desirable term rear; use inside rear to refer to the liner, and outside rear to refer to the back. Don't use the confusing terms of back and front (as in: rear front or back rear). The back also includes the spines.

Book or booklet: An insert with multiple individual pages held together by staples.

Case: See Jewel Case

CD (Compact Disc) is the proper term used for the entire package,... only when referring to a glass mastered disc.

CD is also used to refer to the silver disc itself. Terms that can be used interchangeably are cd, CD, Silver CD, Silver Disc, or Glass Mastered. Never use any of these terms to refer to a CD-r! Disc is a generic term that can apply to either a CD or CD-r.

CD-r (CD-recordable) is the proper term for a homemade, or burnt disc. Interchangeable terms are CDR, burnt disc, or recorded disc. Never use any of the terms under the CD heading. 'Disc' is a generic term that can apply to either a CD or CD-r.

Disc: A generic term that can apply equally to a CD, CD-r, vinyl LP, frisbee, part of your spine... etc. etc.

Disk: A generic term that applies to medium that can be written to from a computer. As this includes a CD-r, some refer to a music CD-r as a disk. That's confusing, however, and better used when referring to a media containing data only.

Front: We abbreviate this with a small case 'f'. This should be self explanatory, however, keep in mind that it only refers to what can be seen when viewing the closed jewel case. Don't use it to refer to the entire insert. Also, avoid using this term to refer to any other part of the artwork or insert (such as rear front) Also see 'Insert'.

Glass Master - As opposed to a CD-r that has been individually created by being directly recorded onto, the traditional mass produced CD is produced by being replicated from a single glass disc referred to as the 'master disc' or 'glass master'. Any CD (such as those purchased at a music store). At one time, referring to the recording simply as 'CD' was sufficient. With the advent of the CD-r, some like to add 'glass master' to clarify that the CD is a true, replicated, mass produced CD rather than a CD-r. Other than a few mass produced CD-r projects, it is only the true glass mastered CD that holds an intrinsic value with the collector. The term is used interchangeably to refer to the 'mother' or 'master' disc, the process of replicating, and/or the finished CD that ends up in the consumer's hand.

Insert: We abbreviate this with a small case 'ins.' This is the removable artwork that usually (but not always) includes the front. Never refer to any part of the insert as the Liner. It's a common misappropriation to refer to the inside as such. If the insert is only a single page printed front and back, it should be referred to as front and insert back. Simply using the term back or backside will confuse itself with the back cover. The most common configuration of insert is the two panel. Regardless of the number of panels, the side of the insert that includes the front is called the Outside. The opposite side is referred to as the Inside.

Insert Front: We abbreviate this with a small case 'if.' This term is only to be used if there is a separate insert in the package that does not include the Front. Don't use this term to refer simply to the Front. Also see 'Insert'

Insert Back: We abbreviate this with a small case 'ib.' This is the final page of the insert, or the backside of a single page insert. Never refer to this as simply Back. Also see 'Insert'

Inside: We abbreviate this with a small case 'i'. This refers to the side of a folded insert that is opposite to the side containing the Front panel Also see 'Insert'

Jewel Case is the proper term for the plastic box that houses the artwork and disc. Interchangeable terms are case, and jewel box. Never refer to it as simply box or cover.

Liner: We abbreviate this with a small case 'l'. The artwork that is visible under the Tray. Never use this term to refer to an insert, or any part of the insert. Also see 'Insert'

Outside: This refers to a cardboard gatefold type of cover, or to the unfolded side of an insert that includes the Front panel. Never use this term to refer to the back or to the tray liner. Also see 'Insert'

Package: Item that refers to the total of the combination of any and/or all of case, artwork, disc, etc.

Panel: Any single section of a folded insert. It can properly be used to refer to one side, or to both printed sides together. Therefore, a four panel insert might have only 2 panels per side. When referred to individually by lettering the panels from left to right as: a,b,c,d etc.

Rear: a less desirable term for back. Also see 'Back'

Spine: This is the title strip viewable from the side of the jewel case. It is an extension of, and included as part of the back. In example of the double thick jewel cases, there will be spines on the front as well.

Tray: This is the (usually) removable part of the case that holds the disc in place.

Tray Liner: This is the item that is underneath the tray. The side exposed through the outside of the jewel case is called the Back. The side that is visible under the tray is referred to as the Liner. Don't refer to this item as an insert, as it then confuses with a different item. Some folks refer to it as rear insert, but this again can be confusing, and should be avoided. In example of the old style double thick jewel boxes, the front is (in the strict definition of the word) a tray liner as well... though it is not referred to as such.

Tri-fold: This is a term for a folded insert that contains three panels. Interchange with Triptych.

Triptych: This is a term for a folded insert that contains three panels. Interchange with Tri-fold.
In case you are having difficulty describing the format your disc package this is a useful site What are the different types of Blu-ray, DVD and CD cases?
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