I am using dicogs as platform to organize my colletion (still in progress).
I started getting into music and the rave scene when i was about fifteen. since then i have been collecting and djing records.
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posted a comment on Drunken Allstars - Phat Bitch / The Pressure. over 7 years ago
phat bitch is indeed a phat tune
posted a comment on Diane Charlemagne - Oxygen. over 10 years ago
brilliant tune got it from the guy that made it
posted a comment on Depth Charge - Legend Of The Golden Snake EP. over 10 years ago
i have had this ep for years,i pull it out and blow the dust off every now and again.
i love that someone has uploaded asp, breakbeat acid is the best.
posted a comment on New Era - New Era. over 10 years ago
yes mate this is a top tune i remember it well,love that acid intro and the lush piano.
just such a simple tune but they are always the best ones.