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posted a review of The Volunteers - Sun Down. over 12 years ago
For me, "Sun Down" is a contender for the best track ever released on Eye Q (though sadly it seems to go largely unnoticed by others). Revolving around a simple melody, it builds and builds. Brilliantly produced too, it has aged very well.

"Summer ... See full review
posted a review of Force Legato - System (The Remixes). over 13 years ago
V. 3.0. has a great intro, but for me loses its momentum after a few minutes and never regains it. V. 4.0. (Laser Edit) is more of an electro take on the track, and is generally a little better.
posted a review of Metrixx - Is It True?. over 13 years ago
Like "Underground Prophet" (as True Minds), here Lieb and Ghoreischian have created some kind of rap/euro house hybrid, and to be honest it hasn't dated very well. Luckily track 2 on here does away with the vocals, leaving a adequate (but nothing ... See full review
posted a review of Freddy Spins - Ola-Ola-Ola. over 13 years ago
One of Oliver Lieb's most obscure releases, "Ola-Ola-Ola", is very similar to the tracks Lieb made with Torsten Fenslau as Force Legato / Staccato. It still sounds fairly good today, save for the occasional "Ola-Ola-Ola" vocal sample.

"Journey To ... See full review
posted a review of Mark 'Oh vs. John Davies - The Sparrows And The Nightingales. over 13 years ago
I believe the two Oliver Lieb remixes of this track to be amongst the best work he's ever done. The original is just euro trash, but Lieb turns in two trance (in the real sense of the word) interpretations. There's little difference between the two mixes ... See full review
posted a review of Brainchild - Vol. 1. over 13 years ago
A flawless first EP from Brainchild. "Synfonica" is a brilliant piano-led number which is like nothing else I've heard. "Hypnotic Shuffle" is a mellow, slow building trancer in triplet timing. "Transcription G-Moll" closes the EP with just the piano ... See full review
posted a review of Norman* - The Trance-House E.xP.erience Vol. 1. over 14 years ago
Most people know Norman Feller as Terry Lee Brown Jr, but back in the day he produced trance for Suck Me Plasma. This 4 track EP is an interesting collection, especially notable for "Tele View", written by Jean Frank Cochois (aka JFC) which is a superb ... See full review
posted a review of Brainchild - Symmetry C. over 14 years ago
I don't usually go for the modern updates of classic tracks, but Lange really has done a superb job here. Instead of doing a predictable euro-trance 4/4 version (like Lange's other stuff and the remaining 2 remixes on this release), he's gone for a ... See full review
posted a review of Dee. FX - Overcraft. over 15 years ago
A nice little techno/trance EP from A.C. Boutsen (of Cygnus X). It's just a shame that nowadays he produces german pop music...
posted a review of Yonderboi - Shallow And Profound. over 16 years ago
This one has grown and grown on me. At first I wondered what all the hype was about, now I really like it, very much looking forward to his next album.