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My Musical Journey
Mid 1980's - Electro & Hip Hop.
late 1980's - Hip Hop & House.
1990 - I trade all my Hip Hop vinyl for House vinyl.
1990 till today - HOUSE !!
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posted a comment on Goodfellas (3) - Somebody. 5 days ago
samples the vocals from Kechia Jenkins - I Need Somebody [1987]
posted a comment on Andrew Weatherall - Andy Weatherall Mix. about 1 month ago
this set is known as - Andy Weatherall @ Hacienda, July 93
submitted Tony De Vit - World System. about 1 month ago
submitted Various - Up For It!. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Evolution - Came Outa Nowhere. about 1 month ago
the scratching sample "are you ready for this" is taken from M-D-Emm feat Nasih - Get Hip To This! (M-D-Emm Provide The Beat -Sampella) from 1989
submitted Unknown Artist - Journeys Through Hard House Vol 2. 2 months ago
submitted Tall Paul & Seb Fontaine - Back To Back. 2 months ago
submitted Seb Fontaine - Untitled. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Uplifting House Vol. 1. 2 months ago
posted a comment on The Peppermint Lounge - Lemon Project. 2 months ago
the (Fishy Mix) has snippets of the vocal from Horse - Caerful
posted a comment on Frankie "Bones"* Presents Bonesbreaks - Volume 5 - The Original Raw & Raunchy Beats For DJ's. 3 months ago
the intro & outro of "And The Break Goes Again (Italia Mix)" is taken from The KLF - Chill Out LP
submitted Baby June - Need To Need You. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Proteus 1 - Amnesia. 3 months ago
the rave piano on 'Amnesia' is the same as Altern 8 - Infiltrate 202 (Altern 8 Vs Astrix & Space Mix)
posted a comment on Malcolm McLaren - Duck Rock. 3 months ago
a classic album, the World's Famous Supreme Team segments in between the tracks make this a stand out album. with influences from Africa to The Bronx its eclectic bliss.
posted a comment on Lionrock - Carnival. 3 months ago
the vocal "are you willing to testify" is taken from MC5 - Ramblin' Rose (1969)
submitted DJ Vertigo (4) - Ark @ Leeds, May '93. 4 months ago
submitted Paul Taylor (9) - Wise Up! Angels, Burnley, Mar 93 Vol 3. 4 months ago
submitted Ellis Dee - Eclipse (BFTP 5). 4 months ago
submitted Jeremy Healy - Euphoria (The Ultimate Club Collection). 4 months ago
submitted Marvin Conners & DJ JD* - Storm 2, The Ultimate All-Nighter, Fri 22nd May 92 . 4 months ago
submitted Paul "Trouble" Anderson - Boxed. 4 months ago
submitted DJ Tim (4) - Something Happy Vol 2, September 1992. 4 months ago
posted a review of John Digweed - John Digweed 3. 4 months ago
possibly recorded @ Hacienda, Manchester, was known as 'The Hacienda' tape.
posted a review of Rhythm On The Loose - Rhythmology. 5 months ago
This 12" is the original version of Rhythmology which has less samples (doesn't sample Kariya) and a different piano riff to the remix version on Network Records (NWKT 43)
posted a comment on Joey Negro presents Akabu - Don't Hold Back. 5 months ago
does anybody know where the female vocal originates from? ive heard it on an unknown track from 1994 "there are times in our lives we withhold out thoughts, dont hold back" spoken female
submitted Judge Jules - Euphoria (The Ultimate Club Collection). 5 months ago
submitted CJ Mackintosh & Phil Cheeseman - Hard Times. 6 months ago
submitted Jason Bye - StarsX2 - The Ibiza Collection. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Trak 1 - Street Violence. 7 months ago
'Someone' samples Jillian Mendez - Don't Know What You're Missin' (Sin Club Dub) 1989
submitted Boy George - 1996. 7 months ago
submitted Doc Scott - Love Of Life. 7 months ago
posted a comment on Dtox (8) - Heaven (Is A Place In Your Heart). 8 months ago
Its all about the Dave Valentine mixes on side B, progressive house perfection. Side A mixes are Hi Energy House .
submitted Smokin' Jo - Untitled. 9 months ago
submitted Andy Weatherall* - Oct '94. 9 months ago
submitted Various - Love Of Life - The Ultimate 12 Hour Edition. 9 months ago
posted a comment on Cartouche - Feel The Groove. 9 months ago
main vocal sample from Razzamatazz - Two Time Boy (Percapella) [BCM] 1989
submitted Paul Bleasdale - Vol 1 - Pressure Cooker. 9 months ago
submitted Danny Rampling - Untitled. 9 months ago
submitted Kerri Chandler & Danny Tenaglia - StarsX2. 10 months ago
posted a comment on John Digweed & Luv Dup* - The Positive Collection. 11 months ago
the Digweed tape is actually Ian Ossia @ Angels Burnley (Get Lifted) Vol 2 (1995)
posted a comment on Chris Reynolds & Leon Roberts - Hi Fidel-ity Beats # 1. 12 months ago
B1 'Check It Out' samples 'Bobby Thurston - Check Out The Groove' from 1980
submitted Mike Woods - Noggy* - Legends 6-6-92 Tape 2. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Various - Love Come Down (Remix) / Dance With Me. about 1 year ago
Side B 'Dance With Me' is a sought after tune played by DJ Noggy @ Legends, Warrington. It's also been pressed on a white label with 'Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free' on the other side.
posted a comment on Norman Cook featuring Lester* - For Spacious Lies. about 1 year ago
Happy Balearic tune from 1989 with horns & spanish guitar "don't worry be happy"
posted a comment on Paul Rutherford - I Want Your Love. about 1 year ago
cover version of Chic - I Want Your Love [1978]
submitted Various - Juicy! Club Hits 1998 Part 1. about 1 year ago
submitted Groove Rider* - Untitled. about 1 year ago
submitted Billy Nasty - Untitled. about 1 year ago
submitted Jeremy Healy - Love Of Life. about 1 year ago
submitted Luv Dup Twins* - Vol 3. about 1 year ago