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1990 till today - HOUSE !!

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posted a comment on Unknown Artist - 2. 7 days ago
in DJ Magazine issue 93 (July 1993) p32 Dean Thatcher comments Cool N Deadly is Richard Thair in gurning mode
posted a comment on Sister Bliss - Oh! What A World. 10 days ago
Oh! What A World was played on Pete Tong's Essential Selection show 9th Dec 1994
posted a comment on Mother, Alpha, Delta - Volume One. 23 days ago
Body Action also appears on DaYeene - Good Thing EP https://www.discogs.com/DaYeene-Good-Thing-EP/release/116586
submitted TC 1993 - Harmony. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on TC 1993 - Harmony. about 1 month ago
in DJ Magazine issue 89 (May 1993) it says the original vocal is the Paradise Project Records pressing at 33RPM & the re-recorded vocal is pressed at 45RPM
posted a comment on TC 1993 - Harmony. about 1 month ago
in DJ Magazine issue 89 (May 1993) it says the original vocal is the pressing at 33RPM & the re-recorded vocal is pressed at 45RPM
posted a comment on Impedance - No Go. about 1 month ago
might have been released 1993, its mentioned in DJ Magazine issue 88 (May 1993)
posted a review of Piano City Productions - PCP Vol. 1. about 1 month ago
track B2 is on the mixtape - Rob Tissera @ Ark + Universe, Leeds Uni, 25-6-94,
its likely [ANC 1] white label was released 1994 & PCP001 is 1995
posted a review of Toxic - The Toxic E.P.. about 1 month ago
'Mello Minded' would be better if the piano was in tune, needs a remix to fix this
posted a comment on The Rhythm Masters - Our Supreme Groove Trax Volume Three. about 1 month ago
B1 samples Breakout's Vol II: Between The Grooves - Compression

A2 samples Moby - Go
posted a comment on Indie - Apollonia (The Original Mixes). about 1 month ago
doobeedoo your duplicate submission was merged with the original submission, all fixed now ;)
submitted Paul "Trouble" Anderson / Mark Moore - Progress. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on DJ Harvey - Done Turn Me / Protect And Survive (Fuck Loop). about 1 month ago
in DJ Magazine November 1993 it says Protect And Survive is a re-working of Jamie Principle - Bitch https://www.discogs.com/The-Principle-Theory-Featuring-Coco-Cocktail-Bitch/release/80955
posted a comment on B.M. EX - Appolonia. about 1 month ago
the ONLY similarity between B.M. EX & Indie is they use the same vocal sample & have a piano. they are 2 separate tracks.
submitted Steve Thomas - Sweeter / Millenium. about 1 month ago
submitted Obsessive - Tune In, Turn Out. 2 months ago
submitted Captain Tinrib - Mantra 2. 2 months ago
submitted The Captain & Steve Thomas - What Is Love / Turn The Speed On. 2 months ago
submitted Bass Bumpers - Can't Stop Dancing. 2 months ago
submitted BK - (Let The) Rhythm Move You. 2 months ago
submitted Clock - Rock Your Body. 2 months ago
submitted Coimbra - Another Star. 2 months ago
submitted Candy Girls - Bom De Da. 2 months ago
submitted Unknown Artist - Noizi Neighbour (I Will Not Stop). 3 months ago
submitted Rhythm Of Life - Summer Breeez. 3 months ago
submitted Powda - Pow. 3 months ago
submitted Artificial Energy - Rocking By Myself. 3 months ago
submitted Little Red Devil - Horny?. 3 months ago
submitted H&M - Tranquilizer EP. 3 months ago
submitted RoadBlock (2) - I Can't Stop. 3 months ago
submitted O.D.404.* - Prankster / Prozak 2. 3 months ago
submitted Nosey Parker - Queen 5 TP's. 3 months ago
submitted Jeremy Healy - Love Of Life 1996. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Mmm..... 3 months ago
in the same issue of DJ Magazine (28 Jan-10 Feb 1993) it also comments at this being a dubbed up version of 'Bananarama - More, More, More'
posted a comment on Sound Clash Republic - The Follow Up EP. 3 months ago
Sasha never remixed Not Forgotten, unsure where that info came from?
submitted Danny Rampling - Goa Mix. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Remy & Sven - Piano Power. 3 months ago
Piano Power samples the piano from Circle In The Round - Devil Of Cruelty https://www.discogs.com/Circle-In-The-Round-Devil-Of-Cruelty/release/38134
posted a comment on Xpansions - Elevation. 4 months ago
"I said it before & i'll say it again, dance before the record spins" sampled from Catch - 22 - Boogie Down (Do It) (Acascratchapella)
posted a comment on Catch - 22* - Boogie Down (Do It) / Shake It Up. 4 months ago
(Acascratchapella) sampled on Xpansions - Elevation "I said it before & i'll say it again, dance before the record spins"
posted a comment on Billy Preston - Outer Space. 5 months ago
review in DJ Magazine issue 60 (October 1991) "Congas, pianos, hammond organ and soulful vocals on a journey to Venus"
posted a comment on Catch (2) - Free (C'Mon). 5 months ago
as kscanfield said its Jocelyn Brown, she is credited on the cover here - https://www.discogs.com/Catch-Free-Cmon/release/220291#images/23981794
posted a comment on Catch (2) - Free (C'Mon). 5 months ago
when Stu Allan first played Catch on his Key 103 radio show circa July 1990 he said it seems to be a Leeds track there's a Leeds phone number on the white label (maybe to remove any bias for or against the track). it wasn't till much later it was... See full review
posted a comment on Blow - Cutter. 6 months ago
Cutter (Acid Mix) samples C.J. Bolland - Golden Dreams (Ravesignal 2) [R&S]
posted a comment on Skunk - Jon E Boogaloo. 6 months ago
has a vocal sample "at the bottom of this mine lies a big man, big big man, big john" taken from Jimmy Dean ‎- Big Bad John [1961]
posted a comment on Hyperlogic - Only Me. 6 months ago
all the promos & white labels above are listed as 1995 but this track was being played out from Oct 1994 onwards. Boy George played it @ Hot To Trot 1st Birthday 29th Oct 94 & Pete Tong played it on his Radio1 Essential Mix 14th Oct 94
posted a comment on Real Calm - I Feel Free. 6 months ago
(Full Cream Mix) is played by Pete Tong on his Radio 1 Essential Mix 2nd April 1994 but its credited as 'Allecgram - I Feel Free' on the tracklist thats online.
posted a comment on Rushin' Roulette - Rushin' Roulette EP. 7 months ago
Sasha didn't play it, it's on Judge Jules Universe set, he played straight after Sasha
posted a comment on Terrajacks - Together (Harry's Game). 7 months ago
has a vocal sample from 'Clannad - Theme From Harry's Game' from 1982
posted a comment on Techno Project (2) - Distruction. 7 months ago
this track is Number 7 in the Eastern Bloc Top Ten, on 808 State Radio Show 9th April 91
submitted Seb Fontaine - Love Of Life November 1995. 7 months ago