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posted a comment on Crew:1* - Hyper Destiny. 17 days ago
Anyone knows when this cassette drops ?
I've been waiting for months now :(
posted a comment on Quietworld - Relaxalot. 2 months ago
Do you get the digitals with the wax or separately?
posted a comment on Walt Ever - Freizeit Amigos LP. 2 months ago
Really needed?
If you can't have it anymore, just dig somewhere else... This house scene is full of new artists and releases ;)
posted a comment on Nemo Vachez - Terraformation EP. 4 months ago
Exact same situation !
It just makes me want to focus somewhere else and stop the hype on this...
posted a comment on Paul Blackford - The League Of Shadows. 5 months ago
Pushing the envelope x)
I didn't listen to all Paul B music but this surely is one of its most accomplished prod.
A 4 tracks 12" without Proteus would be a better choice to me.
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posted a comment on Freaky Chakra - Come Back Here EP. 8 months ago
I feel this vibe is coming back nowadays.
A repress would sell very well...
posted a comment on Polyfan Polyphenix - Poly Schematic EP. 9 months ago
This is proper electro ! Those Francfort productions are speechless.
Special mention for B2 groove
posted a comment on DJ Sotofett Presents Jesse (9) - Twotinos. 9 months ago
Approved too! Really powerful record!
As much intense as pacifying. Intruments and mixing are also very original for 2017.
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posted a comment on Mysteryman* - Microscopic Warefare EP. 11 months ago
insect algo and pixel swarm on new c-lektro remixes eps
posted a comment on Probabilistic - Paradigm EP. 11 months ago
I consider electro as a more linear music than this but anyway I guess it is really close. Elektratetra sounds quite electro.
All depend of your music background and your cultural sources...
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posted a comment on Illuminati Of Hedfuk* - The Worm Turns. about 1 year ago
thanks mate
I like the track but the CD version on ninja cuts compilation sounds strangely mixed (lack of dynamic)
I'd definitely give a try to the wax some day
posted a comment on B. Calloway - Black Grooves. about 1 year ago
A wax pressing would be won-der-ful ! oui oui oui
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posted a comment on Fox Trax. about 1 year ago
This label deserves lot more recognition !
Eclectic releases, very good trippy deep house/break/jazz/techno. Nothing fancy and very good quality sound !
posted a comment on Seafoam - Collected Works 1999-2005. about 1 year ago
Is the pressing/mastering good?
I didn't like one of their last ...
And I am sure youtube is digital and no rip.
posted a comment on D. Tiffany - D. Tiffany. about 1 year ago
Which is like or better than CDs !
tapes are just a collector thing
posted a comment on J.J. Cale - Anyway The Wind Blows - The Anthology. about 1 year ago
Lovely compilation !
Does anyone know where this track called durango comes from?
It sounds like a "steely dan-do it again" retake.
I can't find anything about it.
Even if you know some good interview or documentaries about the man I'll be really happy ... See full review
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Cobra Edits No. 3. about 1 year ago
the main idea would rather be Blackjoy - Untitled (Original & Kerri Chandler Remix) on freerange ;)
posted a comment on A² (4) - Inspiration EP. about 1 year ago
Some of the sharks are "professional" sellers with big collections... How can they pretend being large record sellers with those prices? It is such non-sense to me...
posted a comment on Globex - Inversia 2. about 1 year ago
I'm lookin for it in Frankfurt or Paris. Any plans?
posted a comment on EX-T* - Portal Vision. about 1 year ago
the whole ep makes me think more about early 90s uk sound
like DIY , H. Kirk
I think this is the point: rich but moderate
De-stress music.
posted a comment on Tranquility Bass - Heartbreaks & Hallelujahs. about 1 year ago
I can not believe nobody gave a comment !
This is one of the last tranquility bass release. It's a mature album drawing links between love and a certain groovy touch.
Many instruments and some wonderful basslines. It's an invitation to a welcoming space, ... See full review
posted a comment on A² (4) - Equational Frequencies. about 1 year ago
Fuuuuuck me !!!
I missed all these great represses...
whole ep is dope
posted a comment on Rei Harakami - Unrest. about 1 year ago
CD you mean?
Rei Harakami passed out few years ago so I don't really know who would do it and for whose profit.
submitted Retro Activity - Astrovibe. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Bryan Talbot - Coffee & Merlot EP. about 1 year ago
I was really well surprised by this one I bought quite cheap in mint condition.
Those mesmerising house & minimal tracks are quite different to the other label's stuff imo.
Maybe I'll upload on youtube some day.
posted a comment on Probabilistic - Paradigm EP. about 1 year ago
This sounds like nothing I've ever heard !
Clear and deep at the same time, bumpy and meditative, complex but free...
IDM/electronica merged with minimal aspects to get some of the freshest 2017 stuff !
If you know a bit more about the artist I'll take ... See full review
posted a comment on Luis (47) - Dreamt Takes. about 1 year ago
Right ! I really love both. Do you have other releases like these to propose?
B2 Kirgaly is 100% mind blowing, good energy good emotion great sensations...
posted a comment on Orson Wells - Midnight Mystique EP. about 1 year ago
They did 2 already !
Maybe they'll do a 3rd one if enough demand.
posted a comment on Vadim Svoboda - George Send. about 1 year ago
Gros taf de Svoboda! Un EP incroyablement envoutant qui je pense mettra un peu de temps à être perçu comme tel.
Pas mal d'influences même si on sent bien la touche parisienne.
Nice svoboda release!
Many influences even if you can feel this "new school" ... See full review
posted a comment on A Sagittariun - Oxidize EP. about 1 year ago
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posted a comment on Atmos - Drums Don't Stop / Biorythm. about 1 year ago
completely agree
after listening many old school atmos tracks, "drums don't stop" clearly stand high with this central break
absolutly trippy... if you close your eyes you can really go where the drums don't stop :p
Any other artists to advice in this ... See full review
posted a comment on Electronic Eye - Closed Circuit. about 1 year ago
what other artists IDM/electronica are there in sheffield at that time?
I am looking for new music
posted a comment on Fila Brazillia - Soft Music Under Stars / Blood. about 1 year ago
Is blood only on this release?
Or is the dj food remix?
posted a comment on Spacetravel - Time To Wake Up. over 2 years ago
bass guitar bro !
jjjjjjjjj j jjjjjjjjjj jjjjj jjj jjj jj jj
posted a comment on PLO Man - Stations Of The Elevated. over 2 years ago
nice peace of advice !!
but can't find it in paris :(
posted a comment on Various - Out Of Thin Air Volume One. over 2 years ago
Ce son n'a pas pris une ride
repress highly needed !!!
posted a comment on Deep South (6) - Untitled / Monday Air. over 2 years ago
wondering how this release sounds...
Does someone know a listening link?
posted a comment on Spencer Kincy & J.T.* - Duality. over 2 years ago
As the man would probably not be back soon... Could someone make a good rip of these wonderful tracks before age wreck it?
posted a comment on Seafoam. over 2 years ago
Support the man !
It turned into many different genres for your best pleasure.
posted a comment on Bodin & Jacob - Mahoney EP. over 2 years ago
What a funky release ! The boys splited house on A side and IDM/break on B
A1 bumpy house track, cosmic delayed synths
A2 here we are... rolling the carousel on this Far West background ! Very figurative music, my favorite ;)
Progressive and psychedelic ... See full review
posted a comment on Early Groovers - Happy New Ear. over 2 years ago
Meeeen this LP's so cool !
A perfect blend of jazz, dub , hip hop and smooth electronica... le Downtempo avec un grand D
The rythm, the sounds, the instruments, they are all well set and mixed together.
Seems like it is a forgotten dope
posted a comment on Stadtgruen. over 2 years ago
Is there any lossless or physical releases from this label?
posted a comment on Wagon Christ - London Is A Country (The Remixes). over 2 years ago
Do you have some more infos about Link? please
Nothing on the platform...
posted a comment on 9 Lazy 9 - Bedsofaland. over 2 years ago
A fine smoky jazz that sends you directly to the stratosphere and makes you fly not too high, not too low...
Let's press this bomb please !!